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How the Ducks Can STUN the Bulldogs

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Oregon quite literally couldn’t have asked for a tougher week one draw. The Ducks are facing the defending National Champs, essentially in their backyard, right in the heart of SEC country. Georgia was historic last season, and the Bulldogs are fully expected to be dominant once again. Kirby Smart has recruited better than just about anyone else in the country, ...



Oregon quite literally couldn't have asked for a tougher week one draw. The Ducks are facing the defending National Champs, essentially in their...


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Two Sites: FishDuck and the Our Beloved Ducks forum, The only "Forum with Decorum!" And All-Volunteer? What a wonderful community of Duck fans!

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Joshua, I agree, for Oregon to win, or Georgia for that matter, it has to control the game, and the foundation of that is it needs to stop Georgia's running game. It's that simple, and that crucial. Get Georgia consistently in 3rd and long, and have not that be just what they want against the Ducks D anymore, and the Ducks have a great chance to come out with the W.


Of course, that means the Ducks need to be able to run the ball themselves, creating manageable 3rd down situations, and as you noted, tossing in some explosive plays as well. A turnover or two by the Bulldogs would be great, too. Touchdowns of course. But absolutely no empty drives. Missed field goals are a downer every time.

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Turnover ratio will be key. If you are going to win on the road you have to take the air out of the opposing teams tires. The best way to do that is cause turnovers, and protect the ball.


Oh yea and those explosion plays will demoralize the dawgs, Go Ducks!


If the ball doesn't bounce our way, then play a clean, smart, aggressive game, and give the dawgs all you got!

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If Oregon can accomplish these 3 things then yes it will dramatically increase their chances of winning.  If the Ducks stop the GA ground game it would be huge, but it’s not likely to happen.  That’s not a hit against Oregon’s front 7 at all, I think they are going to be very good.  It’s just a big ask even for the best of defenses.


But even slowing down the ground game would be big.  Not allowing GA to make those long time consuming drives that keep the D on the field would be big.  If Oregon can play well against the run it will also lead GA to more 3rd downs while giving the Ducks D a much better chance to get off the field on 3rd down.


One thing I would add that could be key for Oregon is just playing mistake free football. Yes that’s cliche, but really important.  Getting behind the chains bc of a dumb penalty is killer against a good D.  If the GA D starts playing lights out and forces the O off the field that’s one thing, but don’t give them any help at all.  That goes for turnovers also.  If Oregon can play mistake free who knows, GA might make some big mistakes that really impact the game.  I’m looking at things objectively, and can you imagine the difference it could make if the Ducks are plus 2 in turnover margin.  

That’s all I can say about this right now.  Thinking of all the ways Oregon might pull the upset is starting to make me nervous.😂

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My Drugs are clearly better than ALL of yours. 

I see a Duck Victory in the ATL. 

I see the Ducks fielding 11 receivers and TEs topping 6’3” with 9, yes nine of them topping 6’5”. Half of them have good speed at the position. The Ducks have never had such height and speed and talent at WR. By comparison to last year, night and day. 


I See a veteran top ten Duck O- line which ran the ball well last year with now 5 capable backs who could carry the rock. Several with some proven experience. It’s a Solid line with a few big nasty bodies.

The Duck O-linemen are going against a Georgia line not nearly as talented as last year. This admitted by Kirby Smart himself. “

“We’ve got good depth, but we obviously don’t have the quality at the top we had last year. We don’t have three first-rounders across our defensive line, so we can’t ask them or expect them to do what last year’s group did.”-Kirby Smart. 


The Ducks will run the ball for 200+


I see the deepest biggest most talented DL the Ducks have had in years. Lost KT but added 3 talented experienced big bodied guys. More experience, deeper, and bigger with proven returning talent. 

Georgia under 150

I see a Duck LB Corp with real speed and deep again at every position who can run with and bang with Bowers get after the QB chase down RBs and bang with the less experienced Georgia o line. Duck LBs have never been more talented or gifted and last year were so depleted Bassa had to move from safety! 

I see a DB room with two corners at 6’1” and 6’3” with speed toughness and some experience and many others right behind.  I see a 6’5” safety and two Stars that bring the wood. Jamal hill being 6’1”and Brian Bennet with  proven talent and toughness


I see vastly improved special teams emphasis. 

I see a hungry Bo Nix wanting to prove the naysayers wrong. He’s never been bad just not ever matched the hype. With an equally hungry and more physically gifted TT pushing him I suspect the Ducks have guys that can lead the team. 

This Duck team is a roster unlike Oregon has ever seen. The talent of the depth is only outmatched by the measurables of the perceived starters by comparison to previous years. 

Georgia likely will not achieve end of season cohesion on day one. This is a trap game for Georgia even if they are ready. This isn’t last years team. They are not Deep or more impressive at WR. They are not as deep at RB. The QB is 5’11 195 , medium arm, and not very fast. Bennet is not likely to carry the team or survive a heavy pass rush and playing from behind. 

Oregon went to tOSU and people said similar things about the game and then the Ducks won anyway, without KT, and a lesser roster than they have now. 

The Ducks are a much improved team by comparison. They’ve bonded and will motivate off their fallen brother. If they’ve been coached up anything is possible and I think that this Duck team has the pieces to do something special. 

That starts with a 26-19 victory in Atlanta. 

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Turnovers and who blinks first. This Georgia team won it all last year and never backed down, but that leadership may be gone. The question is what kind of leadership is on each side of the ball?


From the sideline we don't know what Oregon will bring, but more importantly we don't know what kind of leadership will be on the field.


It is obvious Georgia had the kind of talent teams need and wanted on the field, last year. I would say this extended to the kind of mentality and culture one wants. The question is will this next group have the same mentality or do they get where that edge came from. Sometimes the next generation of talent is more on cruise control, they don't get what it took for the last group.


I think the one guy who showed that mentality game after game for Oregon was Noah. Nobody took losses harder, or went after wins like that guy. Can his mindset extend to the rest of the defense. Who on offense is going to have that strength of character to carry everyone. 


What it comes down to is which team has the most resilient attitude on the field. The turnovers we can quantify, but the mental strength, and wil,l which can't be quantified, but will play a huge role come Saturday.


That is actually the most exciting thing to see, because that is what Dan Lanning is going to be trying to instill on this group of individuals. Can he foster that residence and strengths Georgia had and may have again.

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Joshua, you are on target with your three keys or components for a Duck upset victory.  The question still remains, can they execute in those areas? Dont know for sure but all of us will find out on Saturday....


I would certainly like to get my hands on the wonderful drugs that Vandownbytheriverduck is taking! I like where he is headed and if the Ducks execute then anything goes.


In reviewing the 2020 and 2021 Dawgs schedule the Ducks will be one of the toughest, talented and experienced teams that Georgia plays. Right on par with Clemson, Florida, Michigan and Cincinatti. And well below Bama, well who isnt. Maybe Georgia ? The Dawgs I believe are 5-3 in those games. (The great Dawg fans on the OBDF can correct me on that record).


They are not 8-0 or 7-1, but close enough. In looking at the other teams on their schedule those 2 seasons the Dawgs had superior talent, depth and execution. The Dawgs won all those other games. They beat the teams that they were supposed too! 


Now its Oregons turn. This is the big stage. It is not about proving we belong. Its about executing. Bama and the Gators put over 40 points on the board to beat the Dawgs in the 3 losses. When Bama and Florida didnt score over 40, well they lost to the Dawgs. Matter of fact, no other team on the Dawgs schedule the last 2 seasons has scored over 30 points. Georgia won ALL those games.


Charles and others have shown us repeatedly that the teams who make the CFP usually average 40 ppg. This is a CFP quarter final game, IMHO.......Score and score often or play the greatest defensive game in Duck history.......


GO DUCKS........

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Outstanding article Joshua, and it is great to see you writing during football season!  And I see you have made the move (business reasons) from West Virginia to Ohio.  When we are online, we can write from anywhere.


I really do believe that both defenses are going to slow both offenses down to a crawl, thus a low-scoring game, IMHO.

Mr. FishDuck

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     Top drawer strategizing Joshua. Thanks. Even with predictable Georgia, I’d like to see our defense expecting the unexpected.  All the talk and focus on stopping their run game can set up their tight ends. Bennett may have problems when he’s forced to throw, but he won’t when it’s a designed play intended to surprise. 

     Another advantage the Ducks have is the more mobile quarterback. While we don’t want to see Nix plowing into their D on option keepers, he could be the difference when necessary to keep our offense on the field in a tight game.

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On 8/30/2022 at 10:39 AM, Vandownbytheriverduck said:


The Ducks will run the ball for 200+

Morgan Freeman Good Luck GIF

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Love the input from everyone in this thread. There are so many factors that could determine the outcome of this game; turnovers are definitely going to be a big one. I apologize for not responding to each comment directly, and for this being a little light from a research standpoint. I'm still getting back in the swing of writing articles again after some time off, but I'm so excited to get this season kicked off and contribute another round of articles this season!

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