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David Marsh

Marsh Power PAC Rankings - Week 6

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Well here we go again... here are my week 6 power rankings. 


1. Arizona State (5-1) (3-0) - Arizona State remains undefeated in Pac-12 play after defeating Stanford. Right now they are certainly the team to beat in the South but they still have a couple of challenges left on the schedule, namely Utah coming up next. Utah seems to be getting themselves together and that might cause some problems for ASU. 


2. Oregon (4-1) (1-1) - Oregon had a bad loss against Stanford and you take the context of that game with the injuries, Moorhead being in the hospital and everything else they were bound for a bad game that resulted in a loss. Oregon State lost last week to Washington State so Oregon really hasn't moved here but other teams have moved around them. It will be up to the Ducks to put on a show against Cal and show that they belong in the conversation. They still have a win against Ohio State which counts for something as we see what this team can be when things click. 


3. Oregon State (4-2) (2-1) - Oregon State stumbled and lost a close game. This is still a good team that will bounce back and make a bowl game for the first time since 2013. They still have some big tests to come in Oregon and ASU later this year. 


4. UCLA (4-2) (2-1) - UCLA and Oregon State look pretty close right now. Oregon is probably pretty close in this pack for that matter but we will just have to wait and see how and if the Ducks desperate themselves this Friday. UCLA is a good team and have a strong veteran core to the team. Would they beat the Beavers if they played tomorrow? Maybe, but I'm still higher on the Beavers right now. Also UCLA's win against LSU this year is looking worse by the week. 


5. Utah (3-2) (2-0) - Utah is on the rise and they may very well yet topple the two Pac-12 South teams ahead of them this year. Utah is on the rise and will continue to improve this year. Utah probably stands a good shot against both UCLA and ASU when they meet this year. Don't sleep on Utah. 


6. Washington State (3-3) (2-2) - This team is figuring themselves out a bit. Oregon State's defense played pretty bad that allowed them to stay in the game and eventually win it. With that said this team has four to five losses left on the schedule unless they kick it up another notch. They could make a bowl game but it will take some luck. They however, might beat Washington this year for the first time in a very long time. 


7. Stanford (3-3) (2-2) - What to make of this Stanford team? Well they aren't that good but they have had their moments. They yet again have ruined the possibility of a perfect season for Oregon, with some help by the refs. They played Oregon at their lowest point so far in the season as mentioned above but have been destroyed by UCLA and ASU. 


8. USC (3-3) (2-3) - This USC team is bad but dangerous. They may win a few more games and maybe even make a bowl game this year but that feels like a tall order at this point. They probably have two more wins on their schedule but they will need to upset someone to get a bowl game. This team has some talent but it is a long way from coming together, especially not in a year where they don't have an official head coach. This team is waiting for the season to be over. 


9. Washington (2-3) (1-1) - Washington was idle this last week so my opinion of them hasn't really changed. This team has only beaten Arkansas State and Cal, neither of which are power houses. They need to prove themselves to move up this list. This week they play UCLA at home which gives them a chance to prove themselves. Though Washington is an awful team on the road so playing inside the comfort of their home stadium won't be too impressive if they eek out a win. 


10. Cal (1-4) (0-2) - Cal is one of the three teams in the Pac-12 without a win against an FBS school, the other two are below. Cal had a bye and they are sitting at the bottom. They look slightly better than Colorado to date as they  have a bit more offense but they still don't look good. 


11. Colorado (1-4) (0-2) - Colorado sat idle this last week but they still haven't looked good this season. Again the defense looks decent but they don't have an offense. 


12. Arizona (0-5) (0-2) - Arizona hung with UCLA for a half but with the injury to their new starting QB McCloud and being out for the season... this is probably where this team will remain. I thought this Arizona team might be able to  steal a game maybe two from other bad Pac-12 teams but that looks less likely now. 

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On 10/11/2021 at 3:28 PM, Confused said:

I’d be sleeping under the bridge if I was a betting man.  


You and me both; who can predict this year at all?

Mr. FishDuck

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Well done, fun to read your take!

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Dear Mr. Marsh, thank you for hiring our consulting firm to take a complete and detailed view of your Week 6 Pac-12 Conference rankings.


We are happy to inform you that the rankings are perfect; that will be $100,000.00 please. payable in cash or bearer bonds.

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