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  1. Lol..Im on one of their forums. They are in shambles. Lol If they didnt talk like the world owes them for everyone leaving, I would have sympathy. The fanbase is disrespectful as hell
  2. I think its imperative we start Ty or Austin. Cant keep running to the portal for QBs... we gotta show we can develop that position. If Ohio St can start sorry butt McCord, we can start Ty.
  3. I agree.. He chose UCLA. Its one thing to break in a new QB who has been in our system (Thompson) vs having to break in a transfer who has to learn. and true, we have a few more coming in as well. Sorry Dante...
  4. What time is his damn weekly conference? Geez He needs to end this asap
  5. Basically... Oh, and McElroy was mad Oregon at 6.. clown I always felt he didnt like Oregon...
  6. naw, it made sense for us to get Bo at the time as a building block. But, you have to develop QB's. I rather take a lump or two starting Ty or whoever next year. Its not a good look to QB recruits who may want to come here by dipping in the portal for successors constantly. Bo was needed at the time of transition. Ty should be ready next year.
  7. seriously guys.. dont run with something so ridiculous He would never shut down on Lincoln Riley..
  8. Texas Tech elected to stop the run first. They stacked the box. Hawaii copied, but to less results. difference between last year and this year is that Bo no longer is that much of a threat to keep it on a RPO. Im not going to worry about it that much right now.
  9. Looking at this list, most of these DCs are struggling. College football is an offense advantage sport. You just have to have key stops and be able to score like hell. Im fine with our growth. You arent shutting teams down 80% of the time. Relax yall.
  10. I think our secondary was fine.. I think it was times TT was just lining up and snapping a tad faster than we were getting our defensive calls in. I think we gotta be mindful of that going forward. Like Lanning said, it was a couple of times our DB's panicked and got PI's called. Im just glad we dont have a key game this week. Team can settle down and work on execution. Im worried as hell about our run game now which I thought nobody could shut down for a whole game. Stein gotta fix that shyt
  11. Oh wow.. this might be my new fave combo. That Silver Helmet!!! People didnt like the cancer month pink, but that was my fav til this point I cant wait til game time
  12. We in the Big 10 now.. we need games like Portland St to work out kinks early on.
  13. Listen..wont be no point in playing Oregon St if they get left out the Big12. 2 things...their coach will be auditioning for a new job this year. No way he stays on the Oregon St titanic. Players will surely hit the portal. Program in real trouble without the B12 invite... If they go to the MWC, its gonna be a total rebuild. I dont know if it will be worth playing them in that scenario
  14. This topic is so underwhelming. When USC and UCLA bolted, this conference lost significant future value to TV. I was tired of hearing year after year the PAC was soft yada yada yada.. even tho I didnt think so one bit. I say that to say, I dont care who sabotaged a deal. Its best for all teams that latched on somewhere else. sucks for the teams that got left out, but this is the best step going forward for the Pac footballs schools that left. The money will be greater (eventually for the Ducks) Matchups will be better from a National standpoint. Recruiting will slightly improve. Oregon will always be a tough place to get kids to come, but not that tough where we wont see an increase on what is already outstanding. Pac last season will probably be the best since Ive been an Oregon fan (2007)
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