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What Do You Want In a Recruit?

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What attributes do you look for in a recruit?


 Here are Six attributes that I think are important when looking at a recruit. What do you think?  Is there something you think is missing?  What would you add?  Can you provide examples of Duck players who epitomize a desirable trait?


1. PHYSICALITY:  What are the measurables?  Speed, strength, agility, etc. Can they grow into a college body?  

2. ABILITIES & SKILLS:  What can they do on the football field with their physical attributes?  Will their physicality translate into football skills?

3. GAME PERFORMANCE:  Does game video show they can translate their abilities and  in a game?  Do they shine against good competition or only against average high school players? Have you seen them live at camps and games?

3. WORK ETHIC: What is their level of commitment, dedication, and determination to improve skills and performance?

4.TEACHABLE:  Will they show that they can learn to improve, accept criticism, and work to grow? Will they accept teaching at all levels they ascend to and everyone they come into contact with?

5. CHARACTER:  Trustworthy, Honest, Dependable  Does the player do what’s right even when no one is watching?  Do they possess the “Team First Above Self” trait?  Do they make good choices, follow the rules, show respect for others?


My wife shared the article about Justin Herbert that I posted the other day.  We discussed what an outstanding young man that Justin is.  The point about Justin working with his brothers after his last season and the draft was impressionable.  His attention to perfecting his skills reminded me of the time and effort Marcus Mariota put into studying his playbook before arriving at rookie camp.  


These two great Duck quarterbacks epitomize the work ethic to improve one’s skills.  Above all their character is the “X” factor that makes each of them Duck legends.  LaMichael James had the skills that shined during games.  Brady Breeze was a gamer.  So was Ifo Ekpre Olomu.  These and other great Ducks excelled in the category Game Performance.


I sure enjoyed watching the video posted of Donte Dowdell working out.  I think he has the things I’m looking for in a recruit.  Physical, Abilities, Game Performance - yes.  WorkEthic - yes.  Teachable - it looks like someone has taught him well.  I’m hoping he continues to grow and thrive in his time at Oregon.  His time in Eugene will reveal more of his character.


Last year Coach Lanning showed he could save a lot of the class of recruits that had committed to Coach Christobal, and retain good players on the roster.  This year Coach Lanning and staff have recruited a great class of incoming freshmen and transfers.  Much has been said about the turnover with the Transfer Portal and the incoming recruits.  The consensus seems to be Coach Lanning is getting his type of players.


Coach Lanning, I think, shares the same values and desire for the attributes I wrote above.  He probably has a much larger list.  I am optimistically looking forward to the upcoming year!


Character and Teachability will have a direct affect on the skill development and game performance for the Oregon Duck Football team.  Ultimately the success of the football season will depend on the success of the coaching staff led by Dan Lanning.  Call me optimistic.


What do you say OBD Forum members?  What do you look for in a new Duck football player?



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I would add leadership ability as one that is desired as well.

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All of the above, plus someone who really wants to be here.

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I want that GIANT receiver that ran over us in game one. Number zero I believe. Him and his cloned twin.


Oh, and anyone who has the 5 traits Smitth72 brought out.

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I would add there players who are accelerants, those who are neutral, and then those who are decelerants to the culture and energy a team has. We want players who are accelerants to the culture Lanning is trying to create.


Lanning is all about getting 1% better everyday. Some players look incredibly good, but they aren't willing to work on their weaknesses. They also aren't there when you need that extra effort. They have to be willing to say, after failure, so what, now what. I would say this mentality wasn't on the defensive side of the ball enough.


I think this is another component of the Oregon Football Program I want to see thrive again. We don't blow leads, we finish games, and our players give everything to each other and the program they are able to.


If you want an example of what we did wrong, the recruitment of Tyler Shough is the perfect example. We went after the player who looked great, had the measurables, but was more of a statue. The guy who beat him every time in high school, Brock Purdy, didn't measure up, but would have in the past. We need to recruit the Purdy's, who cares what the pundits thinks!

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     I’d like to see all the individual traits translate into team traits: being good at developing trust, pushing one another to achieve, and helping each other with sound advice, among others.

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