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  1. Lol.... Half the commercials feature Coach Prime, it seems. Also, is CU's Offense looking a bit familiar to anyone?
  2. Yep. TCU has evened it up at 7 all. Save for that one interception, TCU seems to be able to move the ball at will against the CU Defense. Not looking good for the Buffs on that side of the ball. We shall see...
  3. Looks like Coach Prime has his Offense dialed in. TCU looks caught off guard, and frantic. Understandable, considering that nobody knows exactly what to expect from Colorado. At this point, we've yet to see what the Buffs Defense looks like, but if the Offense continues to play as efficient as it is, then we may have pretty good opponent in Colorado.
  4. My least favorite Floyd album. Yes, I know, I'm weird. Cool video, tho. Hope the hype holds true. We'll see starting tomorrow. GD!
  5. OSU under Johnathan Smith should do very well in the Mountain West. I don't feel too bad for them, or their fans because now they will know what it's like to have multiple winning seasons. Still, gotta give a jab for my Beaver friends. Go Ducks!!!
  6. BOtox the best trash? Idk, I'm not a wordsmith. Welcome back!
  7. Sorry about that. He says " Oregon Football has been the best journey for me. Had amazing times and had the best players, coaches, staff, and people in Eugene. I looked back at all the memories and got emotional, love the Ducks fan base and city of Eugene.."
  8. This is a screenshot of his Instagram page where it seems he has posted an ambiguous post. The comments section has all kinds of speculation in it, but nothing confirmed. This is definitely something to keep an eye on, as Coach Johnson has been an integral part of our program for several years now. Stay tuned!
  9. Georgia QB Stetson Bennett arrested on public intoxication charge WWW.ESPN.COM Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett was arrested on a misdemeanor public intoxication charge in Dallas on Sunday...
  10. End of an era. Good luck, Cam. Nothing but love.
  11. Sucks to see tOSU at #4 after such a hard fought game in the semi-final. Sucks to see EwwDub crack the top 10 (8), even though they probably deserve it I feel like the Pac12/10 was well represented, even though 4 teams ended with a bowl loss. (looking and laughing at you LA schools! ) Next year is gonna be a fun one, especially when USC & UCLA will be in their last year. Now to settle in for the long off season. Thank heavens for this place!
  12. "Let he who is without penalties throw the first flag." We all make mistakes. It's how you respond to them that shows your true character. Nobody here thinks any less of you, Sir, however, your candor is appreciated. Let's continue to make this place/community the best on the web! Go Ducks!
  13. DTR: "They are a really good team, a really great-coached team. But at the end of the day, I think if we would have done our jobs to the our best abilities, they wouldn’t have been able to hang with us on that field."
  14. This has no bearing on the matter, but I was just looking at the major figures in those big Seattle companies, and came across an interesting tidbit: Microsoft: Bill Gates - Harvard Paul Allen - Washington State Amazon: Jeff Bezos - Princeton Andy Jassy - Harvard Boeing: William E. Boeing - Yale Dave Calhoun - Virginia Tech Larry Kellner - USC (er, that's University of South Carolina ) On the other hand, ... Nike: Bill Bowerman - University of Oregon Phil Knight - University of Oregon Just sayin'... *Use this information how you like.
  15. DJ to Oregon? ... No. He had his chance, and passed. I agree with those who believe we're good at the QB position, however, I also agree with those who believe in Lanning, and his process/plan. We'll just have to see what happens there. DJ to Oregon State? ... Heck No! ... As others have stated, nobody in this conference is getting more outta less then Coach Smith. He'll turn DJ into a real serious threat! DJ to Hawai'i? ... Absolutely. This seems to make the best sense for himself, and for the Rainbow Warriors. DJ needs to excel at a place where the pressure is off, and where he can be the main show. He'll impress if he does well, which will include NFL scouts. DJ, hit the islands, bruh!
  16. Byeeeeeee He obviously doesn't want to sit behind, and learn from a veteran QB like Nix. And also not having KD here prolly didn't help. Oh well. We'll be alright.
  17. What does it say about this Oregon staff if they let our 2 best recruits flip right before signing day?
  18. RIP Pirate! I wonder if he saw the green flash?
  19. Lanning needs to learn that above all others, there are 2 games that Oregon needs to show up for; The swamp rats and the mutts. Everything else is secondary, aside from championships.
  20. That's all. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful feast with their loved ones.
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