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  1. The WR stands for "We're Ruined". The Beav's last out right championship, was in the old (as in VERY) Pacific Coast Conference . I'd just been born, and I believe that it caused my mother to miss carry. The Beav's managed to tie us that year, and got stomped in the Rose Bowl 35-19 by Iowa ...
  2. Listen kids, I seem to recall that "The OhMiO State University" was going to crush the life out of OBD's last season. Talk all you want about what you're going to do to me. Now get up, and try it again.
  3. True, how can anyone not hate both USC and ND ? I've got to toss Stanford into the mix for some of their latest hijinks, as well as any team from north of the Columbia river just on principle. OMY O State ? Ya sure why not, and hey there's Utah on the list now too. (Don't stop me I'm on a roll) ! I lay off the Beav's cause of what they did to both USC and Me dear mothers Fighting Irish, but thats about it.
  4. I agree. We were always told to have some pride but trash talk is for trash, and thats not us. !
  5. Did he say USCya later ? Gosh, I'm hurt
  6. They can scandalize me as much as they like. I'll find some way to handel it. It's been part of the game for ever, and after all who is it we're really trying to impress ?
  7. I have to agree with Mr. West. We don't get the Notre Dame free ride, and we have to beat "The Immortals" or get tossed. How ever I seem to remember "The Ohio State" bad boys chasing us ALL GAME LONG last year (and not catching our Beloved Ducks), and that was with out the services of some guy named Kayvon. We constantly get the short stick. It's almost like someone doesn't like our uncle Phil.... go figure. They'll shut their mouths fast, and come with hat in hand if we beat the Bulldogs, and It CAN BE DONE ! Go Ducks !
  8. Call me what you want but I see something heading down the pike towards Chip Kelly, and UCLA. It's coming hard, and fast. It's Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State Penn State, and Wisconsin. The Bruins must have been brewin something mighty stout, and they swiged every drop of it right before they signed off on the Pac. I see them getting smashed for several years in a row, and not needing to drink a thing to get there. (Chip, Cal needs a new coach). I'll be stunned if USC does better then 3rd their first several years in the B1G. (I didn't say sad). They're living off a past, that's LONG past. Good Luck boys
  9. Why the Pac didn't go after BYU & BSU long ago leaves me baffled. I mean Colorado ? WHY ? (Were drugs involved?)
  10. I see Utah, Notre Dame, and possibly even those *amn Beav's putting the Trojans back in their wrapper !
  11. I see Mario trying to run ALL THE TIME like he did with us (Or at the wrong time) but who do they play other then Georgia and Utah ?
  12. I'd like a chance to show tOSU that "last season wasn't just luck", to kick USC in the b***'*, to show "Chip how much we love him", and yet still have a chance to "Smash them Beav's". Get me that and I'm all good. WAIT A MINUTE SANTA, I forgot David Shaw !
  13. The only thing my mother knew about football, was that the ball was not round. You could how ever count on her screaming for "The Biting Irish", every time ! (Irish catholics, go figure)...Just that once, thanks Beav's 41-9 heh heh !
  14. Lets just pound the crap out of Utah first, then THE WORLD !
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