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  1. The reason? The obvious one. Somewhere, somehow, somebody is making a lot of money.
  2. Will your family plant a couple of Douglas fir seedlings in your yard when you move in - exactly as I did when I moved to Oregon 41 years ago? (Both are now well over a hundred feet tall.)
  3. All I want is the validation of Lanning as one helluva football coach after the Georgia game, win or lose.
  4. Yep, I won the bet. The extremely inadequate level of certification came right out in the trial in its first week . . .
  5. This is fun and encouraging and exciting . . . but we will all suddenly become much more aware of exactly what coach the Ducks have at the final whistle of the Georgia game.
  6. I recall posting way back then during those health-threating workouts for those players - while NO ONE ELSE HAD NOTICED - that I had simply done some research on the Internet to discover Taggart's new strength and conditioning coach had ZERO NATIONAL-LEVEL CERTIFICATIONS for such an important D1 position! I now bet that same fact will be reprised in the trial.
  7. That's all great . . . but is anyone there trying to repair their awful defense?
  8. Maturity or not, nothing is gonna happen without that Duck Speed!
  9. This is "Episode 65 Dan Lanning PART 1: The Road to Eugene" of The Mighty Oregon Podcast on Spotify for those who cannot use the link provided here.
  10. I have been just a casual reader of the headlines/articles on Thibodeaux over the past season and year . . . from which I have also kept on getting intuitively the strong scent of ELITISM from this guy who has been touting his own crypto-currency and other NIL benefits . . . and now this arrogant nonsense at the NFL Combine. I agree with the article. And these NFL draft teams are watching very closely.
  11. Yes, same here - and I'm older than you! I noted that in a post last year. I was stunned back then when I discovered his real age. And wearing a white beard in front of 18-22-year-olds makes the visual effect even worse. But it's HIS life, HIS choices.
  12. I'm confused. I thought Southerners caught fish primarily with their hands . . .
  13. This video really brought home how much Oregon has lost in running offense in the past few years. Sigh. I really miss those days.
  14. Did I miss the obvious here? The only way the Ducks can average 80 plays a game is to FIRST have a DAMN GOOD DEFENSE.
  15. "Havoc" makes the old term "smashmouth" sound so pedestrian and antiquated.
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