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Dodd: Big Ten Interest in Additional Pac-12 Teams Has Cooled

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"(I)ndustry sources have indicated the Big Ten is no longer as interested in adding California, Oregon, Stanford and Washington."

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I read another article that mentioned NBC was trying to piggy back on the B1G media deal so they could broadcast B1G conference games in the evening.  I assume that would help generate the necessary revenue so they can pay ND $75M/year which keeps them independent.  


I assumed the B1G would bring on the 4 Pac teams but apparently, the money must not be lining up for that to happen.  My gut says it's still going to happen and was always the plan because I have a hard time believing that USC and UCLA are going to play only teams in the mid-west and on the east coast.  

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USC/UCLA haven't figured out yet that they're pawns in all of this.  FOX would literally have them flying across the globe if it made them more money...and with no regard for the well-being of the players. It won't take long before the teams will be OVER traveling back and forth from LA to NY, PA, WI, MN etc and when that happens, it's gonna fall on deaf ears. Best thing we can do is pick up SDSU and maybe 3 more teams, sign a deal with Amazon/Apple etc and leave the LA schools to their fate.  I will have ZERO remorse for them...

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This should read... "The B1G interest in Pac-12 schools has coolee.... For Now


This isn't over. Just the current phase is over. 

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I've gone all over the place with what I've been hoping for. At this point even if the money were better going to the BIG, I think the best case scenario for the Ducks would be for the PAC to hold together, Bring in SD St to replace USC, bring in UNLV if UCLA does leave, then add in some Big 12 teams from Texas plus Cincinnati and or Ok St.


That would land the PAC in solid third place which would be a vast improvement from the distant fifth that they are now. If the new and Improved Pac had 6-7 potential top 25 teams, it would be right up there with The BIG and SEC.  A conference that included UO, Utah, SD St, Cincinatti, Houston, Baylor and Ok St could compete with the best and produce legit playoff teams.


I say owning the entire country west of the Mississippi is better than just being a west coast out post of the BIG.

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