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  1. I think we all hesitant to give the Ducks the W going there. Versus past years, I think our coaching staff now is equipped to handle games like this.
  2. Great topic question... Tough one. I hate what Taggart did to us, but I think his coaching philosophy was a better fit than Cristobals for the long haul. FSU didnt have enough patience to see a legit result. Im not upset they gave him the boot. Cristobal had the time here and it was above avg regardless of the decision making and terrible offenses. He still won a big game or two. Id give the edge to Taggart. I think if he had NIL benefits like now, he would have definitely succeeded every year. Neither one will be able to do what Lanning will do for this university.
  3. Miami is not that important to schedule a series with.. Let Cristobal go bore that Miami fanbase in peace
  4. No need to risk injury to one of the QB's heading into next season.
  5. I disagree.. his QB was awful. All the receivers were frustrated for good reason. As for leaving, 4th year sophmore, its good for him to try the NFL. He is old enough.
  6. Alot of these guys probably wanted to leave during the season. I honestly dont know if Ill miss anyone on our current line with the way we were manhandled by Utah and Stanford
  7. I think Cristobal, now that I look at it, just wanted to make sure Ty and the rest of the QBs retained the most eligibilty possible. He knew he was leaving. Will he start? Tough call. Everybody wants Ty, but I want to see Ashford and Butterfield just as much. Plus they have more experience in the offense.. lets start Ashford and split time with Butterfield. They deserve to audition for Oregon or another University.
  8. yeah, if Ducks even consider Kelly Im off the train. That just says we wanna take our football and go home where its safe
  9. what up guys.. lurker who finally decided to sign up and join the discussions.. lol Im really on board with going after Joe Brady!!! This also unfortunately could go bad for Mario. Brady is MIAMI native. I really want to be rid of Cristobal
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