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Charles Fischer

ESPN FPI Has Oregon Winning AND Losing

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Boy, I don't know about this one either--your thoughts?

ESPN FPI Predictions: Oregon Ducks Favored to Win Pac-12 North, but Projected to Lose Pac-12 Championship by Zachary Neel of Ducks Wire



Mr. FishDuck

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So tired of projections. Just play the games.

Oregon has a shot to win against both Oregon State and Utah.


And, they could lose to the Beavers and end up watching the Pac-12 championship game on TV, like the rest of us.

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Well, the Flaky Prediction Index did call the Utah win.


If the Ducks are motivated they should defeat an Oregon State team that has 1 road win, at USC. Will Mario after the beat down in SLC have the team ready to play? How much does the Rose Bowl mean after being ranked in the PO CT top 4?


Friday night's WSU at UW outcome could have a direct result on the game formerly known as The Civil War?


If WSU wins the Apple Cup then Oregon State has no shot at the north division title. Still a big game for the Beavs but not as much to play for if WSU wins.


A rematch vs Utah in Las Vegas could easily go the Ducks way. Everything that could go wrong including bad clock management at the end of the 2nd half, did go wrong.


Brian Covey? This 'young' man has been with Utah since 2015. 


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Fortunately, and unfortunately, this is exactly how I am picturing it playing out. Wuld you have taken this at the beginning of the year? I would have. I just need something to get the bad taste out of my mouth. Perhaps some Beaver Stew will help.

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Nah I disagree. I think we lose to the Beavers this Saturday 42-38, so it makes the Pac12 FPI prediction meaningless.


This team has had something happen to it. Mycah Pittman was the canary in the coal mine. 

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