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  1. I really appreciate this forum. It is a wealth of information about OBD and I am so fortunate to have found it. I hope it continues to be available to us all. Thanks Charles and all the other helpers for making it what it is. I have never felt the rules were too restrictive. Just an example of the common courtesy we should all expect in a civil conversation.
  2. Congrats Utes! Fun watching USuC crumble! After all the BS targeting penalties called against OBD, if that hit on Rising wasn't targeting, then it doesn't exist.
  3. This team looks like it has tons of potential if they can get healthy. Richardson has been very impressive, displaying leadership I wasn't convinced he had in him. Last night he showed some amazing ball handling skills and had a couple of beautiful ankle breaking crossovers on his way to layups. I expect Ware is going to become a force to be reckoned with as the season rolls on. Maybe he could bulk up a bit, he seems to get pushed around under the rim. If Dante can stay healthy he looks nearly unstoppable. Guerrier and Soares are both giving solid contributions, and Rigsby looks to be a hard worker, great hustler and defender. When he finds his shot... look out! The only weakness I see, aside from lack of depth due to injury, is spotty 3 point shooting. Hopefully that will improve. This group is pretty fun to watch. Can't wait for UCLA. Go Ducks!
  4. "I am shocked... SHOCKED to find gambling going on in this institution!" "You can collect your winnings at the door Louie."
  5. The first thing I said when I saw them was "Those unis aren't great." I think more green on the pants and \ or green socks would have looked better. Maybe that's why there was so much "wolfing" (woofing?) because the Cardinal players were making fun of them? Just speculatin'. But I approve of the final outcome!
  6. I'd be disappointed, as I try to avoid amazon like the plague. It turns my stomach to think of giving bezos any of my money. But unfortunately, sometimes its the only way.
  7. The wife and I watched Hustle last night. Not bad, but not great and pretty predictable. I'm not a big fan of Sandler, but I enjoyed seeing Peyton Pritchard in a couple of brief scenes at the end. I thought it fitting he would show up in a movie named Hustle!
  8. I prefer predominantly green and yellow. Black and white both look great trimmed with green and/or yellow. Personally, I thought the grey and "eggshell" unis were horrid.
  9. One thing we didn't get to see in the spring game was scrambling ability on broken plays. Given Thompson's size, that is something I'm curious about. He looks more stout than Butterfield. Butterfield looked like the better passer for sure. I expect the threat of a QB running the ball will be part of Dillingham's offense. Could that give Thompson an edge?
  10. Knowing is a dead end trap. When a person "knows" what they're doing, that is where they stop learning. "He who says he knows, doesn't. He who admits he doesn't know, knows." - Buddha (At least I think it was Buddha, I wish I knew!)
  11. Great article, lots to look forward to. Can't wait for September! Thanks Coach Boles and Charles.
  12. Man, thanks so much for that highlite film. DAT was so fun to watch. The head and shoulder fakes, and the bursts of un-catchable speed were just beautiful. Notice all the great down field blocking (and his ability to take advantage of them) as well, making a lot of those runs possible. What fun times those were to be a Duck fan!
  13. I have a lot more respect for Peyton Manning's opinion of a quarterback than I do that of Aaron Fentress. Just sayin'.
  14. I am also glad to have Dana Altman as our HC. I think Jacob Young might have been a choice as better team leader this year. Will Richardson kind of wilted (no pun intended) under that pressure. A great kid with tons of skill, but just not assertive enough to thrive in that role. I'm encouraged about next season with the recruits coming in.
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