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  1. I've put my tickets up for sale--so far no nibbles. Of course, even if they don't sell, since they are paid for they will count in attendance.
  2. In fairness to Miami fans, there were storms headed their way. But, still.
  3. Welcome, Janny! You'll find lots of Duck information, thoughts, and opinions here!
  4. I heard two radio guys complaining about the pixelating, buffering, screen lock, etc. for Prime's game too.
  5. No. Don't have a clue about it and no grandchildren to show me.
  6. Not too surprised either--though I wonder how it would have gone if ASU had been winning.
  7. Ah, I was in section 35m riw43. There were a lot of BYU fans at the game!
  8. Welcome to Eugene! In what section of the stadium will you be sitting?
  9. I will not be happy if Amazon would be the only option.
  10. That's weird. At the Fairgrounds they were asking if people were over 65, saying they could ride free. It was the same last year.
  11. Yes, black make it look as if no one is in the stands!
  12. Haven't seen it, but it in the Oregonian? In that case, it wouldn't surprise me.
  13. I would love to know what the radio guy (not local) who raved on and on and ON about ND after their LOSS to Ohio State, saying how great ND was, etc., and how great Ohio State was for beating ND says now.
  14. It's going back up--131. Hope it drops again soon.
  15. Down to 114 at Autzen. So improving rapidly.
  16. Is this on TV or only online? If on TV, what day, time, and channel? Thanks!
  17. You;re welcome and have a safe drive! Lowell must be getting the brunt of the smoke now--it is up to a whopping 588 there! (While at Autzen it has already dropped a bit again down to 144.)
  18. The air quality at Autzen is improving. It was 179 about an hour ago and now it is 153. It should continue to improve.
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