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sad BIG12 fan

Wall Street Journal P5 values.

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Best option is a merger with the top 16 schools. 




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From the PAC12

Everyone but WSU & Oregon St



Oklahoma St

Texas Tech


Kansas St









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Wow....that is crazy.  Washington is No.1 and Oregon is No.2 and both are ahead of USC and UCLA? 

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Or two super conferences of 20 and 16. Its not just all about specific team revenue. Its the Market they are in as well. Clemson, FSU, The U, and Va Tech covers most of the eastern seaboard. Would ESPN rework the ACC contact for the likes of the top programs from the remaining conferences? One would think.

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sad BIG12 fan......thanks for posting that brand value chart. Not sure of all the criteria used ro compile these statistics. It seems that the BIG is more interested in the number of eyeballs owning televisions.


FOX and the BIG made a bold move and effectively robbed the PAC of near 30% of its TV sets. USC and UCLA brand values were less than i expected. Evidently the BIG and FOX didnt care.


So how do we replace those 5.5 million tv sets in the LA Basin. Heres my thoughts. Not worth much but here goes in regards to the BIG 12 and PAC 10 only. I prefer other routes but here goes


PAC 10. Keep all 10 and invite

San Diego State- PAC needs a SoCal presence. SDSU is 100 miles from the land of traitors. A must for recruiting

Fresno State- The Central Valley has millions of TV's and they watch Bulldog Football. Probably more than socal fans watch the traitors.

Boise State- Idaho and Boise populations are ever growing and fast.

Texas Tech moves from BIG 12 to help form  PAC 14. TT fans are rabid and those West Texas TV's are on watching Red Raider football. 


Those 4 teams provide more TV sets than just SoCal. I think.


BIG 12- Invite SMU in to replace TT.

Reinvite Missouri and Nebraska back home. Their departures have not worked out well for the schools, players and fans. Other than the paydays 


Divided, both conferences are in a vulnerable position. Their Grant of Rights for TV are limited unless they merge into a 20-28 team conference. Give FOX, ESPN, CBS, ABC, NBC and streaming networks what they want


TV sets with eyeballs. The networks will not broadcast CAL-SMU or Oregon State Houston but a streaming service will. They need content.


The merger is not my first choice. I think Oregon to BIG settles the issues at hand. But I like keeping the rivalries intact for both conferences.


If we take the everyman for itself route and go BIG? Well i can live with being a traitor. LOL.....

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It would be very interesting to understand the methodology behind this.  The UW and Oregon numbers seem wrong at a gut level.  

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Fans like hated teams too. Seriously how many of us watch some games just to hope a certain team loses?


I guarantee Fusky nation will be glued to the TV  when Ga and the Ducks play!


Likewise I always watch Beavis play the Fuskies in hopes of a better tomorrow.

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