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Jon Joseph

Pac-12 Whip Around - Week 3

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The Conference of Quarterbacks is not going away without a fight.


The Pac-12 after Week 3 is 29-6 with USC idle this week. 


Game of the Week - 3-0 Colorado 43 - Colorado State 35 - 2 OT


CSU had the Buffs in the Coffin (Corner) but forgot about putting the stake in Ralphie's heart. 1:21 minutes later, Shedeur Sanders, absent his playmate Travis Hunter (Cheap Shot!,) took CU 98 yards for the tying TD and 2-point conversion in front of a raucous Folsom Field crowd.


In the 2nd OT, CSU committed the 17th of 17 penalties on the night, 187 yards lost, and the hat and sunglasses had a season-opening hat trick. 


You Cannot Make This Stuff Up!


Game of Next Week - 3-0 OREGON 55 - Hawaii 10 - This is how you take down an undermanned opponent. Go Hawaii 5-0 twice. Danno booked 'em.


As to this coming Saturday, I leave it up to true journalist The Athletis's Stewart Mandel. 


"It felt like the hype surrounding Deion Sanders ratcheted up 10-fold during the week. So I can't even imagine what this week will be like leading up to CU's conference opener at (Week 2 ranked) #13 OREGON. And the more the hype grows, the more Deion's cynics will be looking for any confirmation that his team is overrated, which it may well be. 


All I know is, Shedeur Sanders is a legitimate first-round NFL Draft pick with some big-time receivers, and I could not be more pumped to watch him and fellow draft prospect Bo Nix go head-to-head."


AMEN, Brother Stewart, AMEN!


Saturday, September 23, 2023 - 12:30 Pacific, ABC. 


The Pac-2 Conference Champ Game of the Week. 3-0 Oregon State 26 - SDS 9 at 3-0 Washington State 64 - No. Colorado 21.


Larry has respectfully and graciously come out of a well-deserved retirement to pinch-hit as the Pac-2 Conference Commissioner for this game. It was Larry's belief that no one was having any fun in Las Vegas, so Larry decided to move the Pac-2 Conference Champ game to beautiful downtown Pullman.


At the end of the game, Larry will be handing out the coveted Left Behind Except for the Lawyers Trophy 


Saturday, September 23, 2023 - 12:30 Pacific FS1. (Larry used all of his clout to keep this game off of his network.)


Over/Under on more viewers for Ducks/Buffs vs. Beavers/Cougars is about 7 million viewers or so.


Never Quit! Keep those billable hours coming!


2-1 Arizona 31 - UTEP 14. Snore.


1-2 ASU 0 - Fresno State 29 - Dilly, your 0 needs a wake-up call. Especially with Caleb and friends coming for a visit.


2-1 Cal 31 - Idaho 17 - The FCS 10th-ranked Vandals could not steal the Bear's handle. leaving the job up to the SS Hornets.


1-2 Stanford 23 - Sac-of-Suds- (Hello, Cousin Vinny) State Hornets 30 - Virginia welcomes you to the ACC.


3-0 UCLA 59 - NCC 7 - Hey Chip, pick on someone your own size! Get ready to step it up next Saturday in Whit-burg. 


3-0 Utah 31 - Weber State Grills 7 - Will there be a Rising? 


3-0 Washington 41 - Michigan State 7 - I'm not certain what type of harassment Mike Penix, Jr. visited on Sparty but I do know harassment when I see it. Next on the firing line, the ACC Cal Bears. 


Get your popcorn ready for a Prime Time visit.


A final thought from Stewart - "Maybe CU will pull off another stunner. Maybe the Buffs will lose by four TDs. The only certainty is that everyone will be watching." 😍

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Next week the contenders and pretenders will begin to emerge as the PAC 12 clock ticks toward its final midnight.


One game at a time and by the end of Saturday night the cannibalization will be in full swing for the PAC.


Cougs and Beavs on national TV. Cougs are tough on the Palouse but Beavs are well coached and one of the best O lines. This will be the beginning of an annual rivalry that may decide the MWC title in future years. (As Charles, Sir Fish Ducks might say, "Who cares"......


Utah's defense and crowd must disrupt Moore or they could lose big. The Utes cannot win a shoot out with Bruins or any PAC offensive juggernauts.


Ducks, in a hard fought battle, pull out a vicrory over "The Circus" as long as the D brings pressure and containment of Sanders. This is a must or the Duck secondary weaknesses could be exposed


The other 3 matchups should go as Vegas predicts.


The OOC games are over except ND vs usuckless, the conference game is a foot.....


GO DUCKS......

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I say Re-Buffs, Oregon by 16 ---YEP!!!

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Last night, Colorado State, @ Colorado, had:

- 17 penalties for 187 yards

- Plus 4 TOs (2 TOs for the Buffs)


With numbers like these, I have no idea how CSU was even remotely in that game, let alone in a position to win it.


IF Oregon plays as they are capable, and IF Lanning can get our back-to-back game penalty problem under control, Oregon should go Buffalo Bill on Colorado.

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Would you be referring to the Sac-O-Suds in Wahzoo City? 



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Broadcast time, one correction from above.


Oregon State at Washington State - 7 PM FOX


UCLA at Utah - 3:30 - FOX - This game and not the OR ST/WA ST game will be going up against OREGON/CU along with Ole Miss at Alabama on CBS.


The Ducks game leads into the ABC broadcast of Texas at Baylor at 7:30. The Ohio State at Notre Dame game will be broadcast on NBC at 7:30.

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Might need to make some shirts-

“We won’t be Buffaloed!” With the Duck riding Ralphie. 

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2024 - Some B1G Playoff Voodoo Using Week 3 AP Poll and 5 Champs - 7 At Large Playoff format.


Field - 6 B1G (!) / 2 SEC/ 1 ACC/ 1 B12/ 1 Ind./ 1 Mountain West (MW.)


1. Georgia - SEC vs. 9. Washington (AL - B1G) at 8. Penn State (AL - B1G)


2. Michigan - B1G vs. 10. Notre Dame (AL -Independent) at 7. Ohio State (AL - B1G)


3. FSU - ACC vs. 11. OREGON (AL - B1G) at 6. USC (AL - B1G)


4. Utah - B12 vs. 12 Oregon State - MW at 5. Texas (AL - SEC)


In 2024, the new B1G, 4 teams in the Week 3 AP Top 25, would have 8 teams ranked with the addition of 6 SC/ 8 UW/ 10 OREGON/ 23 UCLA.


The new SEC would also have 8 ranked teams with the addition of 3. Texas, and 16. Oklahoma.


The 'Mountain West' would have 2 teams ranked with 1 in the Playoff field. OSU + WSU Please: Stop litigating, negotiate, and accept the truth and the Playoff dinero. 


Look at the above. OREGON and UW were wrong not to hang around? Leaving was immoral and amoral? Right? Right.

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How about 3 top 25 vs. top 25 matchups in the Pac-12 conference this Saturday?


Last time this happened? I'm clueless. 

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