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  1. I read that Colorado considers the B12 a 'Juco- League'. Ha ha. If true puts a stick of dynamite in them leaving to the B12.
  2. Yes, in Atlanta which is actually a home game for them.
  3. After only 10 practices, with a whole new playbook and players, we know he led the receivers well enough in ST. By Sept 3 he will have had 6 months. I believe as long as he doesn't have to break the pocket most of the time, we will see even more touch.
  4. You have to remember it opens recruiting in the LA area to B1G schools. That's worse than fighting off just the Ducks. And we will still be able to get our fair share. You may be right but history says otherwise.
  5. Yes, you can thank the SEC. I don't believe the B1G voted against the expansion with auto bids but we know for sure the SEC did.
  6. When Verdel was healthy we had a typical Ducks running attack. Problem was he couldn't stay healthy. That's why we need a lot of depth. If the new recruits are better than what we already have, it just makes us better. A five* RB should be better than a 4* RB. Then if you back him up with a runner with a different style providing a 'Thunder and Lighting' look you are in the upper echelons of CFB.
  7. When Klemm fixes our pass blocking I don't believe he will have to be anything like Johnny. He's is a gunslinger though, like Farve, so you have to expect the occasional ' what the hell was that.'
  8. My take is #1 Cardwell We didn't get to see him in spring but the reports said he was ready to be a top RB #2 McGee He's going to be the closest thing to DAT we have seen in yrs. Running, catching, and returning. #3 Thornton. He is going to be the HR pass catcher this year with 75 yrds per game average. # 4 Cota he's going to be our go-to guy when we need a big play. # 5 Herbert is going to be a healthy and ready to compete with the other TE's to be a matchup nightmare. #6 OL Powers/Johnson, Jaramillo, and Harper will see important playing time as injury replacements. # 7 Dollars, Irvine, Neal, and Whittingham will give us RB depth we have never had before. #8 I don't see Nix as a breakout because he was OK at Auburn. He will be better for the Ducks.
  9. If he averaged 2/3 TD passes a game, ran for another one, and we win, would the occasional interceptions be a problem? I don't think I would mind much. What about y'all?
  10. Maybe they need to look at the MLB minors pay. I don't know what it is now but in 2007/8 my nephew was getting 1k a month only during the season and if he played winter ball. He got a 50k signing bonus after being selected in the 11th round by TX as a Jr. relief pitcher from OSU. He played 3 yrs and made it to Double A, then a injury cost him his career. He had to pay for his own lodging, food, etc. Now I'm no math wizard but I believe the current situation is incredibly better. I doubt they will see it that way though. They are kids after all.
  11. "Is this hell?" "No, you've just entered the Twilight Zone." dedoo, dedoo, dedoo, dedoo, dant dant dant dah.
  12. The NCAA is still going after the fan base or schools trying to influence a HS recruit to go to a particular school. The NIL is different issue from what I understand.
  13. That's MC all the way. He's a no nonsense coach. Was his motivation to take away individual focus over the team (which I agree with) or it's all business with no fun? Imho maybe that's why he and the Ducks burned out last year.
  14. I'm so tired of all the speculation. I have no absolutely no input and it's starting to raise my anxiety levels. The best thing for me would be stop reading about it, but I feel compelled to, to stay in the loop. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. My sympathy goes out to the remaining PAC administration's. They must be going through hell trying to figure it all out. I guess as with everything in life, only time will tell.
  15. Can't we kick them out now, play no league games with the traitors and hurt them as bad as they us.
  16. That puts us with the best of CFB. And yes that's why the big boys don't want to play in Autzen. They say it's because they would lose money but we all know what they really are afraid of losing, THE GAME! Go Ducks Fly High
  17. If we get 1, good. 2 or more, fantastic. Does a 5* long snapper mean we already have three 5* commitments or only 2?
  18. Has Venables or Freeman ever been a head coach before? I believe that is DL's knock, along with being in OR. Therefore not anything important to the national media attention. That's until we force our way into the conversation. Which we will soon!
  19. A great defense will stop a great offense most of the time if that great defense also has a good enough offense.
  20. Remember this was the Pruitt regime that ended 2 yrs ago if I remember correctly.
  21. Colorado is saying Oregon and UW are asking a bigger share of the revenue. They think that stinks and probably does. Arizona, ASU, Utah and Colorado have reached out to B12. Is it a way to tell the Ducks and butt sniffers no way to the idea.
  22. I believe the problem isn't rules but a lack of interest in CFB in the West. The schools are not as interested in providing the funds it takes to have top notch facilities, budgets to recruit nationally, pay coaches especially assistants, and be able to increase stadium sizes because they don't have enough fans to fill them. That's why we have small venues. We have a lot less population (except for Cal), therefore less players, therefore less talent, therefore we don't win national titles. Oregon is the exception because of uncle Phil.
  23. Don't forget D Williams and B Dorlis on defense and on offense the OL, S Dollars and C Cota. Every level has at least one 4 yr player. These are my picks.
  24. If he stayed it would have cost him money. When you are a senior, MLB knows you have no where to go but to accept the offer they give you.
  25. Money has always been the thing that makes the world go round.
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