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Charles Fischer

It's Odd: The Only Negative to Halloween for Me...

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Abbie at Halloween_CF_FP.jpg


I miss my doggies!  I used to enjoy how much fun they had on Halloween as they loved the children showing up and the tail wagging through the cape was cute.  Abbie, (above) was in my Oregon football instructional videos 10 years ago, and for those who remember her...I wrote a tribute right here that came from my heart.


Before Abbie we had a Boxer who just adored children, and when they would show up to trick-or-treat I would have to hold her collar tight or she would charge the children to lick them and play.  With the other hand I had to reach into my bag of candy and distribute it among the kids as my right hand/arm held back this loving boxer.


One time a sweet little girl, probably only three years old asked me, "why are you holding back your dog?" And I answered, "she is very loving and would knock you over because she wants to lick you, as that is a dog's way of kissing you.  She wants to kiss everybody!"


Then to the horror of the mother behind, and before I could do anything--this sweet little girl came up to the boxer, held the dog's head in her hands, and then planted a big kiss on the snout of the boxer!


It remains one of my most endearing memories of the innocence of children, the love that dogs have for us all and our mutual connection.  I am not around the house enough now to have pets, but at times....like Halloween--I sure miss them!


This is the boxer that loved everyone and was a wonderful family dog...

Fischer Family Boxer_Charles Fischer.jpg

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Mr. FishDuck

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I understand where you are Charles.... Mrs. Olcodgerduck and I lost our 2 kitties a few years ago, and like you there are certainly days and times of the year when the loss is a little more poignant...

Thanks for sharing the story of the little girl kissing your Boxer, it made me smile!

Enjoy the memories, and hope your day is bright with the reflections of yesterdays win!

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Sweet and sour, both. A sad but beautiful reflection. Miss every hound I ever owned. 

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Good thoughts, Charles. We had a flat-coated retriever that every Halloween would have joyfully gone off with any or all of the kids who came to the door. Happiest dog I've ever seen.



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