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What is a Disconnect?

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The national news, outlook on Mario is all sunshine and at home, not so much.


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Well, it's all a matter of Ws...we know better. Our Ws are just Ls waiting to happen...

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In other news? 2 great takes that express the current divide.


The 2 headlines perfectly express the disjointedness today among us Oregon fans.


Bill Parcells: Your record is what you are.


OK Bill, the record id 5-1 with a W on the road against the now #5 ranked team in the USA.


Come the end of the 2021 season?  Bill's take applies 100% to Mario and every coach in the business.


Scoreboard is for winners.


Excuses? Injuries, youth of team, Mario needs time to learn as a head coach, there is parity in the conference, the refs suck? Absolutely irrelevant.

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Yep, I posted the entire press release from Oregon Athletics and you can read it right here.


Fascinating, as one party is wrong, and the drama of watching it unfold becomes so much more interesting. 


We are unhappy with the offense, but I do not think anyone has called for his departure....


By the end of this season...who knows?  I might!

Mr. FishDuck

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 This us yet another example of McSham. The guy makes $$$$$, faces no backlash when it's proven his thoughts had no more value than any Husky Honks, but the main thing is, it does not matter, Mock Draft 1 starts and immediately is followed by 2 and 3 and Kiper has the same thing.


They know as much about Draft prospects as National news, and ESPN spouters know about how well a coach is actually doing/ But. ESPN is nothing but candy/ It can taste good, but doesn't help at all. and too much can be harmful.

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And then the real draft happens and these guys never measure reality versus their predictions.


Hell of a job!


Bernie Madoff did this and went to prison. 

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