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  1. I know that markets matter because of potential upside, but oSu has more alums in the DFW metroplex than TCU or Baylor. Just look at last years XII championship game in Dallas at Jerry World. At least 55-60% of the crowd was in orange.
  2. Baylor, Ok State, and TCU would pull the viewership average of the PAC up. Houston wouldn't at first but would likely get there. I can't answer the question of if a media outlet would increase the per school payout or not if they joined. I will say this; those four schools would outperform AU, ASU, CU, WSU, and Or State. They would also outperform Cal but...Cal is in california so that may add value. Also, stability is worth a TON. And I don't think there's any doubt that adding those school would provide stability.
  3. You could actually say that Texas is the reason for much of the conference movement and instability as a whole. They weren't happy with the Southwest Conference. They became a part of the XII and wouldn't play ball to strengthen the conference instead of themselves when it came to a conference network (when they already had one of the biggest athletics budgets in the country). Essentially the set fire to the XII and when the smoke became intolerable they jumped ship to the SEC. I will NOT miss being in a conference with the Longhorns. Good luck SEC.
  4. Hey if you guys get the call from the BIG I'll be cheering for you. Lord knows we'd jump to it if given the opportunity.
  5. Oh I totally agree with you in terms of the prattle that can be found at times (or many times) on twitter and the like. And if I'm honest, I would not peg Mandel nor the author of the article linked below as "experts" necessarily when it comes to media viewership statistics. However they are both a part of the associated press and thus have access to some data and the time to crunch those numbers. The reason I put more stock in this articles figures is that it is a larger sample size...5 times the sample size of Mandel's article. So, for instance, the Ducks game with Ohio State last season has a MUCH greater impact on the final average than say TCU's game with Ohio State in 2018 because that outlier is watered down with 50 or more other "normal" games. Is even the 5 year look a perfect account of the viewership and worth of any one program? No. But I think it has more value than looking at a single season. 5 Year Viewership Average
  6. TBH there may be more Oklahoma State fans in the DFW metroplex than TCU fans. OK State's enrollment hovers around 25K whereas TCU's hovers around 12K and I believe we have more alumni in DWF than we do in Oklahoma City or Tulsa. I agree that pulling in Houston wouldn't be a bad idea (they do have a hx of being in a top league) and BYU is similar to ND in that they just have a very consistent national following. If I'm honest the XII hasn't felt like the XII since Mizzou, Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Colorado left. I would that the PAC would not really feel like the PAC minus the LA schools but plus SDSU and UNLV. So to me, I don't really care what merges with who or even if we just scrap the whole thing and start afresh (The Continental Conference, The United Athletic Conference, etc). I just want a league that can at least bring in enough TV dollars to allow all it's programs to compete and stay relevant through all this mess. I will say that looking at one year of TV numbers can be a little misleading. It all depends on how many games a certain team ends up with on one of the major networks vs. FS1/ESPN2 etc. I think I posted a link on this forum (somewhere ha) to an article where someone compiled all the TV viewership numbers over a 5 year period from 2015-2019 and things looked different than the numbers from last year. Not completely and totally different, but different.
  7. I think the issues are probably two schools from the PAC that don't want it (Standford/Cal) and there are two schools from the PAC that the XII doesn't want (OSU/WSU). I don't know that for certain but that's my guess as to why things stalled. I get not wanting to leave any member behind. Honestly it makes me respect the remaining members of the PAC all the more. I wouldn't want to leave Iowa St or WVU behind either. If it were up to me I'd merge with the PAC. Are some of the schools less than desirable when it comes to TV dollars? Sure. But I feel like the stability and overall gain makes it worth it. Now...what to do with Standford and Cal not wanting to mix with the "Jones'"? I have no idea.
  8. I think adding those two programs could be good. Especially SDSU because of the momentum they have going both competitively and infrastructurally. UNLV has a lot of work to do to even remotely look the part of the P5 program, but there's no denying the attractiveness of the LV market. Both of those programs could, over time, definitely be solid additions to the PAC financially. However, I maintain that the strongest possible future would be some combination of the XII and the PAC. Even if that means we have to drop some of our incoming schools (as optimistic as I am about their futures) to be in the same conference with Oregon, Washington, the Arizona schools, and possibly Colorado and Utah (I'd list Stanford and Cal but I don't think they'd consider it). I just think that would provide the most stability, revenue, and respect at the national level. Edit: And then, from that position of stability, we could really do work to entice ACC members when the time comes that they become available.
  9. I agree...it all sucks. I want to go back to the original Big12 days. That was all ruined by the University of Texas and we likely will never go back. The only issue with a jump to the ACC is if they did accept Oregon and Washington (which I think they would do in general) they would have to remake the contract and as a result their GOR. In that case other schools would be open to negotiating which would mean that created a window for the BIG and the SEC to make their moves on the ACC. So you'd end up with a different conference than you started with.
  10. It totally could be a strategic move to make gains within the PAC. If that's the case, I feel like that's a bad move for those programs. You don't want to start dirtying up the waters if your intention is to stay with the PAC.
  11. That would make some sense. I wouldn't have shared but they have over 125K followers so...can't be an out of nowhere media outlet. That was a big claim if they had next to nothing to go on! Might bite them in the backside!
  12. This might also be clickbait as I'm not sure how legit this outlet is but fwiw.... Colorado/Utah/Arizona/Arizona State Applying for XII
  13. Below is a link that shows some ballpark future TV contract figures that a statistics junkie put together based off of a legitimate estimate put together by Navigate who is an "entertainment and sports market research entity". Certainly the reality won't be spot on with these projections but it may give a feel for how things could look. Two thoughts: 1) if the PAC and XII did merge in some fashion I actually think we would overtake the ACC by a significant margin as the third largest TV revenue conference in college athletics 2) the SEC and BIG numbers are absolutely absurd and it would take a future merging of the top programs from the PAC, XII, AND ACC to come close to bridging that gap. PROJECTED TV CONTRACTS
  14. Just wanted to hop on here and give my condolences. Such a tragic loss of a young man who was a son, brother, friend, and athlete who, from all accounts carried himself in a standup way. No words can sooth the hurt. Oklahoma State fans, unfortunately, know what that loss is like. Thoughts and prayers are with the Webb family and the Duck family.
  15. Man...I can't stand that superiority crap. I've grown up on a healthy dose of it from our brother institution down the road. I hope you guys give them a nice kick in the backside on their way out the door this season. I'll be watching that game for sure.
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