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Charles Fischer

Happy and Relief: FishDuck News About the Georgia Game

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My FishDuck Friends, I am always concerned each year with receiving media-photo credentials to the home games and the individual ones on the road.  I just got notification that I will be able to have a Photographer representing FishDuck Sports Community on the field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the opener against Georgia.


And we will have outstanding photographer Tom Corno there shooting photos for us.  Last year he got us epic photos at the Ohio State game, and I cannot tell you have relieved I am.  Now comes the nerves associated with the rest of the season--as approval does not always happen.  The growing number of larger media can crowd us out...


This was basking, years ago with
photo, media and parking passes.

Game Passes.jpg

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Mr. FishDuck

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I'm requesting a scoreboard shot if the Ducks pull off the win!

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I nominate Charles "FishDuck" Fischer for the Pulitzer in sports journalism. Don't get to excited Charles, few listen to me. Half the time the dog ignores me. 

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Woot!!! Less than a month away!!!! WoooHooo!!!

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On the 28th day til football my sweetheart said to me. (not talented enough to think of the last stanza)

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8 tackles tackling 7 linemen crushing 5 runners running 4 receivers catching 3 linebackers busting and a QB in a kill mode?--just sayin

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