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  1. Lol! So play MudDogs Bourbon Bowl football and punt on first down to keep your defense off the field and ours on it...Got it, I'll give Dad Lanning a call and pass on the game plan! I kid lol! I don't think most here have the illusion that we're gonna come out and control the game. I think most of us are hoping to keep it within 2 scores, make a decent showing to the nation and walk away with our pride intact.
  2. I do understand the zone-read, but what's quoted above makes it make sense then. If he wasn't allowed to pull the ball in the past, then it was a crippled play to begin with and would make sense why it looks like he was drawing his own card...b/c previously he wasn't allowed to run it. Granted, I wasn't a part of this refuge back then and wouldn't have seen the article(s), but if he was hindered all season and that shackle was removed for the Rose Bowl, then one can certainly understand the misinterpretation.
  3. I'm as skeptical as anyone when it comes to recruiting...and the commit then decommit lifestyle has got me all sorts of twisted. However, I'm now choosing to look at recruiting in much the same way I've been forced to look at golf: put it behind you and keep looking ahead. After every bad shot, I know I'm still just one good shot from par (Walter Hagen style lol). With recruiting we may lose a Kingsley but bring in a Nix. We might lose a highly coveted recruit but flip a Flowe on signing day. "Three bad shots and one good one still make par..."
  4. I may be completely off here, but it was my thought that Herbert ran himself during the Rose Bowl bc he wasn't going to let bad play-calling lose the game...
  5. I will say this: if we land Moore and it happens the same way Tennessee or Miami did it, I will be sorely disappointed (in us and him)...
  6. I'm with you on this: Thornton needs to be quite a bit higher. I suspect by seasons end that he'll be our leading receiver. I really expect to see a Manziel/Evans relationship between Nix and Dont'e. I would also move 7 McGee up as well...
  7. I haven't been too terribly concerned, namely b/c I keep telling myself we're going after BIG FISH while they're catching minnows. Granted, there is some inherent risk to that strategy if we fail to land some of those big fish, but I'm also seeing a bunch of blue-chip recruits from other schools decommitting and re-opening their recruiting status. Understand, we're forcing our way into the big boy conversation now and if we fail to land some of these 5-star phenoms (which I don't think will be an issue), then I'm confident in our ability to lure enough 4-stars away from other programs that we'll end up top 2 recruiting in the PAC...
  8. You heard it here first folks, Jason Pierre-Paul and C.J. Wilson...HUSKY FANS!
  9. 100% right on with this one. Cal, Wazzu and one of those pesky Arizona teams (which ever we play at their house) are 3 games I ALWAYS watch out for. I'm hoping we can depend on out-scheming these teams in the future instead of just "being tougher..."
  10. This is now a thing and I'm using it from here on out...
  11. I'm certainly knocking on any wood I can find in regards to Dante Moore. What concerns me is that Richard Young decides to stay in the SEC (Georgia) and that somehow he gets Moore to go with him. Granted, both players took official visits to Oregon meaning they have a shared interest in us. However, Georgia is a team in search of a QB this cycle and I have to assume they have deep pockets. If Young decides to go to Georgia (which the crystal ball shows him doing) and the Dawgs make a run at Moore (especially if he takes an unofficial visit there), then that's what really concerns me. Here's hoping we land Moore AND Young and don't have to worry about it at all
  12. Whew, you almost got me Mr. Fischer! When I read that I thought "Did we just get a verbal from Nyckoles Harbor and I didn't hear about it yet? That had me searching everywhere trying to confirm lol.
  13. What you said is 100% true! A commitment means more than not having one, and signing means more than just a commitment. My point is that nothing is completely binding any longer and so I don't count on having a player until they sign, suit up and make the team. However, I AM grateful to have them in Eugene which means there's legitimate interest there
  14. It was about 10 years ago down here in Texas where we had over 100 degree temps EVERY DAY for 3 WEEKS! I work in an aircraft hangar without air conditioning and it was AWFUL! These recruits should be LOVING the weather you all are having up there right now!
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