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  1. This turned out to be disappointing . Micah didn't even hold up .
  2. For having PK as a sponsor that is supposed to buy the best everything .. Most of the sports results this year are meh !
  3. The talking heads are all trying to make some big scoop of teams taking a worthless QB . Or some player that was rated in the late teens early 20's suddenly being so much better and the savior of some team .
  4. waiting for more boosters to up price for commitment.
  5. He made bonehead calls that cost them about 2 games for sure earlier in the season .
  6. Didn't need NFL caliber. WR's . He wasn't going against pro defenses .
  7. Time to blow up Seahawks . Wilson is done being great . Trade him to get some draft picks back .
  8. Just getting there would be a problem . With flight cancelations .
  9. I think Jacksonville would have been fine with it . They might have helped pack his bags .
  10. Bill Musgrave is OC QB coach for Cal Bears. 2 years as Raiders OC. and 2 For Denver Broncos
  11. They can't admit they made a mistake in getting brown as QB . So they will play him anyway...
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