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  1. Did anyone hear if NCAA ratified the unlimited number of official visits? DL said it would make it impossible to have any kind of home life if they went ahead with the idea. It's bad enough.
  2. The idea is they don't mesh or raise the needle in income, in fact they would lower it, from what I've read. Even with being in SoCal they and so far any of the others that have been mentioned like BSU, FSt., etc don't bring enough to the media table. Which means less money to split 12 ways vrs the same money 10.
  3. You forgot loosing the OC and our best safety the day before the game.
  4. Yup that's sooo much better than medals. Snicker
  5. My take is the PAC will stay together if the $$$ are sufficient in the upcoming media deal. We all know it won't be in the league of the B1G and SEC but if it's livable this makes the most sense. As long as we schedule top opponents in the ooc which we would have 4 games now and win or not get blown out and win our conference games we will still be able to get to CFB PO.
  6. I don't think we allow that information to be public. We did post something that said all the players are receiving something. Don't think there were any numbers tho.
  7. Sure would liked to have been there. I think I went to the old Haywood Field several times when I lived in Eugene. Plus I threw Discus in the state championshi's track and field meet there in 1972. Didn't do very well, but quite the experience.
  8. Haven't heard anything from U of O or UW as of yet. Since they are the bigs of the remaining PAC, I posit that they are waiting for the numbers to come in from the media and then determine what they will do.
  9. I don't believe our CB room is going to be a a weakness. I believe that Manning and Gonzo are the starters. Dickerson will be my surprise player this year. He is joined by Barkins, the 2 Kalil's, and Terrell. That's 3 deep. Then you add our experience and depth at safety, with outstanding coaches and the sky's the limit for our defensive backfield.
  10. My take is they have us losing to Cal and OSU because they are away games. This poll seems to put a lot of advantages on winning at home by looking at all of the schedules. We will be road warriors because of our team experience this year. I believe losing on the road to lesser talented teams is due to youth and inexperience.
  11. I believe we are in a good spot to get him because I believe, with Bama taking Haynes and the fact we got his last visit, we are ahead of UGA in the C3 poll. Looks like we are coming up feathers.
  12. Don't u mean hopefully take them off our hands if the deal falls thru. would love to see them get beat up in the B1G. I don't like the uncivilized spoiled children at all.
  13. The president of WSU said we will be surprised by the deal we will get from ESPN according to what the PAC commissioner's negotiating is creating, with the PAC staying at the current 10 schools.
  14. Hayward I agree with everything you said and when he get on campus believe me DL doesn't care how many he has. He will have to prove it on the field. But there is one thing that the star system of recruits does help. Confidence and national reputation. The more 5's than 3' we get help us in the national standings. Which brings better chances of winning since that's what it takes. Oh and getting other better recruits to come join the flock. So the more the better for the Ducks.
  15. Head of the SEC said they are staying with the 16 teams. The B1G doesn't want us. Merging with B12 would probably lower the money right now that our commissioner has been negotiating with the media. Just read statement by WSU s President. He said a week ago he wasn't sure but this week is looking better and that fans would be surprised at the traction and value Khinichof sic is hearing and transmitting to the schools. Will it be in the super conferences league, no, but will be sufficient. The PAC survives at 10 schools with cursitory looks at expanding. He is very positive that's the best way foreward.
  16. It's waaaaay to soon. But we need to be thinking ahead just in case he turns out to be great like we all believe he will. There are several jobs I think would take him away from us. Alabama, UGA and tOSU. Would you fault him those dream jobs? I wouldn't!
  17. Annie, I had same idea but yours was more precise.
  18. Yes and mitigating the loss to the college system is going to be a high bar to cross by UCLA LA Land. Maybe the B1G won't want the hassle in the end.
  19. Yes, of course. I believe it's between UGA and us now. But you also want the big guys up front to make holes and pass block. Go Ducks Fly High!
  20. This announcement from Twitter 1/2 hr ago, stated there will be a memorial service for T Webb at the Autzen Stadium Club 6 p.m. Thurs 7/21/22
  21. According to what I read, he said 6 to 7 yrs football and then back to the track. Might be sooner if he were not to make a team. Can't see that happening, but!
  22. OSU being co top OL is impressive to me. Must be rubbing off!
  23. Everything is working out in our favor after a bad week. Now we just need several top OL recruits.
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