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  1. Hey noDuckNewby, I’m my opinion ESPN is the easiest one to figure out. You don’t have to look any further than their parent company… Disney. Disney has been hemorrhaging cash and been cutting costs across the board. You then consider the fact more and more people are cutting their cable and streaming… the dollars are far smaller than they once were. I think it’s total crap they we (PAC) are always dumped on and treated like a MWC most the time. OSU… I understand that, small brand small dollars and a garbage product (not very kind or objective of me). Oregon on the other hand is nationally known and puts a quality product on the field. I was quietly hoping Oregon would join the BIG12 since I live in Texas now. It would be awesome to see my team in person again. In reality I want Oregon where they will make the most money and recruit the best players. Just like you all, I’ll wait and see where Oregon lands.
  2. Charles… those are some of the WORST uniforms ever (ones Joey wore)! There is one other item I never, ever, ever, ever want to see resurrected… Robo Duck… that was a dark and best forgotten time in Oregon Football History.
  3. Ok here’s my 2 cents… I absolutely love the idea of wearing throwbacks once a year for big home games. cartm25… I love your excitement and enthusiasm but those uniforms… I know some people loved them and clearly you fall into that camp, I just can’t get there. I happen to own and display at work my game worn throwback helmet (I’ll post a picture tomorrow). Love the simple yellow helmet with the UO sticker, I even have the little stickers players earned for outstanding play. I personally would love to see the throwback uniforms Mariota and the team wore. Thanks for hearing me out, us old folks love that!
  4. I enjoy everyone’s thoughts and ideas on Oregon. Some are outside the box and that’s great because nothing is off the table. There may be items that have a close to 0% chance of happening but we never know where leaderships heads are. I like the idea of being independent but don’t see how it will work, so many have correctly pointed out geography is our hamstring. Also, is there a provider out there willing to pay 45-50 million a year for exclusive rights to Oregon football? ND’s days are numbered as an independent in football. While their fan base may not want to hear or admit to this, ND football is not what it was in the 90’s. As teams and conferences continue to realign ND will either join a conference or get left behind. Unfortunately I see the PAC-12 conference days being numbered as well (praying I’m wrong). There is power in numbers when negotiating and a PAC12 / Big12 merge would provide that power for negotiating quality TV deals. I also happen to agree with the folks out there saying we’re headed to 4 super conferences and a 16 team playoff. Our last administration for the conference made decisions best for themselves and not the conference. Those garbage decisions led to the LA schools being bought off (running away), which has left us in a weak and powerless position as a conference. Realignment moves are still be planned and made behind closed doors away from the public’s eyes and ears. What if any TV deal the PAC12 can muster is the lynch pin. Get a solid deal and we have time to get our conference in order. Don’t make a deal… will we stick together and merge with a conference or scatter to the wind? These are just my thoughts and ramblings so take them with a grain of salt. Thanks for reading and Go Ducks.
  5. Someone may have already posted this before me and if so I apologize. A buddy of mine sent me this and I laughed.
  6. Excellent article by David! We all knew the team had some gaps (in some case truck sized holes) that needed to be addressed. I said in a previous post that Lanning didn’t have the players needed for his defense to be effective. That was a poor choice of words, I should have said “doesn’t have ALL the players he needs for his defense to be effective”. I think with the players he “encouraged” to leave and backfilling those opening with his style of players was the first step. He is making the moves needed to implement his vision of what this team should look like both on and off the field. We (I say that as if you all know and like me!) have to be patient with this rebuild. As fans and a society we want everything now, this just isn’t reality. We need to set high expectations but also realize that quality takes time and as long as we continue to see improvements and progress forward, that’s a win. Mario really came in like a storm and set some very high expectations. The problem was he never met those… he met his personal expectation of building a beast of an offensive line but treated the remaining players as bit players there to highlight his O line. I know you have all heard this before but it still rings true today “Rome was not built in a day” and Lanning is building a Rome quality program in Oregon. Did Rome eventually fall? Sure did, but it had one hell of a run to the likes nobody has again seen to this day. Lanning is making the moves and acquiring the parts he needs to both fill the gaps and build the team he envisions in his mind. We as fans need to give him room, support the crap out of him and enjoy where we’re going! I fully believe once we arrive (2023 or 2024) this will be an Oregon team we and the nation have NEVER seen the likes of! Go Ducks!
  7. Congrats to Matt and this is something we may have to deal with yearly. Nick Saban’s staff is raided yearly and he always manages to find replacements of equal or greater skill. Talent recognizes talent!!! I believe Lanning will do the same thing as Saban, he may be green as a HC but he knows how to evaluate talent (coaches and players)! I’m sure he had a list of guys in his pocket the moment Matt said he was being considered / interviewing for the Baylor DC. My guess is we will hear names leak over the next few days and see a hire in the next 1-3 weeks… Lanning isn’t going to drag his feet, needs the new guy on site and acclimating with the staff and players NOW! I may be sick in the head but I love this stuff! It’s the way to separate the good programs from the great programs! Yes… we are on our way to being a GREAT program! Sit down, buckle up and grab you “back side” we are in for a hell of an exciting ride!
  8. I couldn’t agree more with 12Duck72, we all need to give Lanning and his staff some grace this year. They were expected to make chicken salad out of chicken s***. (Apologizes Mr. FishDuck, had to be said) Lanning and his staff had so much to do in such a small window. They also had very few of the players they wanted / needed to run their style of football. I have great expectations for next year and think great times are ahead. I was lucky enough to chat with Mr. FishDuck this past weekend and was excited to hear his thoughts and insights on what’s being built here at Oregon. I will say we have been blessed in the fact each time we have changed HCs it’s been an upgrade. One may have fallen on his face but good things even came from that. Looking forward to continued interactions with all of you on the boards! I can’t wait for spring ball! God Bless and Go Ducks!
  9. Here is my prognostication for tonight’s game. Oregon 45-28, 3, 2, 365 In the end all I want is a win! GO DUCKS!!!
  10. I have to disagree 100%… watching electric football was a hell of a lot more entertaining than Mario ball! You never knew where players were going to go in electric football, Mario ball… it was like reading a dirty magazine, you always knew what you were going to see (it was always the excellent articles ). But then again I could be wrong.
  11. This info here is exactly why I love this site and all the people on it! Both the staff and the readers bring so much information and insight to both players and staff! Thank you all for the excellent read and info on Klemm. I was concerned we would see a drop off in both recruiting and developing our O line. I now feel good that we will see an upgrade on both those fronts. Really looking forward to 2023.
  12. Question from an OldMan who doesn’t always know where to look for these answers… does he have 1 or 2 years left to play? Looks like he’s already played 3 seasons and burned his red shirt and I’m guessing he gets a Covid year. Just how many years does he have left to play?
  13. I agree with Fentrees on his statement about not knowing if HS kids are really worth their star rankings. One of the best comparisons I have heard regarding HS kids is as follows: The kid is an all-star in high school playing against a few other all-stars but mostly mid level talent. These all-stars get to college and find out many of the other kids are all-stars as well and have to compete. These kids either flourish or wash out. All this said you never “know” what you have, just a general idea and hope.
  14. This article nails just what I was thinking and trying to say on another post of mine. What is the deal with the backup QBs? Are they trash? Not developing? Is Nix (aka Pix) that much better? Unless someone on this site has inside information (would love to hear from you) on our backup QBs I have to believe there is some talent there. I don’t expect to see a Marcus or Herbert, but do we know until they see the game time? Every educated football fan knows there are those players that practice so-so but kill it on the field come game day. How do we know that TT or JB aren’t one of those? Also how do we even know what we have if we’re not willing to give them a chance? Come on… we see that Nix practices well but that play clearly doesn’t translate to the field. He’s in his 4th year and still looks unsure, panicky and makes questionable decisions. I wanted Nix to be the answer for this year… but it looks like we got the same player Auburn was going to bench. Those of us that watch and support the Bellotti years saw players on the field based on seniority and not on talent. I’m really hoping Lanning is more of the CK mentality of best player period plays. I always have and always will support my Ducks through thick and thin… I’d rather take a black eye this year and be better for it developing some young talent. The bandaid of Nix is temporary and will be pulled off, we all know a quick pull is far better than a slow peel. Go Ducks and have a great day.
  15. People have posted some great points and when we post something this is “our personal” opinion. We all have them and I appreciate it. This is Mr Fischer’s site and it’s his call on what is or isn’t posted (Photos and words). We all have the choice to leave if we don’t agree, but sounds like we may be going with majority rules… I can live with that. Personally I’m indifferent.
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