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  1. Watched a lot of football yesterday and Oregon can definitely still win the conference - even though the defense has some work to do. Got the road win in a really tough place, so the Ducks are still in the drivers seat based on the rest of the schedule and can afford to drop a game and make it to Vegas. I think this looks like a typical year where there is enough parity near the top that teams beat each other up and all end up with one or more conference loss. Utah, Oregon and usc all have flaws that can and probably will be exposed and lead to a loss, so it could depend on where those come and tiebreakers at the end. The Beavs and Cougs are going to get some wins (one of them will probably beat Utah) and muddy it up. Still not a believer in the fuskies but they are definitely better and could be in the mix because of their easy schedule. Bruins aren’t even worth a mention in my opinion - still pretenders.
  2. Could not, Cannot, Will not cheer for those traitors. Any chance of them making the CFP must be snuffed out - even if that makes the path for another PAC-12 team less likely.. Go Beavs!
  3. Streaming needs to be part of our future. Respectfully disagree that people that stream don’t watch sports - all of my friends that are big sports fans do some type of streaming. It is here to stay. I would do a lot of things differently in order to get away from the stupid late games. Shocked to hear that the 8pm start for the Ducks Stanford game is the latest ever at Autzen - you must have had someone looking out for you! Utah gets stuck in that time slot all the time - last week was one. We have had 8pm starts in the middle of Nov in single digit temps. Hate it.
  4. Love this look (except in the previous picture). Funny that Utah is going with black jerseys this week as well.
  5. I generally cheer for PAC-12 teams in OOC games with a few petty exceptions. Never will I cheer for usc - although I hope they win when they play byu. Won’t cheer for the devils or fuskies unless it is a game that really helps Utah or the conference. Always cheer for the Ducks except against Utah or if the Utes need an Oregon loss to make it to the championship game - so this week is easy to be a Ducks fan.
  6. Oregon does not lose to Cal this year. Why would a more talented Oregon team lose to a team they beat last year? I don’t get it. By the end of October the wrinkles will be ironed out from the coaching change and the Ducks will be rolling. They may drop an early season game besides Georgia, but they have everything in place to make a run to Vegas. Wish the Utah game was in late September!
  7. Ducks 31 - Dawgs 27 Bo lights it up, has a great start to the season and then throws 4 picks 11/19. Just kidding!
  8. Not usually a fan of all white uni’s but I think these look good. Calling them royalty is just a good example of why some schools - like uw - are easy to hate. Still arrogant after all those losses!
  9. I have never seen a picture on here that was offensive to me or tasteless. Don’t really care if you use cheerleader photos or not and it is your site. Cheerleaders are at every game, so it isn’t something every fan on this site hasn’t seen. Agree that it takes strength and athleticism to do it. Wish I could post my fave cheer picture, but this isn’t a Utah site. Away game and opposing fan jumped out of the stands to try to take the U flag and our cheerleader pounded him! The site is great. Thanks
  10. Great article - so much fun. I am not convinced Bo is the savior but my feeling from watching him at auburn a number of times each year is that he can play and can win in the right situation. A couple of thoughts He was playing against better teams lots of weeks - that won’t be the case this year. MC screwed up a lot of things with Oregons offense, but he didn’t make AB miss wide open guys or force bad throws. As a Ute, I would be fine to play AB again The other two QB’s are so unproven, I would save them until (if) Bo sinks and then try to get a big lift giving one of them a shot.
  11. Another Utah vs. Oregon game in Vegas sounds great. If that is how it plays out I can even live with a loss as long as we are there because we hung 70 on the sc traitors.
  12. My family got over it a few weeks ago. Big commonality was all three of us had symptoms (allergy/cold) and tested negative until the third day of symptoms. Went from one of us to the next to the next, so we were pretty sure we all had it after we got the first positive test. Our advice to friends has been be very cautious around others if you have symptoms and keep testing. Good luck to you all and hope no one gets a serious case.
  13. So sad. Never want to see a tragedy like this. My heart goes out to his family and all of you.
  14. My most important in order 1- All the games they are supposed to win. Can’t drop a dumb one. Easy to look past this, but Oregon and Utah each lost s stupid conference game last year that they should have won. 2- Utah (at least once) - end of the season and is a must win revenge game that will have huge impact on ranking/playoff/bowl etc. 3 - Georgia - Most people don’t think the Ducks can win this, so it would be huge if they do, but not the end of the world if they drop this one in the first week as long as they play a good game.
  15. As a Utah fan, I generally cheer for pac-12 teams in non-conference games - but NEVER for the spoiled children, and mostly never for the devils unless it really helps us. Never been a big fan of the purple team, so easy to support the forum and cheer against them now! I will be pulling for the Ducks 100% against Georgia ( I think they at least cover) and every other game until 11/19. I think there are a lot of fans in Utah that feel similarly. Respect the Ducks and hate those L.A. traitors.
  16. Fun to get worked up about something other than conference realignment ! Sorry Pitt - Can’t be on this list if you are home to an NFL team and more than a million people No to Fargo - must be above zero degrees for more than 6 months a year to make any “best” list Minnesota - see above Corvallis ? ? ?
  17. I love so many of the Duck uniforms, but don’t get the mud splatter.
  18. Interesting that they actually give the PAC-12 a little love. They basically call it a toss up between Utah, Oregon and usc. Duck fans should be happy - Saying that Utah has everything in place to make a run at the CFP just dooms them to a 3rd or 4th place finish - They never do well when they get the hype and are the favorites.
  19. I agree that tv market size is one important factor in negotiating a better contract, but geography is still the big obstacle. Arguably Oregon and the Ducks brand bring more to the table in negotiating than a team like Utah or Arizona which both have larger media markets. People east of the Rockies know Oregon and usc and they need to be good. No one outside of Utah cares one bit about watching them - unless it is against a name team like the osu. Having really good teams (and top heavy as Charles stated) makes a huge difference. I think SDSU or UNLV could add some things to the conference, but not enough geographically. I think we missed the boat when the big-12 was desperate and there was a chance to pick up a couple of Texas teams like Baylor or TCU that would have stretched the footprint farther east. In the near term pac-12 teams need to win or be competitive in the big non-conference games where east coasters watch.
  20. Axel is THE funniest! Yes, Utah fans know MC and would be practically suicidal to see him on our sidelines - even scarier than Carnival of Souls. It took Whit 15 years to actually believe you can throw the ball on first down - going back to the 2 yds and a cloud of frustration with MC would make us all give up!
  21. Interesting to look at it that way. I agree that usc looks to have a scary good group at WR and the Ducks have a lot of talent and are right up there - even though they don’t have as much experience. If the o-line holds up they will be as good as any group. Utah has had a weak group at WR and it seems fair that they are near the bottom with Covey gone. It is all about the TE’s for them, but at some point better defenses will be able to adjust to that if the receivers don’t get better.
  22. I think Stormrider has an interesting perspective. When Urban Meyer left Utah there were some fans that were bitter, but a lot that were thankful for how he had lifted the program and continued to follow him and wished him well. Totally understood taking a better opportunity and that he was not going to stay in Utah long term. Looking from the outside it seems like the difference with MC is based on the belief that he did not do what those Miami coaches did - deliver at the highest level. It feels like Duck fans were frustrated by him not delivering to the level of talent he had and not being willing to adjust when things weren’t working. Not fun to watch and dropping games they should win gnawed at fans. I was pretty neutral on MC until the pac-12 championship. Thought he barely even mailed it in and had a terrible game plan against a team he just faced a few weeks earlier that had flaws that could be exploited. If I were a Duck fan, I would never forgive him for that
  23. This is spot on. The crazy thing was that Oregon (MC) didn’t make any meaningful adjustments in the 2nd game. AB was a total liability in both games and Utah exploited it. Not going to happen with Bo. Also the emotion flips to the Ducks in the revenge game. No way Oregon goes 9-3, especially if they beat Utah - which I think is probable playing in Eugene. Loss to Georgia, and one stumble - maybe.
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