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  1. Basic offense down to 2 scholly RB's, Both starting Tackles are injured and they have a terrible and undersized DL. I'd think we tee off with 5-7 sacks and render them impotent. Don't see Stanford scoring more than 17 and we should go off as they'll have to go cover 1 to deal with the run game. At that point, we'll torch them with the deep ball. Don't be surprised if the score gets out of hand. This is the worst Stanford team I've seen and McKee shouldn't be the QB in a slow mesh scheme, especially without his 2 starting tackles.
  2. Guess I'm different but would like to see it close, and have them to have as few of losses as possible until we play them..and..of course...crush them. Those Husky tears are sweeter when they think they're good. Also, I'd be surprised if they don't drop another 1 to OSU or WSU. Both of them are better than UCLA based upon what we've seen so far. Also, UCLA is down to 3 scholly DT's which doesn't bode well for them this week.
  3. Sala and Bassa are playing really well right now. Unless we're blowing someone out, doesn't really make sense to rotate him in. Conerly isn't quite at their level physically or technique-wise but is getting closer from what I've heard. Last I heard is that he was around 310-315lbs. 100% on keeping him engaged. That is totally the right play vs. how MC utilized Kingsley. I'd guess he'll see PT against Stanford, Colorado, AZ and possibly UCLA. to get him ready for 23'. We keep Jones for next season, and Ope keeps improving, we should be set on the OL with Conerly, Harper, JPJ, Jones, Jaremillo with Ope popping in at RT and Iuli rotating at G positions. We need 1 or 2 more to step up but should foster a solid OL next season.
  4. So...I coached with Neil Lomax in a couple of camps. Shared a couple of key items. This is the biggest misnomer in football is big arm, see...Jeff George...Ryan Leaf...Jamarcus Russell, etc., etc. Judgement, ability to quickly go through progressions/reads, release angle/time and Accuracy up to 40 yds is far more important than the +50 yd. throws. Bo can make the opposite hash throw, etc. His arm is totally strong enough, the biggest problem with the deep ball is overthrowing the ball and not allowing receivers to adjust. Bo has trust in his receivers and doing just that. This requires quality receivers, trust, etc. but with our current personnel he can do this. This is why the 50+yd throw isn't catching guys in stride and why he is making these throws successfully vs. incompletions...example- watch Ty Thompsons deep, overthrown ball.
  5. 27 - 23 Ducks Win: - Wearing green shades! Justification I'm basing this on the huge advantage we have in knowing their personnel and schemes. While ours is basically an enigma on offense, the spring game showed us nothing. Even defensively, we've now put Lannings scheme with Baylors scheme for tweaks,etc. It will take a half for Georgia to figure it out. If we're healthy and win the turnover battle , we win - Also, Muschamp isn't Lanning and overrated. His best defense was a decade ago. He's had the same level of talent at other stops (Florida) and still never put together a defense as stout as Lanning. 30 - 17 Georgia Wins: - We lose the turnover battle and make too many mistakes. Our boys make too many mistakes due to inexperience in the system and the talent pool, experience in the schemes and depth of Georgia is too much.
  6. I agree with the premise of more PT for the backups just not the method you suggest. Last quarter, obvious leads, sure...but not without that. It just doesn't work when you're shooting for 12-0. Maybe if you were a 6 win or less type of team with no shot I could get behind this but not sure it helps with confidence or retention for the next season when you pull a guy has one bad series but the two QB rotational method just doesn't work and is really only deployed by teams with little to no chance of winning and looking to gain experience for the next season. Pulling a QB without a solid game winning lead for rotational experience, isn't accounting for looks, bating and deception with coverage schemes that takes in-game reps to pick up on and truly see what's happening. Also there's a rhythm issue that a QB needs as it relates to timing with his receivers, etc. Rotating QB's just doesn't work and the reason you don't see national champions that do this. What might work best is defined scenario's, e.g Florida & Tebo, etc. but in reality, I'd rather see 4-5 blowouts that utilize a rotation with both Butters and Ty.
  7. Don't think you're wrong on this. Not a fan of the technique MC & the dwarf taught. It poses some challenges IMO against speedy shorter DL. Just think it poses too many challenges but to each their own. Ironically, MC's greatest skill...recruiting,..maps to his model of great talent can overcome crappy coaching and still win. Which inevitably, explains so many close wins for us during his tenure instead of mass blowouts.
  8. There's little doubt that he'll pull them in 2024 but we're really struggling and had these guys 5-6 weeks and poof, they're all gone. Not sure if it's NIL, conference, etc. but that is literally the only position group still left out of this cycle. We get Moore tomorrow and likely one more and we'll be done at the edge and have wins at every other position on record. My guess is that we hit the portal but guess we'll just have to see.
  9. We can not afford a single mistake to win this game and as good as our D talent is this season, they still have to perform in a new scheme with no game experience in that scheme against arguably the best OL, RB & Receivers we'll see. I would not want to throw a newbie into that game.
  10. Not happening. Last thing you'll do is throw a couple of newbies out to start their 1st game against a top 3 team. If that happens, we've likely already lost. No, if anything Bo will be a sacrificial lamb.
  11. Unfortunately he's not that tall and doesn't move all that well so likely scheme limitations (if we only knew our scheme:)). He's limited. Basically 2 strikes against him. Unless he's grown taller I find this doubtful. He's strong but seriously overweight and slow.
  12. USC is 100% getting him. We are flailing at OL recruiting and yet, Klemm, from all the internal chat, is supposedly our best or top 2 in recruiting skill amongst the staff...Plain weird!
  13. Totally agree that DeBoer is an elite offensive mind and good coach. There is some cause for concern with him at the helm in the future if he can fix his recruiting which is pretty abysmal currently. I imagine that will change based upon on field performance, scheme and time at a P5. However, in terms of this season, they have significant issues on offense as they have arguably the worst stable of RB's in the conference and the OL isn't looking so great. The offense has been stymied by the defense in practice and quite frankly, that defense is a shell of itself. They have literally 1 guy in the front 7 worth a damn and in the front 7 that's notable. Their DL is not going to be good and their ILB's are doogISHT. Losing their All Pac db's to the NFL isn't going to help. They have serious personnel issues this season but an easy schedule and some of that wizardry should allow for them to get 7-8 wins or so but,...they are a bit of a hot mess based upon what I've heard.
  14. To be fair to MC, he was protecting Herbs until we got through the regular season. With BB backing him up we had zero chance of winning. At least that's how I read. However, your point on stacking the box couldn't be more accurate..of course, we had limited talent at WR and not exactly the most advanced passing schemes. Regardless, Herbs threw dimes and we should have been able to scheme this into the game more consistently. MC came at the right time and instilled discipline and disproved recruiting myths but was out of his depth when it came to the "chess of football" at this level. I'd guess he repeats the same mistakes at UM but we'll see.
  15. Was thinking the same thing. I'm guessing they'll move Bennet all over the place but in Nickel, he makes the most sense to me. Hill covering slots in man isn't ideal.
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