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  1. The forum link animation suggestion is not intended for repeat users of the site, but for those who visit the Main FishDuck.com site for the first time. (The current link highlights only if you happen to move your cursor over it.) Was under the impression this "Topic" was a request for "suggestions" and not criticisms, which I did not intend. Regret having ruffled your feathers.
  2. 1. A Texas Longhorn friend of mine who also follows the Ducks told me he wasn't certain where the Forum is when he first went to the main FishDuck Home Page. Suggest Maybe making the "notice/link" box for the OBD Forum on the Home Page animated to appear more prominent? With a background something like this? 2. Suggest adding all the links that appear at the top on the OBD Forum Page (( The links that say (Forum Front Page) (FishDuck Home) etc.,)) be also placed also at the top section of the Main FishDuck Home page. 3. Need to ADD a link in that list of links, on both the Main Home Page and the OBD Forum Page (but NOT buried under the arrow after "Repository") but a prominently visible link that says "Support/Donate " that takes the viewer directly to the info on the support and donate section.
  3. Yes! My feelings exactly. And thanks for pointing out so many of the off-setting factors between what Coach Dillingham had to work with for his short tenure and what he will be inheriting. Who will be like:
  4. I look forward to those 4 new elements, and thank you Coach Boles. The Wildcat often makes me less than optimistic, but I am a firm believer in that pro-style under the center! The thing is, I am struggling with the unknown. While I admit that the while the stats below on Coach Dillingham are just a minor snapshot in time, nothing I see over the past 2 years at Florida State offensively has me really fired up in any way. Especially that points per game stat. But it's a new chapter for OBD, and I am at peace with moving forward. (Acknowledgment to http://www.cfbstats.com/)
  5. Interesting remark from a BaylorNation fan regarding Matt Powledge:
  6. https://www.oregonlive.com/ducks/2021/12/oregon-ducks-hiring-florida-states-kenny-dillingham-as-offensive-coordinator.html https://www.si.com/college/fsu/football/breaking-kenny-dillingham-leaving-florida-state-for-oregon
  7. Certainly, I knew that when I posted my opinion on Mr. Pittman’s decision to quit the team it would not agree with many other fine members here on OBDF. But I respect their opinions, whether they agree with me or not. However, in expressing your opinion, I regret that you felt the need to quote the wording of my personal post. Which, by doing so, alludes to the suggestion that anyone believing that the #3 Duck ranking was justified is just engaging in sheer “nonsense.” I never said that it was justified. I said that at that point they had “worked their way up” to that position. And that was not my opinion. It was reality. It was the opinion of the CFP Selection Committee, and #4 ranking with the AP writers, Even the so-called “savvy” sports betting lines before Utah kicked our butts never came close to predicting the huge magnitude of the coming reality. All of which, if I’m not mistaken, carries more weight in the potential future of team’s fortunes than any individual fan’s “opinion” does. I understand what you mean about the tenuousness of that ranking at that time, and indeed had my own grave and very strong doubts, which of course were horribly realized. It is true that I do have more of than a reasonable share of “nonsense” in my feeble make up, and do struggle daily in hopes to keep it under control. Thank you.
  8. Mr. Pittman QUIT on a TEAM when it had worked its way up to a #3 ranking in the CFP. Says that instead of staying committed to WHATEVER that TEAM asked of him at that most critical moment of the season, that he was more interested in what he wanted. Spare me the crocodile tears.
  9. Which is just what we don't want you to do! I got the impression that Coach Lanning looked so hard-wired excited fired-up, so happy for himself and his family, so intent on prioritizing the huge number of immediate tasks ahead of him, that he was going to bust out of his suit with a nuclear explosion! Such that, maybe it might not have been the right time to expect such a detailed drill down on those most important concerns that you have continued to expose for us over the past four years? If he's not already registered on the OBD forum here, I suspect he will be. And I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't already bookmarked the FishDuck Oregon Football Repository. Meanwhile... I've consulted with my past, and respectfully suggest that maybe it's not too many of those late night IPAs. Perhaps it could just be that one or two more might help alleviate that "Stewing" frustration into a more relaxed "Stewed" state?
  10. This one's for our pal FishDuck, who earlier posted about a 60 yard pass, but was corrected to 55 yards. But isn't this one for 63 yards?
  11. Well, this will probably be the death of me. Besides some of his infrequent funny cracks, and his often-times amazing air-raid offensive schemes, I have never been a fan of Coach Leach. I understand why players opt out. And that it is their right. But, as a Vietnam (Tet '68) veteran, Army Sgt., it's always about MacArthur's: "The Corps, and the Corps, and The Corps" to me. As an Oregon grad, it's always about my Alma Mater, and never the individual to me. I guess I'm too old now, and set in my ways to accept it, and in the heart of the matter, I agree with Leach on this one.
  12. Ahh, you rich, successful Oregonians always showing off your connoisseur IPA chops! My life in Eugene 1981 be like: After spending too much time in Max’s Tavern, I’d return to my apartment and scour around and pick up all my empty Henry Weinhard bottles, bag em up. Pedal my 10-speed Peugeot up to Albertsons and trade the empty bottles in for a quart of cheaper stuff. (If it was an especially good night, I got 2 quarts!) There is only one great Oregon IPA for me, and it was always Henry Weinhard Private Reserve! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6-3ZB0Antg
  13. Not at this time. I have already submitted his name and credentials to Mullens an PK as Oregon's next Head Coach.
  14. Landon Hullaby, Texas 3-star safety, decommits from Oregon Ducks
  15. I’ve been depressed for days now. I don’t want Kiffin, Chip, Wilcox, and am not sure any of the other possible candidates would even be better/right for us. I like Petersen, but doubt that is viable on either end. I don’t envy what Mullens is trying to do, and not sure what direction he is trending towards…. A quick hire, but possibly a weak choice, to hopefully staunch the bleeding? or A slow hire to hopefully bring in the best long-term/strongest coach, at the cost of the continued horrendous loss of recruits and transfers? I haven’t been this uncertain for our program since the early rumblings of the infamous Willie Lyles rumors started to gain traction. Every hour now, I watch this nightmare continuing to unfold with deepening dread. Charles once reminded us, in regards to when how horrible we performed twice against Utah, that we would get through that sort of thing because we had seen worse times. I know how resilient Oregon is and that we will get ultimately get through this. This forum is helping me do that. Thanks.
  16. Another read at this great article. Strap yourselves in, this is going to be a really rough ride. Mr. FishDuck, your contract with us is unbreakable. We won't survive this without you.
  17. Yes. You said it even more succinctly earlier when you talked about everyone looking out for their own self interests. You said that we all do it, but it is the way a person actually does it that matters.
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