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Steven A

Conference Title Game and Recruiting-Class-Size Changes on the Docket

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Title game change should probably be instituted by Pac 12 ASAP.


Never thought about the recruiting class issue, but with the NIL exoduses, expanding class size to re-gain scholarship maximums seems essential.



The two proposed pieces of legislation will be voted on by the Division I Council later in May


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I guess this makes sense

What will stop the big boys from stockpiling top players if they eliminate the 85 player limit for 2 years


I like a approach where if u lose a player in the portal or injury you can replace him 1 for 1. We would still have the limit which has been a blessing of making a level playing field. I don't wish to go back to the old days of stockpiling by the blue bloods.

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That example of Kansas makes a lot of sense.  Seems they should only apply the waiver in cases where the Scholarship #'s drop to a certain level.  59 is a good number, as it is 26 below the scholarship limit.

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Why not have the 85 scholarship limit but allow schools to sign as many to reach that mark as necessary each year?  The 25 per class rule has always been a head scratcher for me.   If you need 15 to reach 85, then sign 15.  If you need 40 to reach 85, then sign 40. 

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