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  1. "SC has eaten Rice for lunch and Stanford has brushed off Colgate." I always appreciate a good double pun.
  2. Great article, Jon. It's always fun to hang out with the smart people here. One thing, though. You said there are 1,000 players in the portal. I heard the other day that there are 2,000! Ten years ago who would have thought that the two most important words in college football are now "transfer portal" and NIL. It is a different world. While I don't believe the Ducks are headed into the Ivy League model, we are certainly barrelling down a road with little in the way of headlights.
  3. I am a great believer in in-game momentum. It was momentum that carried Keenan Howry through the savage storm and into the end zone. It was momentum that carried Bill Musgrave (all 4.95/40 of him) into the end zone at frozen Independence Stadium in Shreveport. Where I believe momentum is overblown though, is when it is game-to-game rather than in-game. I have seen too many NFL teams (usually the ones that I have wagered on) come into a game on a three-game winning streak only to lay a 60-minute egg.
  4. . I too have questions about the direction of this team, and would have had REAL questions if the "former player letter" had turned into the hiring of a mediocre coach of a mediocre team. Would we have been surprised if we had ended up being mediocre? But, I can't imagine what it would take for me to add an "I guess" to Go Ducks.
  5. This has all been on our last nerve for a week. In that time, a few encampments developed. 1. Our feelings were so hurt because of MC's betrayal. Only Justin Wilcox could make us feel good again. "Make sure it's an Oregon guy." I can't stand to be jilted again. 2. So sick and tired of the Bo Schembechler offense. MC held down our offense better than anyone since Gene Chizik. It's Chipper or nothing! 3. He has to have years of proven head coaching experience. C'mon! When has Oregon hired ANYONE like that? Those are the major encampments. Since Coach Lanning doesn't have proven bona fides for any of that there has been more grousing about the hire than I anticipated. So, take a day and come back to Fishy with an improved attitude and a willingness to row this boat over the finish line. LET'S get fired up! I AM FIRED UP!
  6. He defended Erin Andrews to the point that I thought they were going to hook up!
  7. I wanted P.J. Fleck before the Slick Willie hire. I think he should be given consideration now. He can talk butter on to toast and would be great at keeping our current recruits in the fold. Besides, who doesn't want to see "Row" on the plastic brand piece on the front of our helmets.
  8. I am all about rooting for these teams: Saturday, Sep 10. Southern Miss. Time TBA ET | TV TBA. Saturday, Sep 17. at Texas A&M. Time TBA ET | TV TBA. ... Date TBA. at Clemson. Time TBA ET | TV TBA. Date TBA. at Georgia Tech. Time TBA ET | TV TBA. Date TBA. Duke. Time TBA ET | TV TBA. Date TBA. Florida State. ... Date TBA. North Carolina. ... Date TBA. Pitt. I may not always feel this way, but I do right now.
  9. Have you seen Alabama this year? They ARE Oregon fast and may win the Natty.
  10. At least two or three times today I have read either "Let's get Mark Helfrich" or "The Ducks stupidly fired the one coach who wanted to stay here forever," or words to that effect. Helfrich was the worst coach we have ever had...when you actually give Chip the credit for his teams! Look, my feelings are terribly hurt today, but turning to a coach just because he is from Oregon is ludicrous! Also, wanting a Natty is NOT a bad thing. It's a very good thing and I, for one, will not rest easy until we get one. Let's get a coach that will show Mario Cristobal what we could have been!
  11. I have to be mad today. I'll think about replacements tomorrow.
  12. A progressive tax rate versus bugs the size of zeppelins. Tax me, my friend!
  13. I keep reading things like no rational person would blame MC for taking the Miami job. Then allow me to be slightly irrational. In the long run I will wish him well, because he is a good man. However, I will root for his first year's team to go 2-10, because he spurned me. If he had been a good soldier I'll bet PK would have put a personal jet at his disposal for trips to and from South Florida to see Mom. Maybe that wouldn't have made a difference. I just wish the coaches loved the University of Oregon and the Ducks therein as much as I do. But they don't and the beat goes on.
  14. We have to get over that one. Gene Chizik says that God wanted them to win and blinded the back judge to the fact that Dyer was down. (Charles Fischer and I are friends as long as I call him Master and Commander on the phone.)
  15. He came from Westport, WA, and sucks up to Washington, or USC, depending on who is good. He's smart, but I don't like his pandering to large fan bases.
  16. I don't like beer. The Hot Wife likes beer, but does not like IPA's. We hope you still like us.
  17. I'll start. Maybe, I'm entitled. Perhaps I'm a bandwagoner (though my history of attending Duck games began in 1977. "No, Jack! Not a long out just before halftime against UCLA!"). Whatever names you want for me, I will try on for size. But, I am NOT satisfied with a 7-5 season, because it is a winning one, and no amount of "Gee, I remember when we were happy with..." is going to make me so. Me, Phil and the rest of us, have spent tens of thousands of dollars on full stadiums, more gear than I will admit to buying, and facilities that make a high-school 5-star weep with joy. We were the envy of college football fans everywhere when we brought fast-break football to the Pac-12. We filled not only our own stadium, but other stadiums, as well, because fans everywhere wanted to see the high-flying Ducks. Chip bent the rules a little too hard, and went to the NFL. I get that, but to this day I believe he was the greatest Head Coach the Ducks ever had. He brought winning, and a culture of winning. He brought an expectation of winning that started the flow of great players to the shores of the Willamette. I can only imagine what he could do with five-stars given what he did with 2*-3*. Now, we have Coach Cristobal. I find myself hoping he doesn't get in the way of our 5* roster to win. Someone said they don't mind watching 3* players score a lot of points and lose. I don't care if we win every game 2-0, as long as we win every game. But what we saw two weeks ago and tonight in Vegas boggles the mind. In Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher said, "Oh Tom, how could you be so noble." There was a moment tonight when I thought, "Oh, Oregon, how could you be so dreadful?"
  18. We are out-attended by at least 70/30 in every neutral site game. We have plenty of excuses, but here is the truth. We don't travel well as a fan base.
  19. One game does not a career make. The internet often says, "Move on," and "Get over it." I don't say either very often. But, I do think it is time to get over that game against BSU.
  20. Utah 27-13. one turnover, 2 sacks, and 199 yards I tried all day to imagine us being enough better in two weeks to make up the gap from last time. I couldn't.
  21. Or enhanced Ukrainian brides. They are my favorite!
  22. Why will I do this? Do I have a special rooting connection for either team? No. I do like to place the occasional wager. Is that why I will watch this contest? No. I will watch Iowa/Nebraska and root with most of my heart for Iowa. I do this because I chase Scott Frost all over the country, rooting against him. He refused to work with some of our young quarterbacks and claimed that it is difficult to recruit to Oregon. In fact, it was difficult for him to recruit to Oregon, because he is a .... Go, Hawkeyes! Run it up! I may be a very sick man! I don't care.
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