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  1. Beware of the Ducks of September! We crossed the Rubicon last season at the 'shoe'. Now we're coming to 'hotlanta .'
  2. On the ninth day before football my true friend said to me there are nine Ducks a flying, Eight Ducks a lifting, Seven Ducks a scoring, Six Ducks 1st team all PAC 12, Five O Lineman, Four Ducks a TD rushing, Three Ducks a TD catching, Two Ducks a blitzing, And a win over Geor-orgia!
  3. I believe we are going to witness the greatest Duck defense that have ever worn the Green and Yellow. That and a lot of wins. This year!
  4. Don't have a clue what score will be. All I need is a point more than them for the win. Think it'll be low scoring, defensive battle.
  5. I agree, but we can still get some from that list. Probably 3*'s but that's okay for this year. McVay was going to be at tough pull and I believe it will be until they get some pipelines going. It seems like relationships with the coach need a little more time developing on the OL.
  6. I understand MCs shortcomings, but AB had good games them a stinker. He had the most inconsistent season of any QB I've ever seen.
  7. Guess what team has the most? Very impressive, Arizona!
  8. Next year four 5* and a 4 * PG running it all. Looking good for the flock. WOW
  9. Great news! Now do we stay at 10 or go for San Diego St and UNLV before the B12 does. I say go get them even if it lessens our money a couple of mil. Would somewhat give us the LA market back and tie up Las Vegas. That can't hurt.
  10. The last game I made was vrs WSU in I believe 2015 in West end zone. Not as loud as 94. I believe it changed somewhat after remodeling of the south side. Sure would be nice to finish the north to see if it would return to what it was like before.
  11. I'm not. The league has been jealous of us for a very long time. Jealousy breeds hate and hate is the epitome of negativity.
  12. I read a great book called "The Power of Habit". In it the author details the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and coach Tony Dungy. How they were not going to keep losing. By lessening the playbook, to become proficient at the plays they did retain. They drilled over and over. They got so good they went into the Superbowl. Which they lost. The reason they determined was they weren't close enough as a team so when an obstacle hit them they fell apart. The machine they had become quit working. So that off season Tony instituted a way for them to become closer. The very next year they won. To a player when asked what the difference was, the response was they were playing for more than just themselves and the games but for each other. The author surmised the missing ingredient was not only being proficient but playing for something more than just yourself but each other. I remember Chip talking about the book and I believe the concept became a bedrock of his team. In fact he and Tony became friends and his son played for the Ducks. I wonder if DL also read the book because he is embracing its ideas at almost every turn.
  13. On the 28th day til football my sweetheart said to me. (not talented enough to think of the last stanza)
  14. Another great article. Tells you a lot about DL and what and how he is doing. Ty Thompson gave a great take on what he sees. " He's a natural leader". That high praise is very telling. Also he and his team are calm and confident about the 1st game. Bring on the dawgs. They don't have a clue what's about to hit them.
  15. This has been one of the best articles this off season. Who better than the players themselves giving us incites into what has been going on this summer. In my humble opinion a must read for Duck fans.
  16. I expect the most dominant defense we have ever seen, don the yellow and green and take us to the promise land.
  17. This is the best news that's happened since D Moore committed. Oh along with Dorlis Flowe, Popo and Ware/Hudson. Those guys being healthy is critical to start the season and for this D to be as dominant as it can be.
  18. I'll take 13-0. I believe this team is comparable to 2010 team in talent but mostly motivation.
  19. Can this be his year? Guess we will know in 20 some days. Either way gotta love our QBs.
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