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  1. Please correct me if wrong. The very word “fan” is derived from the root word fanatic. If so, and you are a “fan” you already have one foot over the crazy line. Sometimes you eat the wolf and sometimes the wolf eats you.
  2. The fan base here on OBD have raised disfunction to prowess level. Thanks to all the posters and mods for the insights and belly laughs.
  3. In the immortal words of the “dude”- yah well that’s just your opinion man. What it really means is the ducks are over the target.
  4. Great Oregon uniforms, the guys wearing them....not so much
  5. If you have not heard a rumor by 9 AM, start one...... I hear its the Boise Blazers (drop the trail).
  6. Back in the day of leather helmets, the first professional league had trouble competing for players because of what the college teams payed. Perhaps in time the NFL will feel the impact. A player can earn nice nest egg and get a degree. Some may choose not to beat their head against a shield wall for a payday. To speed this up the NCAA could extend eligibility to 5 years (or 6) and not count injury time against the 5 years. just spit balling here but what happens when potentially very high draft picks choose not to play for the teams with high draft picks? If if you think of NIL as a rock, and you throw it in the big time football pond who knows the ripple effect? Buckle up, the ride could be bumpy. all in fun.
  7. You only pay 7 million for a untried HS quarterback if you have more money than brains. It is that simple.
  8. As soon as his coach learns what a point guard is, i expect the NBA to learn what it means to be Pritch Slapped.
  9. The NBA- “Superstars” costing 40% of a teams salary cap complaining about his “teammates”. Long term guarantied money that reward mediocrity between contract years. 25% of teams “tanking “ the entire season for higher draft picks. Two tiered officiating that favors the “superstars”. All this and a $12 dollar hotdog the globetrotters vs the Washington nationals is more entertaining. just my opinion.
  10. I once complained to Charles about a “purple” as a pin color. Charles politely explained, paraphrasing here- meh I choose the color. I thought about that for a while and I decided to think - oh 4 Montana, every time I see purple. try it out.
  11. You sir cannot be Stalin, because I am Stalin (My uncles brother Castro approves of this message) all in fun!
  12. Keep your receipts. Chips first game as HC-mailed a check to a guy after he complained about the cost to travel to Boise to watch the Ducks get stomped into a mud puddle on the blue. the best Oregon hit on that day came after the final gun. Not an auspicious start for the chipster.
  13. Thought I would share a piece made by an artist that worked mostly wooden wall art. Dave was authorized by Disney to use their Donald image, limited to 12 pieces. Dave made the 12 various sizes. All natural colors, Dave was proud that he never used a stain on any of his wood art. 1 was given to Phil Knight and another to Chip Kelly. He used most of the others as auction items for the Eagle club and other charities. I was also lucky enough to be gifted 1 of the 12. For almost 40 years you would find Dave, section 34 WC every home game. When I was fortunate enough to attend a game as Dave’s escort I brought a lawn chair as my seat.
  14. Love the what if’s........this ones on the officials...... Auburn, NC game, near end of game. Auburn’s running backs knee hit the turf. He was down, no long gain, no field goal. Biggest non call in Oregon football.
  15. its The other way around, CFP should dump the SEC. as long as they are in the room-nothing changes.
  16. Not only they paid 8 mil a year for this guy, but they paid our new coach salary as well. As as far as the player, a foolish play. As far as the coach response, a simple “you and are I are going to have a halftime chat and you will do the listening” would have been a better form of this coachable moment. MCs display of drill Sargent like rage revealed to me a huge flaw in his leadership. MC acted as a hammer and The player was a nail. Embarrassing play yes, after the play more so for MC than Hutson. Praise In public, coach in private. Plays like that say the coaches did not cover the private part as well as the should have.
  17. No body gos to that restaurant anymore it’s too crowded.
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