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  1. I have not been impressed by The University of Southern California football team. The number six team in the nation has beaten Rice, Stanford, and Fresno State. WOW ! The Beav’s came with in a hairy tail (17-14) of raining on their parade. I’m predicting a two game stutter step for our little beauty's down south. First, Washington State does NOT Coug it but in fact beats the Trojans with seaming ease. Next week Utah proves to be the nemesis, being generous with the points scored but greedy with points allowed. You heard it hear first !
  2. Personally I’d like to see both BYU, and Boise State come on board. Then we could beat the Coug’s twice in years when we play BYU, and Washington State. We’d also have an opportunity to watch Oregon vs Boise State in the LeGarrette Blount Memorial Punch Bowl. (Forgive me)
  3. IMNHO (In my not so humble opinion), I don’t believe that FBS teams should scheduled FCS teams. All too often these “tune up” games are nothing more then scheduled padding. Lets put the deadly Western Oregon University wolves , and say the Central Catholic Rams on the menu. Gosh what a test. Just look at Alabama daring to take on Utah State, and perennial powerhouse Austin Peay. God of Moses, the Tide is even willing to risk all, by taking on the UL Monroe Warhawks. (Who are these people)? Truly they have no fear, or pride, or even a sense of fair play let alone honor. Georgia #3, and BYU #21 sure but Eastern Washington ? They have my respect in this one.
  4. WOW, Now we know what a nail feels like ! That tight end wasn't human !
  5. Isn't it weird that teams who are "Going to win" sometimes don't ? I've always found it strange that teams can "Play up" or "Play down" to the competition. I always seem to understand whats called "The final score". I may not like it, I may love it. Now put em up big boy, I'm right here ! GO DUCKS !
  6. Just keep your foot off the break, when the light's GREEN !
  7. I believe the shellacking that Utah gave us twice last season speaks volumes. We have been a team that beats you with that big O, for quite a while. Let's see what Dr Dan can do about that. I'd be glad to watch a game where the final score was 9 to 6, as long as the winner wear's green....
  8. Sounds like the guy that told me UCLA and USC were the power 2, and they'd get a bid to the B1G over Oregon even if they were 0-12. They're a t.v. market until they prove other wise.
  9. Absolutely right. Couldn't agree more. The two backup's should play the WHOLE game against E/W. Nix could go down at any time, let alone not put up the numbers we expect of him. I know I wouldn't be at all happy if the team I committed to, kept bringing in transfer players. (Unless they were named Mariota).
  10. It wont be the same with out a chance to smash the Beav's !
  11. God of Moses, that had interception written all over it. I blame no one on the D for quitting football for ever after that one !
  12. How many Bulldogs just went pro ? Their backups, were their backups for a reason. Is it likely the Bulldogs believe their own press clippings ? Good possibility, you used to. Wasn't "The Ohio State University" supposed to "Beat the Feathers Out -O- Them Ducks" last year ? What happened, and that was without our number one defensive gun, Dr.K. "Offense draws the crowd, Defense wins the game". Where have I heard that before ? We Ducks have been rolling on (Flying?) Our big O, since the days of the "Mighty Chip Kelly", we now just "reload" too. I love being under estimated. I love it when someone says "You've had it you skinny punk". Come get some. Ducks by 3
  13. What ? You mean you don't miss Molasses Mario ?
  14. WOW ! I've had two wives give me the boot, and I've never even THOUGHT about running a website but then all I've got going for me is phenomenal looks, incredible charm, and ofcourse my legendary humility. Charles "Don't give up the ship" !
  15. I'm just a rabid Ducks fan, so I wont get up at the crack of dawn to watch SEC games. I'd bet fans in the south, and the east, and the conference (heh), feel the same about staying up late for a PAC12 game. Unless it's say Oregon vs Florida State (which sent em to bed early) and that's an ACC - Pac12 match up. I couldn't care less about SEC teams that we wont be playing. I will get up early, or stay up late for my Ducks of course, or a match up that's directly relevant to OUR conference race, I may even watch I'mHiO state smash Notadame in their opener, but other then that, those early games are just "Whats to do before the Pac12 game I MAY watch, that doesn't have Oregon vs somebody else involved. I think we're fans of our teams, then our conference, and then it's a matter of "had I better go to the mall with her, or else" yet? One of the last things I'll ever do, is interrupt my sleep to see USC, or UCLA get smashed by Wisconsin or Purdue. I think the Cali schools live to regret this.
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