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  1. The videos call for having popcorn on hand while watching. Btw pretty sure the pronunciation of Dowdell rhymes with cowbell.
  2. Good size (6 ft 2) and speed… 4.45 40, 10.6 100m, 39.5” vertical. Ashton Cozart checks all the boxes. Based on twitter reactions from most OU fans, they’ll be cheering loudly for Cozart and the Ducks when we matchup vs SC.
  3. I went to last years Pre classic and will say the Friday venue was pretty amazing with the lighting technology at the stadium. Especially cool are the world, American and meet(?) record pacing lights, different colors for each, along the inside border of the track for each of the distance events. The star athletes are featured on Saturday but Friday evening is a treat just to see the beauty of the stadium under the lights.
  4. I understand the scholarship limitations for T&F and the greater point production you get from the sprints and jumps however Duck history is built on distance running and it was sad to see the dearth of contenders in the middle and longer distances. Equally disappointing to see UW supplanting the UO as the school of choice for distance runners. Have to credit former UO coaches Andy and Maurica Powell for the fine job they’re doing in Seattle..
  5. Duck recruiting is on a roll of late especially with skill positions on offense. With the recent commitments of WR’s Kasper and Dickey, along with RB Dowdell, the table setting is nearly complete with two key skill positions to fill. One is at tight end where all eyes are on Central Catholic’s Riley Williams who reportedly favors the Ducks. In regards to QB, the timing seems perfect for Jayden Rashada’s visit this weekend. Rashada is Dennis Dixon 2.0 though I consider him to be more college ready than DD at this point in their careers. Just a guess on my part but I’d say Texas A&M has a slight lead over the Ducks. That could well change as Lanning & co. make their pitch this weekend.
  6. Actually it came down to Ole Miss and Oregon. Rebel fans thought he was theirs.
  7. Ducks get their bell cow RB. Great pickup for Lanning and the Ducks who all of a sudden have an RB room full of studs.
  8. Good get for the Dawgs but Franck, how could you? BREAKING: Former Oregon Center Franck Kepnang commits to Washington after official visit 247SPORTS.COM Former Oregon center will stick around the Pac-12.
  9. I could see him used in special short yardage red zone situations on offense either as the ball carrier or lead blocker for the RB.
  10. I hate having to relive the dark days of the disaster hire that was Willie Taggart. Wishing for a favorable outcome for the players involved but using Brenner and NFL in the same sentence is a stretch. Wasn’t he the one hiking ground balls to QB Lockie in the 2nd half Alamo bowl meltdown vs TCU?
  11. My personal fav has a rifle arm, quick release, nimble feet in the backfield. Reminds me a lot of Dennis Dixon. Landing Rashada would be a coup for Lanning. On3 RPM Update: Oregon Surges For Four-Star QB Jaden Rashada WWW.ON3.COM Oregon has moved ahead for four-star quarterback Jaden Rashada. Here is the latest on that movement and where things stand.
  12. Donte Thornton lights up when asked about Butterfield. “I love Butterfield. When his time comes he’s going to show a lot of people he’s a great quarterback”. skip to 5:25 of the video
  13. This is huge folks. Kasper has all the tools, size, speed, hops, and blocks with an attitude. Better than Tetairoa McMillan whom we lost to UA. Film don’t lie. Junior Season WWW.HUDL.COM Junior Season
  14. I don’t know who assigns no. 1 to various athletes but comparing films of the two, Roderick Robinson at 6-1 230 IMO is clearly the better back. Think Royce Freeman with breakaway speed. Roderick Robinson on Hudl WWW.HUDL.COM Watch Roderick Robinson's videos and highlights on Hudl. More info: Lincoln High School - Boys Varsity Football / RB, MLB / Class of 2023 / San Diego, CA
  15. On3’s Chad Simmons predicts QB Jaden Rashada is headed to (surprise) the SEC and Ole Miss. I’d hate to lose out on him as he looks to me to be the 2nd coming of Dennis Dixon. No question the SEC will have the upper hand when it boils down to NIL$.
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