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  1. Bears have competition at nickel cornerback brewing BEARSWIRE.USATODAY.COM The Bears are set outside at cornerback. But there’s competition at nickel cornerback brewing between Tavon Young and Thomas... Some good things being said about the former Oregon CB.
  2. Tank McNamara by Bill Hinds for May 21, 2022 | GoComics.com WWW.GOCOMICS.COM May 21, 2022 Where we all are...
  3. Remember those pocket schedules they used to give out? Somewhere I still have one of those featuring Reggie Ogburn on the cover, and I believe another one with Vince Goldsmith. And I don't think it counts as memorabilia, but I still have the newspaper clipping of the AP Top 25 the first time the Ducks appeared in it in the Rich Brooks days.
  4. Favorite of all time was when Steve Spurrier heard about a fire in the Auburn library that destroyed about 20 books: "The real tragedy was that 15 hadn’t been colored yet." Now that's funny.
  5. To some extent, I do understand the idea that it is not the responsibility of football players to fund the women's golf team. At the same time, my prediction is that if something like this passes in any state, one of two things will happen at every affected university: 1. Schools will drop football entirely or drop out of FBS and focus on smaller sports, much like many smaller private universities operate (Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount, etc.). Apparently Cal, Stanford, and UCLA are already considering this if the bill passes. 2. Schools will drop most sports other than football, men's and women's basketball, and enough cheap women's sports to satisfy Title IX. They'll just become football and basketball factories and forget all about volleyball, baseball, gymnastics, etc. One of the big challenges in all of this is that it puts schools in an impossible situation. Title IX says overall opportunities in women's sports must be equivalent to men's sports. Since there are no women's football teams, with 85 scholarship athletes, that means a bunch of Olympic sports like swimming and soccer must be funded. But this law at the state level would also basically say that the main source of funding for these women's opportunities must dry up. I also find it stupidly ironic that apparently one of the motivators of this bill is to help minority athletes. Yet to get the bulk of this money, they have to get a degree. How many of these kids actually get degrees now? How many are being prepared to do so entering college or while in college? For many players (minority or not), this is not a realistic goal - they're just there to score touchdown or hit threes. They simply are not prepared to succeed academically, and colleges mostly worry about keeping them eligible, not graduating them. So now we give them a bunch of money only if they do something for which many have never been prepared? Brilliant. How about raise it to half a million if they get doctorates? The ones who already get their degrees are the most prepared to be successful in life; the ones who have little chance of getting their degree are the ones who probably need the most help, but they're the ones who'll get the least help. Not only that, but the best of them (athletically) leave early for the chance to score a big contract in the NBA, WNBA, or NFL. Now you tell them they have to choose between a certain $800,000 if they stay all four years, or the possibility of much more in a pro contract if they leave early? Look at how many leave early and don't even end up getting drafted (Dux football had at least three this year). And people ask me why I left California...
  6. Let's hope they have something special planned for the unis - but not ridiculous "special," like the pink highlights or the orange socks.
  7. Sorry, caught a typo - I think you meant to write "Ducks BEATING Bama (NCG) 2023." Happy to help...
  8. My wife's bucket list includes renting a supercar (Ferrari, Lamborghini) and driving the roads around the Amalfi coast, ever since we did that in a crappy mini-compact rental a few years back. Me, I'm more the '59 Coupe de Ville type of person, and those simply don't fit on our European roads.
  9. Curious - what are "our teams" in Utah? I grew up in Oregon even before the Seahawks and latched onto the Steelers because most locals were 49ers fan and my family escaped Cali so I wasn't interested in following them. Most of us ended up fans of the Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys, Rams, etc. - the teams most often featured on TV because they were good. Wondering if it's the same around the Wasatch range.
  10. The only way any of this gets addressed is by Congress. Hope it's not a political statement to say I generally want gov't to stay out of stuff like this, but this is increasingly just complete chaos.
  11. Another beautiful example. Personally I'd probably go with the GTO, but this would be a close second. I hate that the Pontiac brand doesn't exist anymore.
  12. Funny thing is that as much as I love football, I don't really go to games. I've seen the Ducks play in person literally ONE TIME - my wife got us fantastic tickets to see Herbert and the Ducks get absolutely slaughtered by a crappy Arizona team in Tucson. Never even been inside Autzen. I've seen the Cardinals play a few times, and most importantly saw my Steelers destroy Tennessee at Heinz Field on Thursday Night Football a few years ago. Been courtside at a few Clippers games and saw my namesake and the Showtime Lakers play in the Great Western Forum a few times. Lots and lots of Pepperdine basketball and volleyball games. Suns, Mercury, Rattlers, Angels, Dodgers, Coyotes, and Diamondbacks a few times. But bucket list? If Oregon made the NC game or the Steelers went back to the Super Bowl, frankly I would prefer to watch it on a 60" TV in the comfort of my home. My only bucket list thing (and we'll probably do this pretty soon) is to see Portugal play in person. (Can't call is soccer any more - I have to do "football" and "American football".) If I had the chance to do NBA or something like North Carolina or Kansas basketball courtside, I'd do that in a heartbeat - but you can see the whole court from that close. Football you miss half the action even if you have great seats.
  13. That's for sure. Grew up in southern Oregon and loved the area, but the winter weather and intense fog in that area gets old fast, as does having a small, limited airport. Couldn't have lived there while traveling 50,000 miles a year for business. Lived in LA and enjoyed being by the ocean, close to my alma mater in Malibu, and having everything you could ever want in terms of food, merchandise, sports, and entertainment nearby, but the crime, smog, traffic, and graffiti were out of control, as were the taxes and the cost of living. Lived in Phoenix for years and loved how easy it was to get around, 8 months of fantastic weather, best sunsets anywhere, easy airport, and low cost of living - but 4 months of 114 degrees, nothing but tan, and *&^! scorpions in the house got really old. Now living in Braga, Portugal. Low cost of living and a beautiful area, but as a small city it lacks the diversity I've grown used to (e.g. no decent Mexican restaurants), and still really struggling with the language. Plus not really easy to watch college football and having an eight-hour difference from clients on the west coast of the US is a pain. Good and bad...
  14. That is downright gorgeous. There's just nothing like classic Detroit metal.
  15. Well, those are three different questions: what car would I have if I had my choice, most beautiful car, and "best" (however that's defined) car ever built. What car I would want is based partly on usability - I wouldn't really drive a '31 Bugatti Royale around my city. Most beautiful car is just one criterion - looks. Maybe the '31 Royale, maybe a '38 Cord, maybe a '67 Pontiac GTO, or a '59 Coupe de Ville. Best car would have to be a combination of a variety of factors - maybe functionality, dependability, looks, fun?
  16. As a resident of Europe, believe me, this is my daily life...
  17. I'm not sure how you rank new guys like Lanning and DeBoer against experienced coaches like Shaw, Smith, and Wilcox. Or how you rank the new guys. I mean, DeBoer over Lanning? Based on what? And based on what are both ranked over Wilcox? These rankings are just silly, for the most part (which, of course, is why I'm taking my time to read and comment on them).
  18. Brett Favre was the very definition of "ill-advised interception" and he turned out to be decent.
  19. I wonder. I'm going to guess it would hit some recruits that way - he's real, he's down to earth, he doesn't think he's better than everyone else, etc. But others? It might communicate the guy's not a winner, isn't successful, isn't here for the long term, etc. I wonder when I see a guy like Sauce Gardner at the draft with all his bling how a $300,000 house would fit the mindset of a kid who thinks he'll be an NFL millionaire in four years (or fewer). I just have no idea what % would fall into each category.
  20. Well, to be perfectly frank, this ISN'T a football forum. There are posts on here about basketball, softball, baseball, golf, etc. I don't happen to follow those sports at Oregon, so I simply don't read those threads (other than to serve as moderator). Charles, I guess no more gifs for you - unless you can find gifs of cats playing football.
  21. This list is similar to the stars assigned by various recruiting rankings - it's their "value" based on social media followers, program visibility, athletic accomplishments, etc. So for instance, they've assigned one kid a "value" of $1,100 per post, essentially saying that's what he should be paid if Under Armor wants him to post a picture of him working out and visibly wearing Under Armor gear, for example. Is it realistic at all? No clue - any more than those "happiest countries in the world" or "best places to retire" lists are realistic. The Nordic countries are regularly touted as the "happiest in the world" - but they also have the highest incidence of use of anti-depressants in the world. So take all these lists for what they're worth...
  22. Huh. Lived there for 27 years without regret. You get used to the heat in the summer and readjust life so you mostly go out at night - but we used to laugh at people in other states either waterlogged or freezing their tails off November - April. As for traffic jams and strip malls - been to any other city recently? Yeah, strip malls are pretty much all over LA, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Houston, etc. And traffic jams? Try LA and Atlanta - far worse. Most major cities have serious traffic problems. Heck, I live now in a city of 180,000 people, and in rush hour certain places are at a complete stand-still. It's all in what you like. Many people love Seattle; I couldn't live someplace with dreary drizzle 250+ days a year. Many love Portland; last time I was there the homeless problem was so severe with so much trash, graffiti, and odor I just wanted out. Obviously many love LA (I lived there many years as well) - I was glad to get out because of the traffic, crime, graffiti, taxes, property values, etc.
  23. And how many guys get drafted into nearly hopeless situations in the NFL because the teams drafting them have no stability and poor leadership? I wonder what guys like David Carr and Joey Harrington would have been had they been drafted by teams like the Packers, Steelers, Patriots, or Ravens rather than the Texans and Lions?
  24. I have to admit I'm a little lost here...if a kid wants to leave because some coach offers him more playing time, a better system, more NIL, or whatever, and that's not allowed, isn't that restricting the flow of labor? If kids should be free to go wherever and whenever they want, what makes something "poaching"? If I have a job and decide on my own to start looking around, or if I'm not considering a move but another company contacts me to offer me something, I'm free to leave in both situations. If college athletes should be treated as "labor," shouldn't competitors be free to make them better offers?
  25. Coincidence that this happened in the same month I joined as a moderator? Hmmm... Kurt Rambis always did instill a certain level of fear in others...
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