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  1. Looks like the athletes are starting to see the reality of MC QB recruit Jaden Rashada changes commitment to Florida WWW.ESPN.COM Jaden Rashada, ESPN's No. 7-rated quarterback in the 2023 class, announced on social media that...
  2. As resounding a job interest denial as Ive ever heard and a great message of support for the job as a destination. The grass isn’t always greener. It’s damn green in Eugene Lanning said. He’s got me convinced he might be here a while.
  3. Agreed, like Pittman, leaving midseason screams quitter and ME guy. Even if you plan to transfer why not get better, practice, work out, get treatment, take classes and get better for the next stop? who knows. Hudson gets hurt or gets a case of the ddddrops and suddenly he is starting and still building a resume or possibly never looking back and continuing to making plays. He eliminated options, had no deadline, and now looks like a quitter. Any guy joined my team after quitting mid season I’d be leery. Best of luck regardless but not his finest hour.
  4. My first thought in looking at a matchup is always which team can; Run the ball? Stop the run? pressure the QB? The Ducks look much stronger in every aspect and given Cal’s offensive line inconsistency Accordingly, I suspect Cal suffers badly on offense and cannot match Oregon. This game shouldn’t be close and should be over by half. However Turnovers and big plays always being the asterisk that exists in every college football road game.
  5. Great stuff, Pato pescado. DL seems head and shoulders above the 8 million dollar man whose game management skills were legitimately repeatedly in question. I sense an aggressiveness tempered by a calculated data driven approach. If the offense can continue to be efficient and the defense improves commensurately the Ducks will be a tough out. It might still yet be a small sample size but I have a lot more confidence in this staff and that they are a no stone left unturned group of coaches taking the program to new heights.
  6. You are so correct. Taking photos out of video is very distorting. This Guy makes 8 million a year and is a happy fun jovial lighthearted loyal funny guy and look what he looks like
  7. Agreed. The pass coverage has had some lapses and play recognition isn’t always happening fast enough. Justin Flowe has really special physical tools but seems out of position at times and has missed some tackles. The speed and size is there amongst the group. I suspect they just aren’t quite there yet mentally to play fast and loose. However, there’s been a team wide improvement week to week which bodes well for what might yet be in store for Oregon’s Linebacking Corp.
  8. Interesting. Hadn’t really thought he’d get that type of jump up but coaching is crazy and the NFL is going young. For not having called plays before he’s throwing multiple combos out of similar sets and really forcing defenses to be on point. Yesterday I felt that Dilly served the master with a taste of his own medicine. It was a thing of beauty. co-head coach and a big raise for. 5 year lock?
  9. It might be time to talk to Dilly’s agent about creating enough incentive to keep him from entertaining a HC spot too soon. I love all of the coaches and what Dan Lanning is leading but the Offense and play calling has been elite at times. Kenny Dillingham has as much to do with the success as anyone. Dilly won’t be around long without more. Can the Ducks offer enough?
  10. Lost some respect for DTR after those comets. You got beats, son. Oregon was better than your guys, DTR, and you know why they didn’t perform? They didn’t perform because the Ducks didn’t let them. Bruins scored 3 when Oregon scored 7. The Ducks were better on offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. Sore loser and bulletin board material for any rematch.
  11. Dan Lanning was gracious and classy after the game deflecting credit away from himself. Mario also deflected away during his presser throwing part of the team under the bus and suggesting some people need to leave. motivating. Oregon has a better Coach than Miami and it’s really fun to watch fun exciting dominant football again.
  12. Are you watching them against the Purple mutts? Call’s offensive line is playing terrible. The offense looks weak. Call’s defense looks ok but I sure don’t suspect that Cal can stop Oregon enough times given their offensive woes and Oregon’s size speed and depth. Next week I suspect we will see a massive difference in the Jimmys and Joes.
  13. Impressive on so many levels. Kenny D deserves immense credit for an unstoppable offense and creative play calling. Despite some missed tackles the defense is showing up and making plays. The secondary deserves some credit. The improvement is showing and I love it.
  14. Run the ball, stop the run, pressure the QB. Those three usually produce victory. Ducks are awfully good at two. Making DTR uncomfortable and even putting him on the turf early is the difference maker. If he can escape the pocket or get time it might be a track meet.
  15. Agreed. I’m not certain the stash act is 100% genuine. Like you suggest he always knew where the cameras were and both he and Mario always seemed to have contrived personas over simply being genuine.
  16. I try to resist Value judgements, criticism of specific actions is acceptable. One cannot criticize or demean the character of another but may freely criticize a specific behavior or statement of another. Example; Mario is horrible. -No Mario's coaching was horrible -ok. It’s subtle but valuable technique as the value judgement is irrevocable and a statement of character and action or word specific criticism is more limited And directed.
  17. UCLA has a solid physical RB, a good passing game with an experienced QB. They are a formidable opponent. Add in an improved and successful run defense and UCLA has good reason to concern Duck fans. This like every game is just another test of the coaches and players. I trust the process. The Ducks are getting better. So far the Ducks are best at running the ball and stopping the run. That usually matters a lot. I think this game once again comes down to the Ducks needing above average man coverage and a meaningful pass rush. Both offenses will score points. Offensively the secondary, like Oregon, is the perceived weakest area for UCLA and Bo needs to be smart and accurate and take advantage of that. Running the ball well opens the passing game up and with Bo’s running ability in the forefront of Dilly's mind there are innumerable ways to exploit any weakness. The Ducks are explosive and versatile as a result. I think this week is football 101. Run the ball, stop the run, pressure the QB. Good on Good This team is the same players but a very different team from week one. UCLA will be another great measuring stick. Let’s just hope the Ducks aren’t beat with that stick.
  18. But how are you getting the other 596 deep into the wilderness? But that is sexy! She looks Clean too. You two been together long? Got a video with sound? Let’s hear her. My girl is old rough and pushy. 17a IMG_9439.MOV
  19. I was forced by security to walk in front of the student section and got chew spit dumped on me. Fortunately the Leo’s saw the little twat grabbed him. He resisted and blew his knee out in the process. The cops asked if I wanted to press charges. “No”, but can I say something to him. I said. Every rep in rehab say Quack Quack. ....and Ducks use Horses and mules too! Lol
  20. Bird poo white. my Second least favorite to that Ohio state practice Uni the Ducks wore in Texas at the Natty. As long as they win. I’ve still got a bad Tucson left in my mouth from previous visits.
  21. You hit the nail on the head. They were in the red zone needed to focus, and in fact the song was going on into the snap. It’s fun but cannot get in the way of winning.
  22. Does the talent on the roster dictates bend but don’t break more than wanting to bend in the first place? Is it a strategy or the result of Jimmy’s and joes? I suspect that if the Ducks could cover man to man, especially outside, and the Ducks tacked better in space that there would be less bending to start with. I don’t think there’s much choice when your D line isn’t wreaking havoc and it’s risky to play a lot of single coverage. You do your best and get help from the back line inside the Ted zone.
  23. Bingo. Our Ducks are a young team, not only the players, but also the coaches. We forget because of recent recruiting upgrades that we are building a new football program with a new coaching staff many of whom are also busting through their own personal ceilings of achievement and experience. Dilly’s a Rook and so is Dan Lanning. MC is far more experienced but I don’t believe he would have coached like Lanning did or made adjustments or have been nearly as aggressive as dilly and Lanning were. MC likely isn’t throwing it on 4th and 2. watching the game again shows just how many plays WSU made. Give em credit. Some of the red zone woes were great plays, missed blocks, and calls into their scheme strength. The players will own what could have been different and I’m pretty confident this staff will too. Ducks have an powerful improving offense, solid run defense and a kicker. Looking forward to seeing what each game brings in terms of improvement cause it’s really pretty nice to have a new staff, a rebuilding, year one of a new football program, and be pretty good and improving.
  24. Es major de ingles. Nuestros queridos patos! Where do I get the Duck games in Spanish? Epic. I’m hooked.
  25. Soooo many unknowns top to bottom, coaches to players alike. This is a brand new Oregon Football program, one built on some solid successful recent history, some above average recent recent recruiting and a new young staff growing themselves into their newer greater responsibilities with a young team only partially of their own making. This team looks to be growing almost immeasurably week to week. They have heart. They have size and some speed. They don't get down and play hard. However I try to remember, optimistic homer that I am, that this Duck team is still filled with underclassmen. This team is still young and growing and learning and still getting stronger. Each side of the ball is running a different scheme from before and there’s no shortage of transfers in the starting mix. cohesion can take time. This team isn’t finding its identity as much as creating it week to week. Georgia set the standard in every facet and since that lesson the team has rebounded. Oregon has improved in some way every week. Growth mindset? This week was the type of game that likely made the team believe in each other even more. Seeing Noah and Bo celebrate together was a glorious thing. Cohesion. Leadership. I can’t predict the future but there are so many positives to take from what’s going on at Oregon Football, that with the schedule ahead, this team might just be able to be playing it’s best ball come late fall and be set up to make some noise.
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