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  1. Anybody know what happened to Mykael Wright? Cant find his name anywhere. Always thought he was a shoe-in for a NFL roster.
  2. Am I the only one who is tired tired of the “recruiting rankings don’t matter argument “?
  3. Agreed. I’ve watched him for 4 years at UCLA and he is just an average pac12 receiver. Respect his family and wish him the best, but we can find a better receiver in the portal than Chase.
  4. Anybody else wonder why the national recruiter of the year is working as the QB coach at New Mexico???
  5. That’s the right decision. He played his ass off all year and has a great chance to go first in the draft. No point risking a freak injury for the Alamo bowl.
  6. Just worries me that a new AD, especially one that already has national championships, is going to want to make a splash hire.
  7. Uh oh. Miami just hired the Clemson AD. Don’t know much about the guy but he has 4 playoff appearances and 2 natties as AD, which means he has the walk to back the talk. That history of success may only further get Mario’s ear.
  8. I think Charles hit the nail on the head. Not everyone likes working for Mario. He’s too intense for some. JoMo could certainly get a better job with patience but he clearly wants out immediately.
  9. Talk about over thinking it. It’s simple - AB is better than Ty at this point. MC shows no reluctance to play freshmen. If Ty we’re the better QB he would play; he is not the better QB. People need to accept this.
  10. Injuries catching up to us. We’re down 9 starters. That’s crazy Pitman Redd JJ3 Verdell Walk Stephens Bennett Flowe Hudson-Ware
  11. Serious bummer. Down Redd, JJ3, and Pitman. Thanks for quitting on the team Pitman. Anybody know why Redd is out?
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