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Let's look at the numbers.

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I decided I was going to gather a comprehensive list of Oregon's statistical data, and compare it with say ... the Beavers. Not because I'm a fan of the swamp rats, but because it should put into perspective just where Oregon is so far this year, and hopefully not where they are headed. I'm, not going to list every stat possible, there are other websites for that. 

Let's begin with offense. 


Scoring Offense:   


  • Oregon:  Rank - #26, 35.8 ppg
  • Oregon State:  Rank - #25, 36 ppg

The Beavers have the ever-so-slight edge here, which pains me to say.


Rushing Offense:


  • Oregon: Rank - 25th, 210.40 ypg
  • Oregon State: Rank - 16th, 229.00 ypg


Here we see that the once proud Pac12 Rushing champions are falling to the Beibers... Again, this sickens me. 


Passing Offense:


  • Oregon: Rank - 81st,  210.80 ypg

    Oregon State: Rank - 87th, 207.60 ypg


Oh, Joy! Wait, this still feels like a loss.  😐


Total Offense:


  • Oregon: Rank - 50th
  • Oregon State: Rank - 41st

I mean, what world are we in where this stat happens?!?!?


Turnover Margin:


  • Oregon: Rank - 2nd
  • Oregon State: Rank - 23rd


Finally! Something to be proud of. Too bad it's not enough. 


Sacks Allowed:


  • Oregon: Rank - 67th, 10 sacks allowed
  • Oregon State: Rank - 12th, 5 sacks allowed


"Best Oline Coach in America" .... 🤔

Interceptions thrown:


  • Oregon: Rank - No rank, 1 thrown
  • Oregon State: Rank - No rank, 5 thrown


Well, not bad. Actually, pretty good. WTG AB. 



And now for Defense.


Scoring Defense:


  • Oregon: Rank - 49th, 21.8 ppg
  • Oregon State: Rank - 46th, 21.6 ppg

Bend AND break? .... Maybe. Maybe not. Could be much better. (Georgia, anyone?)


Rushing Defense:


  • Oregon: Rank - 59th, 134.20 ypg
  • Oregon State: Rank - 26th, 106.60 ypg

Oh, c'mon! 🤦‍♂️


Passing Defense:


  • Oregon: Rank - 113th, 275.20 ypg 
  • Oregon State: Rank - 100th, 252.00 ypg


No surprise here. 


Total Defense:


  • Oregon: Rank - 92nd
  • Oregon State: Rank - 61st


Nick Aliotti would have something to say about this. 




  • Oregon: Rank - 70th, 10 sacks
  • Oregon State: Rank - 47th, 12 sacks
    (there are a lot of multiple way ties)


So, yeah... KT was out a bunch. I'm taking the mulligan. 





  • Oregon: Rank - 3rd (Tie), 9
  • Oregon State: Rank - 3rd (Tie), 9


This one surprised me. 


Time of Possession:


  • Oregon: Rank - 102nd
  • Oregon State: Rank - 32nd

*I know Chip Kelly doesn't care about TOP, but that was when he was scoring truck loads of points per game. In Mario World, TOP is of greater significance. 




According to powerrankingsguru.com, Oregon has a SOS ranked 58th, while the Beavers are 66th. Not much difference there. 


All in all, I understand that numbers do not tell the whole story, but are a good indicator of where your team is at any given period during the season. If we are to follow that, we must conclude that the Ducks are pretty much on par with the Rodents up the road... 

In other words, not very good so far this year. 😒

As always, Go Ducks!

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GREAT information, and I appreciate it for all of us.  While Oregon is not good in a number of those stats, it does show the impressive rise of Oregon State.  So many stats we should be better at and are not, thus it...



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Mr. FishDuck

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You forgot 2020 recruiting class ranking 


Oregon: 9th in the country

Oregon State: 110th in the country


our metrics on the field may not be that great, but off the field, our metrics are awesome!!

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The item that stands out to me, and is a cause of concern is the turnover margin. Without that turnover margin, like last week, we really aren't doing that well. Will we return back to the mean, or is this a turnover creating machine? 


This question, to me, will be the most important item, if everything else stays the same. Right now we are number 2 in the nation in turnover margin, down from a huge lead at #1. Will we drop further? I predict the same outcome if our turnover margin isn't high.


The other question I had before the season was our 3rd down conversion rate. We are ranked 51st and OSU is ranked 6th in the nation. This is extremely concerning to me. This reflects the coaching and qb play. I don't see this changing without change!

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On 10/7/2021 at 10:17 AM, Pocketchange said:

You forgot 2020 recruiting class ranking 


Oregon: 9th in the country

Oregon State: 110th in the country


our metrics on the field may not be that great, but off the field, our metrics are awesome!!

To me, this only reinforces my opinion. Top ten recruiting classes that equate to poor performance on the field? ... Something is definitely wrong. 

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I'm depressed now...

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Recruiting rankings do not count guys on a team's roster who came out of the portal.  Smith has done a good job picking up guys from the portal.


In 2021, MI ST has 12 starters who came from the portal. Arkansas has 10. Another coach doing far better in his 2nd season than his first, Dave Aranda at Baylor, has 9 starters from the portal.


Better to sign a 4* out of HS or take a 3* with a year or two of playing experience from the portal?


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Except for a few of them, Oregon's best players are either on the bench or injured. 


KT, Noah, Wright, Dorlus playing well. Some of the O line is playing well, hard to tell actually. Brown isn't hitting the receivers, so that is hard to tell. 


It is going to take some time for the new players to grow into Moorhead's and DeRuyters's systems - assuming players and coaches don't leave. 


I just want the Ducks to win out the regular season, then whatever happens, happens. Probably a loss to Az St in the conf championship game.  I doubt that Stanford wins out - pac12 teams that are well coached can compete with Stanford. They are not the same kind of team from a decade ago. 

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