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Fear, Which Unit?

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This is football and fear is a very real emotion. In the past Oregon was known for causing panic with our Offensive unit. Our defense complemented the offense, but, most often, didn't cause uneasiness to opposing offenses, sometime we actually caused career days! 


In the past Saban criticized our offense, because he was frightened by it. Players faked injuries because they timidly doubted themselves. Can this offense cause other teams to fear it again, I think so.


If this offense executes what it does best, opposing defenses will dread facing it again. We have the running game to cause dismay, now that we have moved beyond the pistol plunge. I think AB also has a series of skills which can instill concern into a defense. If he makes good decisions with his run option, and short pass abilities, opposing defenses and many fans, myself included, will begin rue the day they criticized Anthony Brown as our qb. 


Our defense also has the opportunity to instill that same terror. The sack of the qb is the best way to change a game and we have the best at that tool. We also have a tackler, Noah, who can stop a player in his tracks with a hit, as a 260lb. wrecking ball of a middle linebacker. These two guys, turned loose, not taken off the field at the end of the game, can end any teams thoughts of having a career day, as in the past. 


So on this day of Halloween does anyone else think the Oregon Offense and Defense can instill fear, anxiety, cowardice, and really horror again!


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We are not there, as fear takes quite a bit in still, IMHO. But we are on that path if we keep doing what we've done in the last two games.  Fun post...

Mr. FishDuck

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On defense when these youngsters are juniors and seniors,  look out. Maturity and playing time together build trust. Trust, coupled with high level talent can lead to success. 


Of course KT and NS will be playing on Sundays at that point. Critical that our top recruiting staff bring those replacements to Oregon 


On offense, hard to tell the future. However is sure like our chances with the ever improving, AB.


Here's to AD'S and KT''s last 5, 6 or 7 games with the Ducks.


Haywarduck thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts. Really enjoy them and look forward to more...

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I think if the offense that we've had the past two games keeps showing up opposing teams are definitely going to be feeling a bit wary of it. 


The bend don't break defense hasn't really looked all that intimidating, it seems to mostly rely on timely interceptions.  I'm really kinda blown away we had 1 sack against Colorado when the previous week Cal had 6.

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AB - 25-31 307 yards, 3 TDs should not be ignored. The D finally had the luxury of not having to save a W. 29 points put up by CU trouble me not.

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Didn't look like Furd was in fear of the Ducks. I doubt any other P12 team is. 

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I do think it is an interesting topic. Cristobal wants to play power football, why? Does he want to dominate, put fear into opponents? 


Top programs often win before the game begins or maybe within the first quarter or two. They score relentlessly and you can't keep up like Chip did. The also just shut you down like Georgia is doing to everybody. Nobody has scored even 14 on them. We held Stoney Brook to 7, but the rest of our schedule has scored and some their best output.


Is there a goal to put fear into other programs, other than on the recruiting trail? I would love to see more blitzing to intimidate the qb's. A qb who has been sacked by Thibs or Noah, don't play the same. It gets into their head.


Cristobal has recently talked about being aggressive at the end of the game, we passed when running would have been the prudent thing to do. Can we take that attitude and apply it earlier. I think we will need to to be successful through the end of the season.


What is happening on the other side of the ball is teams are gunning for us. They are willing to keep after it, a win against us makes their season. The obvious counter to that is to make them think that isn't possible as early as possible. That is a goal I would like to see Oregon create on this Halloween Day! It is also something missing from this program that elite programs have.

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