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  1. For me, our "football standard" is playing disciplined and to the level of our talent. In terms of recruited talent, I believe we were #7 in the country...that means meeting expectations is a #7 ranking, plus or minus 1. Anything short of that by seasons end was either a learning experience or failure (if we fail to learn from it).
  2. I may be way off here, but at some point doesn't the money just become a bragging point? If CDL is to be believed, I'd have to think he'd want success on the field which in my mind would mean program support. Sure, keep him with an incentivized contract, but pay his assistants well and give him any tool he wants that he believes will make the product on the field better. That may mean keeping the facilities second to none, paying the NIL deals for the recruits he most covets and overall making Oregon football an even bigger national brand...I can't help but wonder if that will also mean buttressing the PAC to keep it relevant as well? In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man may indeed be King...but in the land of 20/20 vision he's nothing. Being the best in the PAC is one thing, but if the PAC doesn't rise to the occasion, then that may be what lures him away...
  3. Since it's so early in his head coaching career, we need to be judicious about how we work his contract. We damn sure want to keep him, but he doesn't yet have the resume to justify a top tier salary. That being said, I think there's really one good way to approach this: Keep the salary where it's at, but add very healthy incentives for success. Once he has 2-3 years of sustained success, then if the results warrant it, throw the kitchen sink at him to keep him here. Also, I would do the same for Dilly...especially if they manage to put that beautiful trophy in the case!
  4. I was thinking something similar...only to Connerly again. We stole him from their backyard and I'd enjoy nothing more than to see him run one in on them just for spite!
  5. Nerves or malcontent are the only thing that comes to mind for me. TT looks NOTHING like he did in the Spring game. At least there he looked alive and wanting to compete. Granted, they kept the plays simple...but they do the same for him now. Either he freezes up on the big stage, or he has been so disappointed in being the back-up to a transfer (yet again) that he doesn't even want to go out and run the 5-6 plays they give him. What's odd though is that he's showing enough in practice to keep the back-up spot...which means there's no way he looks the way in practice that he does in games. That in itself lends credence to the "rope a dope" strategy, but I just can't see a coach putting a player though that. I guess we won't know until next season...either Nix will move on and we'll see an electric TT, or Nix will stay and TT will transfer (or stay content being the back up)...
  6. It's a bit easier to "open the checkbook" when you're the beneficiary of a MASSIVE media contract and sending 2 teams to the playoff every year. ESPN has made sure that the SEC (and themselves by proxy) will always be relevant. I'm not saying it's right, just that it's the reality...
  7. QB next season...and I'm afraid Cardwell is gone too Just hoping we can keep Thornton on roster and get him playing next season. I think with Cota and Chapman leaving, we'll need him to step into a starting role alongside Franklin and Hutson (with Kasper, Lowe and Dickey pushing him)
  8. I'm currently at work w/o access to Twitter, but there was a video on there in the comments that showed the Wolverine player running ahead of his teammates into the MSU players in the tunnel...
  9. My initial reaction was disdain for the MSU players in the video. Then I saw video of the UM player leaving his team to run up the tunnel into the MSU players and appearing to be running his mouth and bumping into them. I believe you can be against violence but still understand what mess around and Find out, means. I see this as playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes. If you instigate in an emotionally charged arena and then catch hands for it, well, I have no sympathy for you. Stupid actions have consequences and this to me looks like playing with a rattlesnake and then complaining when you get bit...
  10. Well the good news is that UCLA also had a bye week and will be dealing with those same issues that we might :)
  11. So here's a thought for the more adept X's and O's among you: I feel like Flowe is athletic enough to spy on DTR and contain him. While I don't think we typically run a man based coverage with our LB's, do you think Lanning/Lupoi might/should use Flowe in that manner for this game? DTR is the key to stopping this offense. He's the wild-card, the X-Factor. Charbonnet is really good, but then again, so is our base run defense. In my humble, uneducated opinion, we need to pressure DTR while keeping him contained in the pocket. That means our coverage has to be sound enough to force him to throw into very tight windows while under pressure. We can leave Gonzo on an island, drop our DE into the flat to contain the checkdown to Charbonnet and then have Flowe spy all day on DTR while the safeties provide help to the corner opposite Gonzo. What are your thoughts on the keys to the game and how we might best contain DTR???
  12. I'd cheer for the Fuskies if they were playing the Spoiled Children...that should just about sum it up.
  13. Given the improvement week over week, one might call them weaknesses or miscues or any other number of things. Certainly a prudent coach might call them opportunities, or chances to improve. Blitzing can and does work when the pressure can get there while everyone is taking care of their zones or assignments. I'm absolutely seeing that Dorlus and Johnson aren't getting there enough on their own, that might be a clue...yet, I still think it's an opportunity for them as well. Main point being I would love to see the defense setting the tone, dictating what the opposing offense does. That the defense isn't setting the tone certainly qualifies as what surprises me so far this season. I expected the defense (given the talent and coaching) to lead the way, not the other way around. Then again, had I read the clues I might have properly predicted that the offense would be leading the charge...Either way, I'm thrilled at the way we're playing and will be watching weekly to see what opportunities for improvement present themselves, and how we react and shore those items up.
  14. I 100% agree with you and yet, I'm hoping that this will be the game where we're blitzing and play aggressive defense! Where our defense dictates what the offense does, not just having us react to what they're doing. Wouldn't that be a pleasant surprise...
  15. I still don't think he was taunting during the Stanford game. To me it looked like he was trying to find a ref to toss the ball to, and when he finally did, the Stanford player inadvertently walked right into it. I don't hold that one against him at all...
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