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  1. "We Do More!" Nice touch Dan the Man. Only 29 more days and counting.
  2. The more I think about it. Mr Dollars is my new breakout candidate for 22. He's basically a senior. That's a whole lot of experience. Experience matters when you have such a young RB room. He says he's the healthiest he's ever been. He was ranked the #2 all-purpose RB in 2019, so he has the talent. Now he just needs the opportunity. This is his time to shine.
  3. Great news we need them as healthy as possible. The trenches are brutal. Like Mr Sewell says they are the ones that make him look good.
  4. Great article. Let the competition begin. Iron sharpens iron. Put it all on the field and the best man wins. Man I love CFB.
  5. He had only 3 picks last yr for Auburn. That's not a lot going against those defenses. As for his pick against us in the spring how much practice had he had with totally new players. I believe he also wanted to make something happen. He also had the pressure of showing us fans how good he is. I believe all factors have to be considered when making a observation. I'm not saying he's the greatest thing since sliced bread but we haven't even had 1 practice of fall camp. Let's let the process happen then see where we are.
  6. Nice article. Helps deliver the chill pill on all this realignment stuff.
  7. You can probably say the same about any of the 5* or even 4* position players. They are all probably the best player on their teams and have been for quite a while. The amount of pressure and rewards these kids go through and how they deal with it all have some doing better some worse. Without a grounding influence in their lives it has to be a terrible burden. I remember the movie "Friday Night Lights" and the running back who hurts his knee. How lost he was and also his uncle who had put everything into the success of the kid being the next greatest RB. It still chokes me up remembering it.
  8. Not the terrible thoughts I've been reading all year. Yes most went to FCS but maybe that's where they needed to be playing. I believe it is because there is just 2 much competition for the roster spots from the incoming class of recruits and transfers. Also a lot are walkons who decided playing is better than practicing and getting beat up by better players.
  9. I would feel comfortable putting any of our QBs in the game after watching Spring game. I know it's not the best way to evaluate them but still saw enough to feel good about them.
  10. We've been doing that here. I know it's been a nice way to get through the off season with like minded people who've love the Ducks sports programs.
  11. Lots of things to ponder that I like but some don't make sense. Like playing bowl game as 1st game of the season. Especially like a week off in the middle of the season for all teams and more time for coaches to work with players in no-contact summer practices.
  12. Absolutely love hearing him he's a straight shooter but also funny.
  13. Here's to whoever wins the job. We know it will be the one the coaches feel gives us the best chance to win.
  14. I will trust our coaches with who will be our best chance to win, which is the most important thing after all. I wonder what the talent level of the OL to block, WR to run routes, and competition played was for the QBs that were named as better than Bo last year? Wouldn't that matter in the analysis? Were they also dealing with new coaches? If he was that bad why did he start for 3 yrs? Camp is just starting. All the QBs will have a chance to grab the bull by the horns and win the job. That's the only stat that matters to me. Go Ducks Fly High! 30 days and counting!
  15. We have already been in the have's and have nots for 10 years. The difference is the new media deals and the stealing of top teams from lesser conferences. Players have already been being paid to go certain schools. Players have transferred. So to me not that much has changed. I believe we should have a Division 1a. Semi pro. That includes the big boys in the B1G, SEC, and anyone else who wants to do that. Then we have a Division 1b. for the rest of the teams who value tradition and student/athletes just like David has outlined. I don't know about you but I don't watch the pros and wouldn't watch the semipro's. It takes away the excitement from the game. The traditional form is so much more appealing that that's where my interest and money would go. I want to watch players who compete for the love of the game instead of money. I also believe that a lot of players see the futility of not getting an education but being paid a pittance for a couple yrs and then have nothing to show for it. There's already a model in place. It would be just like the minors in MLB. In the current system you can go right to playing ball or u can go to college for 3 to 4 yrs before entering pro ball. The lesser Divisions of CFB have championships that their fans love when their team wins. It will be no different for this new division. I don't see a problem.
  16. Now if Mookie Cook comes along with Mr Evans like he says he wants to do, and you add Mr Shelstadt to the equation, we will be in the mix for our 2nd Natty.
  17. We got him. Way to go Dana. Now Mookie please come join the flock.. And with Evans and Shelstadt take us to the promise land.
  18. With our connection with PK and Nike and our other influential donors, wouldn't it bring in the extra dollars we will need to stay competitive? This is how it's worked so far. I don't know how long it's been, but we have been working with less than the big boys for a while haven't we? Also couldn't the state pay for the other sports along with some commercial tie-ins? Just something to ponder.
  19. So did I. I like the choices. My 5 are TE T Ferguson, WR T Franklin, DL D J Johnson, LB J Bassa and CB A Dickerson. Actually with their 5 and my 5 we have almost everybody. Ha ha
  20. Yes, but it would add the value of recruiting footprint in TX. How much of a value would that be and is there a way to quantify it?
  21. Don't know if they did things like this before, but probably. All I think is it's got to be freer to have fun than the last regime.
  22. Just read #1 DL Hicks will not be deciding until Jan. We are still on his list but TA&M and Oklahoma are now top choices.
  23. Would that even work? Should we take them back or go on to either B1G or SEC ourselves? I don't know. I believe if they came back we would still be a 2nd tier conference. In that case the best scenario I've seen so far is the the west coast pod of USC, UCLA, Stan, Cal, OR, UW in the B1G.
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