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  1. This article nails just what I was thinking and trying to say on another post of mine. What is the deal with the backup QBs? Are they trash? Not developing? Is Nix (aka Pix) that much better? Unless someone on this site has inside information (would love to hear from you) on our backup QBs I have to believe there is some talent there. I don’t expect to see a Marcus or Herbert, but do we know until they see the game time? Every educated football fan knows there are those players that practice so-so but kill it on the field come game day. How do we know that TT or JB aren’t one of those? Also how do we even know what we have if we’re not willing to give them a chance? Come on… we see that Nix practices well but that play clearly doesn’t translate to the field. He’s in his 4th year and still looks unsure, panicky and makes questionable decisions. I wanted Nix to be the answer for this year… but it looks like we got the same player Auburn was going to bench. Those of us that watch and support the Bellotti years saw players on the field based on seniority and not on talent. I’m really hoping Lanning is more of the CK mentality of best player period plays. I always have and always will support my Ducks through thick and thin… I’d rather take a black eye this year and be better for it developing some young talent. The bandaid of Nix is temporary and will be pulled off, we all know a quick pull is far better than a slow peel. Go Ducks and have a great day.
  2. People have posted some great points and when we post something this is “our personal” opinion. We all have them and I appreciate it. This is Mr Fischer’s site and it’s his call on what is or isn’t posted (Photos and words). We all have the choice to leave if we don’t agree, but sounds like we may be going with majority rules… I can live with that. Personally I’m indifferent.
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