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  1. Can't we kick them out now, play no league games with the traitors and hurt them as bad as they us.
  2. That puts us with the best of CFB. And yes that's why the big boys don't want to play in Autzen. They say it's because they would lose money but we all know what they really are afraid of losing, THE GAME! Go Ducks Fly High
  3. If we get 1, good. 2 or more, fantastic. Does a 5* long snapper mean we already have three 5* commitments or only 2?
  4. Has Venables or Freeman ever been a head coach before? I believe that is DL's knock, along with being in OR. Therefore not anything important to the national media attention. That's until we force our way into the conversation. Which we will soon!
  5. A great defense will stop a great offense most of the time if that great defense also has a good enough offense.
  6. Remember this was the Pruitt regime that ended 2 yrs ago if I remember correctly.
  7. Colorado is saying Oregon and UW are asking a bigger share of the revenue. They think that stinks and probably does. Arizona, ASU, Utah and Colorado have reached out to B12. Is it a way to tell the Ducks and butt sniffers no way to the idea.
  8. I believe the problem isn't rules but a lack of interest in CFB in the West. The schools are not as interested in providing the funds it takes to have top notch facilities, budgets to recruit nationally, pay coaches especially assistants, and be able to increase stadium sizes because they don't have enough fans to fill them. That's why we have small venues. We have a lot less population (except for Cal), therefore less players, therefore less talent, therefore we don't win national titles. Oregon is the exception because of uncle Phil.
  9. Don't forget D Williams and B Dorlis on defense and on offense the OL, S Dollars and C Cota. Every level has at least one 4 yr player. These are my picks.
  10. If he stayed it would have cost him money. When you are a senior, MLB knows you have no where to go but to accept the offer they give you.
  11. Money has always been the thing that makes the world go round.
  12. If there's more money, great. It seems live TV is where the power is tho.
  13. Thanks for the post Annie. Again this shows an interesting fact of actual viewers, but it's not actual viewers that matter it's the size of the TV markets that the networks base their income payouts off of.
  14. I believe Mr Allen will has been and will continue to be one of the best Ducks ever. He is an inspiring person, and due to his character will be successful at anything he does.
  15. Wouldn't it still be able to survive as a bowl game between the PAC and B1G.
  16. Definitely not a prima donna like the other 2 QBs. So glad they went elsewhere, so that we then turned our interest towards Moore. Unless that was the plan all along.
  17. I have supported this idea of SoCal recruiting footprint but hadn't thought about playing games there as a positive. That might be worth a little less money but I doubt the Universities see it that way as they are already behind the eight ball.
  18. So many great memories. I guess my favorite is the 800m 123 finish for Oregon runners in Olympic trials.
  19. I don't know but if anyone can do it it's ND. They have the largest fan base of anyone. As far as B1G, I believe they want the prestige ND would bring.
  20. No thanks. I'd rather be the PAC 10 than a backstabber like uncivilized spoiled children and the UC LA LA Land.
  21. McDuck and NJDuck have it right. Remember ratings are not based on actual viewers watching but 'potential' viewers. That's why the LA LA land market is so important. I know it doesn't make sense but what in our world makes sense. Reality is reality tho. I will say that from what I've read and heard the PAC hasn't said no completely to adding and expanding in the future, just not this year.
  22. I remember hearing that u usually only bring in 1 RB per class. Last yr was an anomaly by getting both McGee and Cardwell. With McGee becoming a WR this yr, it would be a real coup if we were able to bring in Dowdell (Thunder) and Young (Lightning) to pair with the best QB in the nation. That's roster spots that are well worth it. That puts us with the best of the best.
  23. On DucksWire 7 19 article by Z Neal someone's discussing the NIL with D Moore. Guys we got the best in the QB of the bunch. He's not here because of the money but the fit of being a Duck. How refreshing and mature. Doesn't sound like a Prima Donna to me. Go Ducks Fly High
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