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  1. Awesome detective work, Mic! I did know, or expect that!


    The offense still needs some honing in, but our scoring average is alleviating concern right now for me. 


    It's our defense that needs to see the most improvement because we are allowing way too many points, in my opinion. With two defensive minds like DL & TL, the defense, one would think, would be the strength of the team. 


    I'm going to go a bit further and suggest that mostly it's our pass defense that needs vast improvement. Seems our run defense is pretty stout.


    But considering the Pac12 is traditionally a pass-heavy league, ... 


    I believe Oregon is in good shape overall but this may not be the year we make the most strides. The future is bright at Oregon under Dan Lanning, though. 


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  2. 1a)


    UCLA - Chipper is raising a lot of expectations among bruin fans, and after the last few unexciting years, that fan base is impatient. I feel like if this start turns into a letdown season, his seat is going to get pretty darn hot. 





    USC - they are BACK! ... Or so their fans wanna think.  For a program famous for how it has parted ways with some of their coaches, LR might just keep an eye over his shoulder if they don't meet expectations. I'm not saying he will be fired if they don't make the playoffs... But if he did get fired for not making the playoffs, ... would it surprise you? 



    Obviously Oregon isn't going to be on this list, for me, because Oregon isn't a ruthless program.



    Right?... 🤔

  3. He had a win last weekend (because they had a bye 😄), so his seat prolly isn't any hotter, but I feel like Miami will ride out the season with him, at least. Mariø will win a few more games, just enough to cool his seat a bit. He will talk big all off season long, pumping more sunshine, and prolly repeat this years results again next season. 


    That's far enough into the future for me. I feel if his recruiting holds, he will get through 2 seasons. Beyond that, who knows.  

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  4. On 10/3/2022 at 4:23 PM, jrw said:

    The Standford game was really sad from a penalty standpoint, but I went back to the box scores for all the games this season, and so far at least, the Stanford game is an outlier.


    • Georgia 5 for 35 yards.
    • E. Washington 6 for 55 yards.
    • BYU 8 for 48 yards.
    • Washington St. 8 for 87 yards.
    • Stanford 14 for 135 yards.


    Let's hope that the Tree was the low point for the season.




    Not trending well. 😬

  5. On 10/1/2022 at 11:20 PM, David Marsh said:

    There's the reffing problem again... No flag for that? The whistle was blown and they picked up wittington and threw hint it he ground? 


    I'm sorry that's a flag for unnecessary roughness. 

    Right in front of a ref, too. The next play The defender was pretty much crawling all over the receiver as well. I'm actually surprised that they called the roughing the passer. 


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