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  1. The wife and I watched Hustle last night. Not bad, but not great and pretty predictable. I'm not a big fan of Sandler, but I enjoyed seeing Peyton Pritchard in a couple of brief scenes at the end. I thought it fitting he would show up in a movie named Hustle!
  2. I prefer predominantly green and yellow. Black and white both look great trimmed with green and/or yellow. Personally, I thought the grey and "eggshell" unis were horrid.
  3. One thing we didn't get to see in the spring game was scrambling ability on broken plays. Given Thompson's size, that is something I'm curious about. He looks more stout than Butterfield. Butterfield looked like the better passer for sure. I expect the threat of a QB running the ball will be part of Dillingham's offense. Could that give Thompson an edge?
  4. Knowing is a dead end trap. When a person "knows" what they're doing, that is where they stop learning. "He who says he knows, doesn't. He who admits he doesn't know, knows." - Buddha (At least I think it was Buddha, I wish I knew!)
  5. Great article, lots to look forward to. Can't wait for September! Thanks Coach Boles and Charles.
  6. Man, thanks so much for that highlite film. DAT was so fun to watch. The head and shoulder fakes, and the bursts of un-catchable speed were just beautiful. Notice all the great down field blocking (and his ability to take advantage of them) as well, making a lot of those runs possible. What fun times those were to be a Duck fan!
  7. I have a lot more respect for Peyton Manning's opinion of a quarterback than I do that of Aaron Fentress. Just sayin'.
  8. I am also glad to have Dana Altman as our HC. I think Jacob Young might have been a choice as better team leader this year. Will Richardson kind of wilted (no pun intended) under that pressure. A great kid with tons of skill, but just not assertive enough to thrive in that role. I'm encouraged about next season with the recruits coming in.
  9. I enjoy Bill's color commentating, but he can be a bit of an annoying distraction from the game at times. I love his passion and upbeat positive attitude towards life. I almost always learn something new from him, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as a fellow human being.
  10. Wait 'till he gets into a redside on the McKenzie. He'll be hooked! I'd suggest taking his boys down to Diamond Lake to catch some of those silver, football-shaped trout that swim around in there.
  11. Brett Favre was a second round pick, only threw about a half dozen passes in high school, but he had "IT" and "IT" worked out pretty well for him. "Street ball" ability can make up for a lot of other shortcomings - see Stetson Bennet.
  12. Pretty hard to beat "The Pick", but that halloween night game against USC was so much fun!
  13. I think Lanning meeting with former players or anyone really, (assuming he is mostly listening) is just expanding his knowledge, and no knowledge is wasted. More knowledge is always an asset. I'm all in favor.
  14. Russ Francis never got a ring with those Niner teams? I thought he played in the same era as Michael Walter.
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