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  1. How about Ohio State? What about QB? Is Nix done?
  2. 1. Worst start possible - bad play calling first 2 series. 2. Defense could not stop the run - this is disastrous vs UW offense. 3. Again play calling. Whats with the roll out pass play that shortens the field to a tiny box? It worked on the goal line only because of a good pass and amazing catch by Ferguson. In the end the Ducks got out coached.
  3. No Thanks. I'd really like to see the incoming freshman get a shot but I'm sure a transfer will be coming in.
  4. That was a no-brainer move. Guess its kind of hard to sell the Pac2 championship game to recruits.
  5. NO, I'd rather play a freshman. Injury prone. Played well vs the Ducks but no thanks. I'm sure there will be better transfers who want to come here.
  6. I watched a little of the Miami/FSU game and FSU is unimpressive. Hopefully they lose in the ACC title game or to Florida. First things First. Win out and beat the Fuskies in Vegas.
  7. Yet the experience in the secondary didn't matter. Seen better from Duck DBs in years past.
  8. This is still an awesome team and I'm looking forward to a rematch in Vegas. Hey that #11 backup corner is better than the starter he replaced.
  9. Out coached again. This time by our own coaches. Kick the FG going into the half.
  10. The rude awakening will be the true road games current big 10 teams are going to be exposed to flying out west. Give it a few years and WSU and Oregon State will be asked to join to form a Big 10 western division to limit travel.
  11. Not a believer yet. The increased team speed on D compared to last year is noticeable. Huge test @ UW.
  12. Lucky Ducks yesterday. I can't believe Tech went for it on 4th down deep in their own territory late in the game with the lead. Clean up the penalties and the O is fine, except for some questionable play calling. The defense is another story. One more game tuneup game till Colorado.
  13. Colorado left the conference before the Ducks and the ESPN deal.
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