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  1. All I can think is that luckily Utah doesn't seem to have much of a passing game, and that's Oregon's biggest weakness on defense statistically. So if we can stop their rushing game, which is going to be tough, then we may well just have a chance. Our offense is going to have to play lights out though. And the defense is going to have to be super stout against the run. I give us 30% chance to win. Either way we should end up with a nice bowl game, and plenty of experience for our young team.
  2. Is Utah looking as good as I think they are? I know Furd is having a down year, but man, the Utes are manhandling them on both sides of the ball! I can't believe Oregon lost to Furd... Hopefully Utah is well ranked when we play them, and hopefully we beat them!
  3. "In 2009, the Oregon Ducks had just lost 19-8 at Boise State. In Chip Kelly’s first year as head coach, it was a difficult loss on national television for the Ducks, who were coming off a huge Rose Bowl win the previous year. " The Ducks went to the Rose Bowl in 2008? Pretty sure it was the Holiday Bowl , and they beat Okie St. Right? However, they did make it to the Rose Bowl in 2009, where they lost to Ohio State. Cardwell definitely looked good, though. Excited to see him further.
  4. This is a tough one because we want our SOS to be as strong as possible, yet if tOSU wins out, they might jump us(assuming we win out, too) in the final CFP rankings.
  5. The offense playing well today helped. Otherwise, the defense prolly would have had their backs against the wall in the 4th.
  6. Oregon's defense is terrible. Allowing 4 touchdowns vs Colorado? aTm held them to 7 points. Minnesota blanked them. Arizona State held them to 13 points. USC held them to 14 points. California held them to a field goal... And Oregon lets them score four touchdowns! *Edit deschutesduck and I agree
  7. Ohio state is ranked ahead of Oregon right now because in the eyes of those who vote Ohio State lost to the 12th ranked team whereas Oregon lost to an unranked team. Imo
  8. I swear I'm going to have either a stroke or a heart attack before this season is over.
  9. Why does it always have to be close nail biter games with this team?
  10. I absolutely cannot believe they flagged that. That's the second time the refs have helped UCLA score. Change my mind.
  11. Here's hoping the Ducks stay true to form and continue to be a second half team especially in the fourth quarter cuz I think they're going to need all they got.
  12. So after a very long TV time out...... Oregon has to call a timeout?
  13. I think Seven needs to be a part of the game plan more because he's dynamic.
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