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  1. Anyone with intel on Cota? He’s been a valuable contributor to this point.
  2. If not for a bad snap from center (4th qtr red zone) Ducks get a late game 2 score lead and 80-90% win probability. Had we won Husky fans would be ripping their DC for giving up 300+ rushing yds and not a single punt from the opponent.
  3. There is a reason Whittington has been the starter thus far. Among other talents he clearly has the best 0-60 speed. Aside from that none of the Duck RB’s have elite top end speed to outrun the defense, ala Stewart, LMJ, DeAnthony Thomas.
  4. $6.4 million est NIL worth ranks no. 1 per On3. Apparently some folks must think he’s the 2nd coming of LeBron. On3 NIL 100 WWW.ON3.COM A ranking of top undefined athletes based on NIL Valuation. These rankings are based on the potential influence they have as an individual.
  5. LaDuke is a stud athlete who, once he gets healthy, is going to be an impact MLB. There’s no way Winston would ‘quickly jump’ LaDuke. The better choice for him would be OSU.
  6. Agree Charles. Miami, OU, Florida, Michigan, LSU, TexA&M are all currently trailing the Ducks. None have more than eight commits yet most (Including UO) will be in, or close to, top ten when all is said and done.
  7. Love the highlights. Great speed, a rag doll tackler. Hope we get him.
  8. No offense to Red Raider fans but I would consider subbing Baylor in place of Tech. Baylor is a more attractive opponent (FB, mens /womens bball) and is closer to DFW
  9. Check out what Donte Thornton has to say about Butterfield. Skip to 5:20 of the video link -
  10. The videos call for having popcorn on hand while watching. Btw pretty sure the pronunciation of Dowdell rhymes with cowbell.
  11. Good size (6 ft 2) and speed… 4.45 40, 10.6 100m, 39.5” vertical. Ashton Cozart checks all the boxes. Based on twitter reactions from most OU fans, they’ll be cheering loudly for Cozart and the Ducks when we matchup vs SC.
  12. I went to last years Pre classic and will say the Friday venue was pretty amazing with the lighting technology at the stadium. Especially cool are the world, American and meet(?) record pacing lights, different colors for each, along the inside border of the track for each of the distance events. The star athletes are featured on Saturday but Friday evening is a treat just to see the beauty of the stadium under the lights.
  13. I understand the scholarship limitations for T&F and the greater point production you get from the sprints and jumps however Duck history is built on distance running and it was sad to see the dearth of contenders in the middle and longer distances. Equally disappointing to see UW supplanting the UO as the school of choice for distance runners. Have to credit former UO coaches Andy and Maurica Powell for the fine job they’re doing in Seattle..
  14. Duck recruiting is on a roll of late especially with skill positions on offense. With the recent commitments of WR’s Kasper and Dickey, along with RB Dowdell, the table setting is nearly complete with two key skill positions to fill. One is at tight end where all eyes are on Central Catholic’s Riley Williams who reportedly favors the Ducks. In regards to QB, the timing seems perfect for Jayden Rashada’s visit this weekend. Rashada is Dennis Dixon 2.0 though I consider him to be more college ready than DD at this point in their careers. Just a guess on my part but I’d say Texas A&M has a slight lead over the Ducks. That could well change as Lanning & co. make their pitch this weekend.
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