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  1. Prime! Yes please. Only thing I watch on cable is the Ducks and Vegas Golden Knights!
  2. I'll be the Ducks! WSU game at Wisconsin had 6 turnovers, 3 on each side.
  3. I think Cardwell looks best so far over the 2 games. Irving had a good game yesterday but the jury is still out on him for me.
  4. I knew there had to be others so saying there isn't any talent in the stable is pure BS.
  5. Robby Ashford transfered out of Oregen last year. He got some playing time with Auburn yesterday.
  6. Looks like a down year for EWU. Watch out for BYU.
  7. Started the wrong QB and running back. Worst defensive performance in recent history. They just Nixed the season for me.
  8. Best lol? Not after halftime when the opposing D adjusted, then Willie had no answers.
  9. What? No it wouldn't. His numbers are average at best
  10. Results is all that matter. Grading day 1 is unless.
  11. They would argue that its not a benefit because these kids are not working out and conditioning like other athletes. I don't know for sure but when they are away on a 2 year mission football seems to take a back seat.
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