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  1. We know the opponents and the location, just a matter of getting the dates for the conference games. I have to wonder if the non-conference schedule is the hold up. Making sure no conference school is left short a game if someone like Stony Brook were to cancel. Their conference released the 2021 schedule and it still lists Oregon, but they’re also playing games in March as part of the FCS spring season. I could be wrong, giving the Pac-12 credit for foresight usually is. Instead of starting as planned with a 10 game schedule or playing in the spring they went with a shortened AND
  2. I think the players going home was an extremely important factor. They lost in person access to the S&C staff, the equipment, oversight, motivation, nutrition. The conditioning difference was clearly evident in some players. I did notice that many of the OL stayed in Eugene over the summer, but much of the DL went home. Noah Sewell arrived on campus and hit the weights this summer, while Mase Funa and Austin Faoliu had pregnant partners at home. Not saying one is right and one isn’t, just reminding everyone that these are human beings with lives outside of football. I still have grea
  3. It seems like there is at least one 5-star recruit and some elite 4-stars from the Seattle area every year now. 2021 was a bit of an aberration with three 5-stars, but the talent level or recognition is definitely improving. Mario needs to keep pressing that Oregon is the dominant power of the West Coast and the only option for PNW kids who want to stay close to home. Kayvon is a great ambassador for the program. When he’s a top-5/10 pick after this season I hope he has all the success I want every pro Duck to have, and keeps in touch with the program. He’s one of those players like De’A
  4. I’m a little surprised that Alex Forsyth was mentioned as one of the top-3 returning players. I’ve been high on Forsyth’s potential since seeing him in the 2019 spring game and hearing how much the coaches loved him. I’m not sure Forsyth is even our best OL, let alone a top-3 player on the team. I would have gone with Mykael Wright or one of the WRs. No knock on Forsyth, his one truly poor performance was against UCLA and their aggressive DL. As for USC, I don’t think they’re in any trouble at all at WR. The OL and a defense that has to replace Hufanga along with their talented interior DL
  5. Huh? Allow under 75 yards rushing per game? In the last 10 seasons that’s been accomplished a grand total of three times, once by Georgia and twice by Alabama. Even Alabama allowed 113 per game last year. The run defense needs to improve, but let’s be realistic. 2019 Oregon allowed 118 per game, that was as fine of a defense as we’ve had and good enough to make the playoffs.
  6. A 12-1 Ducks team almost certainly makes the playoffs, so you could afford one loss to Ohio State or anyone else as long as you win the conference championship. I think that’s very doable if there is a very good QB - doesn’t even have to be great or elite.
  7. You are 100% correct. Sewell thought he recognized the play and got there in a hurry - too much of a hurry. The cutback left him out of position. I don’t know if that was the play call for OSU or if Jefferson improvised, I didn’t think it was by design and he was supposed to go to the right side. Sewell wasn’t patient enough, sometimes you have to give up three yards instead of going for the big play and getting burned for 80 yards.
  8. There were a lot of things the defense didn’t do well. Most of them surprising, even with the graduation of Troy Dye and Bryson Young as well as the opt outs. On the edge Mase Funa was clearly out of shape early in the season, KT whiffed on some tackles early, Jamal Hill in that nick run support role tended to come in like he was on ice skates. The good news is that it really looked like it improved in the second half of the season. I think that their sins were minor compared to the interior DL. I have some examples, the picture below is one of them - Jermar Jefferson’s 82 yard TD run. The
  9. I wholeheartedly agree, most of the people moving this season with Jordon Scott involved him being moved. Which is surprising, considering how valuable he has been in the past. After Jordon’s freshman season, where he was a 247 freshman All-American, I thought we could have a baby Vince Wilfork on our hands. Jordon didn’t improve like you would expect him to. He was still a key part of this defense 2017-19 and was responsible for a lot of eaten up blocks and those goal line and short yardage stops, and deserves to be remembered for that. In 2020 - wooooo, I think those saying his decisio
  10. I agree. Turnovers were the difference between going 7-0 and 4-3. Going from top-10 in turnover margin in 2019 to 2020 is mind boggling. Oregon’s turnover margin from 2019 to 2020 is the all time record for change from one year to the next, a negative 2.5 per game change. 2019 Oregon was 5th in country, and 2020 they were 121st out of 127. The running backs fumbled more in half the games. Shough threw a pick 3.6% of attempts, Herbert was 1.4%. The team fumbled the ball more times in seven games than they did in 14. Giveaways went from .8 per game in 2019 to 2.3 in 2020. Meanwhile, the
  11. I read that track PRs are being shattered for that very reason of the Covid shutdowns. More time to train with fewer distractions, like in-person class. I think the North Carolina athletic department had previously taken advantage of that phenomenon.
  12. Hopefully JTT decides before the 2024 draft. Avante Dickerson came out on an unofficial visit in December, and one that didn’t allow any access to anything - coaches had to FaceTime him from the building he’s standing next to. Ceyair Wright did the same with Oregon, Michigan, and Notre Dame. JTT has been to Tuscaloosa and Eugene on unofficial visits, not Columbus. He wants to take official visits, if he does all three and it’s one a week he might not announce until June. The recruiting dead period extension hurts Oregon more than a lot of schools. Since are no unofficial visits or junior da
  13. If this was the case it would be great news. I don’t think that Thompson has had the opportunity to scare away any of his competition. There haven’t been any practices, just weights and conditioning. Unless Thompson benched 400 pounds and then bullied Shough next to his locker. I think the likelier scenario is that Cristobal and Moorhead know Shough’s ceiling and floor, and they were candid with him that he likely won’t ever start another game at Oregon. Spring football is (hopefully) starting soon and the coaches didn’t want to waste reps on Shough.
  14. Marcel Yates is a great hire. 2016-19 Arizona DC 2014-15 Boise State DC 2012-13 Texas A&M co-DC 2003-11 Boise State secondary/CBs That is an impressive resume. Yates graduated from Boise State in 2000, began as a position coach at Montana State in 2001. He’s 43 and already has 20 years of D-1 coaching experience, including as a play caller. I bet he would have gone with Petersen to Washington but didn’t work on the timing since he was at Texas A&M. Yates also looks like he can recruit. A handful of 4-stars at A&M and got Boise State the
  15. Malik Murphy committing to Sark and Texas will have repercussions with California recruiting. A big domino that other recruits will look at. Let’s see how it plays out with another hand fighting for Cali recruits. I’m of the theory that you need to take at least one QB every recruiting cycle. It’s just too important of a position not to. The good (and bad) news is that the 2022 class will be the most inaccurately scouted one in quite some time. No high school football, at least in the fall, in a lot of places. The summer camp circuit where underclassmen QB build their reputations were curta
  16. This was my first season of attempting to grade every play of every game. A time consuming effort, but with work from home and with everything shut down I figured this would be an interesting endeavor. I have some familiarity with the concept from my days of being an intern, what seems like an eternity ago. But I wasn’t there to grade, I was there to cut so the actual football people could see hours of footage in minutes. A lot more difficult when you only have the broadcast angles. I’m still a stats guy, but this the curious case of Mr. Shough is the perfect example of where stats fall short.
  17. I gotta agree with Mud on Cristobal being good with managing the emotions of young men. It’s one of Mario’s strengths and one that we desperately needed after Helfrich lost the locker room. If you ask former players to contrast Chip and Helf that will be the number one answer, guys wanted to play for Chip and showing up for Helf was a whole different story. I think we’ve seen a few instances of the team failing to show up for Mario, but other than Arizona 2018 they’ve battled every game. That’s a sign that the players care for the coach and are motivated. The ol’ run through a brick wall cl
  18. 1977 is the magic year for how far back one must go for Washington to be ahead of Oregon. 43 years. Yet they still pretend like this is a recent development.
  19. Colors can’t determine the outcome, except for in football when wearing all grey. That’s an automatic L. I like to think I’m a reasonable person who doesn’t believe in such things, but the Cal game this past season was the proof I needed.
  20. I’m actually the person who made that map. If you look at the bottom of the graphic it says RatherBeYachting. I was going to tweet it out after posting it to Reddit, but that account did it first. I don’t mind, my graphics/drawings/etc always wind up being used by others, but I specifically made a note if people wish to use it to please credit accordingly. Whatcha gonna do. The point still stands, quite a showing for Oregon, especially when you consider the second or third ranked players they pulled in from talent rich states.
  21. For those who haven’t seen the comments from Henry’s dad he basically says Pac-12 football sucks and he wants his son to stay in the SEC. Bama in particular. Oregon was mentioned as a maybe if he can’t find something in the SEC. Not surprising, considering what landed Henry at Tennessee and in the portal, but it sounds like an auction. I’d love a defender like him, but not if it comes with NCAA sanctions. I think most people understand that extra benefits are involved in recruiting. They just aren’t as brazen about it usually.
  22. Thank you, as someone who has worked with this stuff it’s frustrating to see people think HIPAA applies to non-professionals. You can tweet that your friend has a broken hand, assuming you aren’t a medical professional involved in their treatment. College student privacy is protected by FERPA, once again something Justin Flowe’s high school coach is not bound by.
  23. Bill Connelly’s SP+ is a predictive analytic rating. Historically, it has not been friendly to Oregon and it’s surprising to see. Like the good analytics it’s more accurate than the eye test, but it’s not the gold standard. ESPN’s FPI is much better. It is one of the ten or so analytics systems that has consistently beaten Vegas’ formula. If there is one mainstream analytic to keep an eye on that would be it.
  24. 1. Undersized QBs are still the exception, not the rule. There are three QBs shorter than Huard who are NFL starters: Kyler Murray, Tua, and Russell Wilson. Two of those make up for it with speed, Russ ran the 40 in 4.53 and undoubtedly Murray is faster. Tua I make no case for. Maybe Baker Mayfield as well, although he was listed the same height but 30 pounds heavier. 2. Sam Huard is listed on UW’s roster at a generous 6’1” 190 - almost everyone shows up at the NFL combine shorter and lighter than their listed measurements. At that height there aren’t a lot of QBs who don’t have wheels. It d
  25. That’s interesting, I just saw Woodiel’s name two days ago because he took a job at Louisville as quality control or something of that nature. In his time as a GA at Oregon there was a lot of love for Woodiel. When he left the twitter thread had the Sewells, Lemiuex, Throckmorton, plus others thanking and praising Woodiel. We’ve heard rumors of Cristobal being difficult to work for, but that’s now two former staff members in Chance and Woodiel coming back for lateral moves from another P-5.
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