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  1. Apparently the announcers didn't see the tug on the back of the Jersey....
  2. That was a Heisman moment for Bo man....
  3. Lanning needs to gather his team.... right now.
  4. Luck, please be kind to OBD.... please.
  5. Wilcox secretly roots for the Ducks... Prove me wrong.
  6. Seriously ... I mean are the Refs giving Oregon a hard time so's they can bolster their resumes? I mean you got to figure in a few games they're all going to be out of a job anyways right?
  7. Almost a facemask on that pick. (Against Cal)
  8. I'm not an expert lip reader, but I could swear TT mouthed "just give me a pass play" there in the final minutes.
  9. Whoever guessed it'd be Oregon 42-6 ... so dang close.
  10. Maybe Lanning did the clipping? Let me explain. I know DL is the Head Coach, but from what I gather, he hired a knowledgeable, terrific staff - for a reason. Maybe it was Will Stein whose wings have been clipped? Or rather, tampered. After all, Stein is the OC. He calls the plays. DL may have given him more slack previously, but might have pulled the leash a bit since our loss to the ... I can't say it. I know I'm speculating, but hey, who among us actually knows what's happening behind the curtain? Whatever happens, I want a team with more consistency in all phases. I'm not expecting perfection, cause that's non-existent in football, but being consistently good in all phases of the game should be attainable for OBD. Let's hope they get there by Saturday... And stay there. Great observation, btw. Keeps us thinking.
  11. I can't tell if that's John Neal Standing next to Coach Alioti. Like, it's been a while, has he aged that much? The rest, I'm with y'all.
  12. I guess you can just take a nap on top of a defender in the new PAC2.
  13. Revenge in the PAC12 championship game will be sweeter now.
  14. Believe me, it makes me sick to make such a filthy prediction... but I didn't come to my conclusion easily.
  15. Well, as for me, I'm not picking, I'm predicting. I feel that there's a difference. And I'd rather be proven wrong by the Ducks, than by those butt sniffing mutts.
  16. I usually turn to my good friend Al. Also goes by Gin. But tomorrow, ... I'm taking my niece to the pumpkin patch.
  17. Heh! Maybe all those years making predictions on Glenn's site melded our minds a bit? Either way, good luck
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