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  1. This thread reminds me of that scene from "Titanic." The ship was sinking, 1500 people were gonna die. But the band set up on deck and just kept playing their favorite song.
  2. QB Jaden Rashada is headed to Miami 247SPORTS.COM Pittsburg (Calif.) quarterback Jaden Rashada is headed to the Sunshine State for college...
  3. Excellent eval ... and I rarely agree with much of what you write. I guess what astonishes me the most is that PAC12 does not pick up teams in the Houston & Dallas markets. It seems like potentially such a HUGE difference-maker to do that ... but we don't. PAC12 needs to do something to change the pattern, to actually compete with SEC & B1G. Not a good start for the new Commish.
  4. January 19, 1977. Boy, was I surprised. We were all surprised ...
  5. January, 1966, winter term. The guys in my dorm (Debusk Hall) only knew 2 people from Chicago: me & Al Capone. They constantly teased me about my "Chicago accent." Then one night, I looked out my window into the quad between dorms ... and saw all these goofballs from California & Oregon ... chasing snowflakes. Many had never seen snow before. Me & Al stayed in our rooms. By the way, it's a gorgeous, sunny Sunday morning and 60° in North Florida (AKA, "Paradise").
  6. Great post. No bigger MC supporter than I am. I first saw him back in the 80s, playing for Columbus High in Miami. Great kid. Great man. Elite recruiter. Elite recruiter of recruiters. A coach who is truly elite at any skill is rare. Ducks were lucky to have MC. But ... you absolutely, positively CANNOT lose by 30 points - twice - to Utah, who does not have the elite recruits that Oregon has. Very, very bad indicator. I hope it's Kiffen. Not perfect, but he's the one most likely to get UO into the playoff.
  7. Too late to catch them this year ...
  8. I have 2 favorite college FB teams. Guess which two? I remember tackling Earthquake Enyart at our game in Corvallis as a UO freshman in 1965, my only year playing. In 1970, I moved to Miami Beach. A friend took me to the Orange Bowl to see a Hurricanes' game. They were awful, but I became a fan. The Canes got good and won 5 National Championships. It was great. It was safe to love both teams, because they were 3300 miles apart. They'd never play each other. What could possibly go wrong?
  9. No announcement yet. Probably no decision yet. The Sporting News says MC has until noon Monday to decide:
  10. I arrived in Miami, from Oregon, in 1971. The Hurricanes became my 2nd favorite team. They were terrible until Coach Lou Saban (Nick's uncle) arrived in 1978. Saban recruited NFL HOF QB Jim Kelly to Miami. It changed everything. Saban & Kelly were gone, but UM beat Nebraska to win the Natty in the Orange Bowl Game (I was at the game) to end the 1983 season. Back then, for me, a young guy raising a family, Miami was a wonderful place to live. I loved living in Miami & Miami Beach even more than I loved living in Oregon. I totally understand MC's torment right now. So many factors. Most of all, he wants to win another Natty. My prediction is ... he will stay in Eugene. It's the right decision for his future.
  11. Setting the MC record straight ... In these MC discussions, I have seen it mentioned more than once that MC had a losing record as HC before coming to Oregon. True. However ... the fact is, he ONLY HCed Florida International University, from 2007-2012. That program started in 2002. The team record from 2002-2006 was 5 wins, 41 losses. Then MC took over. In his years, their record was 27-47, including 2010 as conference champ, and they won their first-ever bowl game. So someone can accurately say he had a losing record as HC, and it is still a 100% misleading statement.
  12. The good news on Jevon Holland is near the end of this article: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article255716221.html
  13. I spent an evening with Lou Groza, probably 1956, when I was 9 years old. He was already a kicking legend. He had been challenged to a field goal kicking contest by a Cleveland DJ. They held the contest in a local super market parking lot. I remember meeting him, and of course, he won. Back then, they probably paid him 50 bucks for the night. But he was one of my Browns' heroes, so it was a great night for me.
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