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  1. The crowd does matter, but if the Ducks fall behind early, the noise might also. No matter what, the team still needs to push forward and not let up. And if we’re killing UCLA, we need to keep stomping them into the ground, play mistake-free football and finish the game like a top 4 team.
  2. I think it’s great. Subtle awareness of cancer is always a good thing. Is it a be-all-end-all? No, but I try not to overthink it.
  3. I still think cable or satellite is still the best for sports... The reason for me is: 1. Lag - if your internet connection isn't great lag can be very painful. I have friends that stream games and their ESPN apps always go off before they see what's happening on the screen. Although with anything, streaming WILL get better. 2. Bars around the country. It would be really costly for every bar in the country to beef up their internal network to support streaming. They'd need a lot of devices to run the streaming services. Streaming is great for on demand movies and TV shows. But I think for sports (right now) cable and satellite is more convenient.
  4. Yes, the Ducks lost, BUT would any past HC at Oregon do better than that we saw in their first game against the defending national champs? Remember when the Ducks played LSU (20011)? We just came off a National Championship appearance and still lost big. My point, I can't wait to see where this team is at the end of the season (I think that they'll be good).
  5. I don’t know Moorhead was awful at Mississippi St. why would he any different for the Ducks?
  6. Never thought about that, but very very true…. Herbert didn’t become elite over night… our game plan had everyone in the NFL think he was just a average QB.
  7. Yeah I was wondering what their fans thought after this performance.
  8. Sadly just like Taggert… if he leaves and has a performance like this at Miami, they will fire him faster than AB going 3 and out. Haha jk
  9. I was yelling at the TV as well
  10. I was thinking the same thing!!!! I still thinks it’s possible, college football is so unpredictable… no one picked the Ducks to beat Ohio St., but also, no one picked the Ducks to lose to Stanford . Michigan killed Ohio St. and they won’t have a chance to redeem themselves. But the Ducks can erase the Utah loss if they can beat them in Vegas. Especially if they have a convincing win.
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