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  1. Not one of MC’s finer moments. I’m sure most of you have told someone, “Know your audience.” This outburst clearly demonstrates MC sadly doesn’t know his. My guess is that the memo for understanding how to get the attention of today’s youth was buried under Miami real estate listings along with a copy of Phillip Brooks’ book, ‘Forward Pass: The Play That Saved Football’. Damn shame he didn’t find time to read that. There have been societal advancements since the days of frequent facemask grabbing (Sorry Jimbo), name-calling, and intentional demeaning behaviors. And here’s where the “adults” in the room have lost the advantage – today’s young folks are aware of this. Sorry, but they are just better informed than we were as youths. Great timing. My 21-year-old just walked in. I played the video for him, and our brief question / answer sessions went as follows: Jester: So, what do you think? Smarter Offspring (SO): That’s just disrespectful. He can yell at me, but not like that. Particularly the part where he tried to belly-up to me. Disrespectful. Jester: What do you think Hutson’s thinking? SO: Did what I would have done. Just stood there and took it. Inside I guarantee he feels nothing but disrespect. He made his point after a couple seconds, and I was fine with that. Jester: In the long run, is Hutson better off for receiving a tongue-lashing like this? SO: No. You don’t show respect, you don’t get respect. Mario can kiss my a**. There you have it. Nothing wraps-up a discussion like a bum smooch. Like it or not, today’s game is filled with NIL, transfers, and plenty of respect. I’m not sure when Aretha’s signature tune became so paramount with the today’s youth, but I do know to reach (and keep) the modern-day player coaches need to carefully toe-the-line between constructive criticism and acting as if they’re being possessed by the ghost of Woody Hayes. R-E-S-P-E-C-T has got my musical juices flowing, so here’s another R&B/Soul tune that I’ve thoughtfully selected just for the Havana Huckster. Hit the Road Jack!
  2. Glad you posted this! Last night I was thinking of updating the troops on Payton's contributions during the game. Gone are the days of blowing a whistle for carrying and palming the ball, but those infractions wouldn't have affected PP anyway. There is mention of Payton's bloodied practice hands, but no mention as to the size of those mitts. That young man has some massive meat hooks that permit to control the rock the way he does. It was fun to watch him develop at Oregon, and it's a joy to watch him succeed in the NBA.
  3. Who didn’t know this was coming? Saban has been waiting for the proper forum to drop this whammy on A&M, and when he felt the time was right, he pounced. His comments were not off-the-cuff. What he said was well thought out in a very calculated, Uncle Nick fashion. I’ll go so far as to say he was also aware of the degree to which this would upset his easily offended, emotional, understudy. He just tossed a big old lure in front of Jimbo and he bit. In addition, he had the foresight to know he would have to issue an apology. This is playing out just like a court room drama where the attorney does something he knows will be inadmissible but he does it anyway knowing it will leave an indelible image on members of the jury. Here’s a simplified glimpse into Nick’s internal monologue leading up to the assault: Get an audience and toss A&M under the bus while playing my “woe is me” card (I do this a lot), issue fake apology (Oh...I’ve done this before) after Fisher gets crazy (Inevitable), and make sure the lasting stain from this isn’t that I struck again, but that A&M HAS BOUGHT THEIR ENTIRE TEAM. I find the whole thing rather humorous as both participants are looking like whiners in this premeditated, first degree verbal incident. Maybe if you take the side of either coach it says a little bit about what kind of whine you like? The Saban whine is direct, authoritative, and concludes with you asking yourself, “Is this guy asking me to pity him?” Never has a man accomplished so much while insisting he’s been railroaded so often. The Fisher whine is always defensive, on the brink of tears, and leaves you asking yourself, “Why do I really want to punch this guy in the face?” I’ve decided I will be adding a Warholesque collection of pouty-face Fisher pop art pics in my man cave. The only thing more amusing than Crying Jordan is Crying Fisher. C’mon SEC East. Time to join the fun being had by your brethren in the West.
  4. In regard to the Oregon question, Canzano's wording was far more emotionally driven than Harlan's response. A guy (Canzano) that puts together back-to-back sentences saying the win "was an absolute ambush" followed-up by "cathartic moment for the fan base", was just beggin' for a zinger of a response. I don't know Harlan from Adam, but he sounds like a pretty cool customer.
  5. I think “outsiders” would suggest that Oregon just take solace in winning the North, be content with nine or ten-win seasons, continue smacking around our purple punching bag to the north, and just shut-up and be satisfied with winning our fair share of football games. Just for fun we’ll throw in the occasional bowl victory here and there. There ya go, lil’ Fella. Nah. We rode in the slow lane long enough. Sure, we usually reached our destination, but the trips were becoming tedious with little hope of exciting future adventures. Luckily, the ride wasn’t so long that we started losing passengers. Duck nation remains strong. I whole-heartedly agree with Haywarduck’s perspective on success being measured by a process vs. just an outcome. We’re fortunate in that a winning culture has been established in Eugene and that a complete do-over is not in order to take the next step, but I’ll be watching to see if the required paradigm change can be embraced permitting UO to become elite. DL sat smack in the center of the mixing bowl that contained all the perfect ingredients to be a world class winner while at GA. Yes, the 2021 Bulldogs were extremely talented. But they also were very disciplined and played with a cohesiveness that stemmed from simply caring for one another. Kirby and his staff cultivated an environment whereupon players seized the responsibility of being accountable for their own actions and for keeping one another in check. I saw an interview with the tight-knit GA linebacking corps where these guys were able to complete one another’s sentences. Don’t be fooled into thinking unity (on and off the field) didn’t play a role in GA netting a Natty. To me a successful season can be measured by a couple things. First. How much buy-in does the team have in the ingredients DL brings to Eugene? If the answer is a lot, we’ll see it in the form of less pre-snap and post-play penalties, better on-the-field communication, and how about just “acting like we’ve been there before.” Sounds inane but those components can reflect heavily on the scoreboard. Play for your brother, gentlemen. Second. Will the ‘Explosion Plays’ pronouncement come to fruition? This is what is synonymous with Duck football and what we’re eager to see. The last couple years the broadcast hype teams have had to feign interest in promoting UO games. Let’s change that. I want Oregon football to once again nationally be Must See TV. I’m not worried about the overall record as the talent on this team will carry them to a respectable record. Dubs and a rejuvenated atmosphere will accompany ticking the checkboxes of the two things I mentioned.
  6. It sure felt as if his own confidence and (coaches) faith in his abilities waned the more he played. I really didn’t care for the way the staff handled him. It gave me a sense that the players were treated with a “one-size-fits-all” approach, and that shouldn’t be the case – particularly at the QB position. I do recall saying to myself on many occasions, “Why do they keep putting him (Tyler) in third and obvious passing situations?" Then again, I also recall Oregon fans clamoring for Anthony Brown to play due to Tyler’s lack of production. At the time, AB was more efficient at moving the offense. As far as moving on from Ty & Butters is concerned, I’d do it in a heartbeat if someone can demonstrate they are more worthy of earning the position. One thing that’s disconcerting with Ty’s pick-6 in the spring game was how similar it was to his pick against Colorado last season. Both were 12-yard pass plays, thrown late, and behind the intended receiver. At least in the CO game we could see that the pocket wasn’t completely clean. Ty’s 1 of 6 against FBS opponents for 5 yards and a pick. It’s tough to chisel his name in granite as a starter at Oregon with what we’ve seen in his limited action. Even though it doesn’t sound like it, I’m really pulling for him as I’d like to see all this athletic ability everyone’s talking about pay off for the Ducks. The biggest long term question I have about Butters is, “What is his ceiling?” This is part a Lanning problem, albeit a good one. DL has quickly shown us his ability to recruit top-notch players. 5-star guys like Jaden Rashada paying the Ducks a visit may become the norm in Eugene. I like a lot of what we saw from JB, but where does he athletically top out in relation to some of the shiny new toys that are coming to town. So, no one really knows if Ty or JB can be the answer. I think the consensus is that they are filling QB slots #2 & #3 at present, just as they should be. But these guys need to remain diligent and continue to improve because the young talented gunslingers are knocking at the door.
  7. I think your take on this is consistent with most of the Oregon faithful, and I hope you are correct. You can tell I'm really non-committal on the Utah game as I left the door open to flip my stance on the outcome. I know, that's cheating. Thus far DL's done nothing but install confidence but I just keeping reminding myself that he is a first year head coach, there is a new coaching staff, and add to that scheme changes that would challenge the learning curve of any team. Can the players grasp the system enough to "play fast"?
  8. I imagine almost every school has a black uniform by now. How many have green and yellow? The only black outfit I enjoy seeing is that of the slimming mini-skirt worn by a woman who makes questionable post-dinner decisions. Sorry. Not a hint of "Get off my lawn!" here".
  9. Kudos to the writer for generating an innovative list instead of writing the traditional, “How many wins?” piece. Here’s my takes, on his takes. Nauseating game 1 reaction – If Oregon isn’t in the game at the start of the 4th quarter, this is definitely happening. Vert. Passing game – Nice use of stats to make a case - I’m in on this one. Seven McGee 750 receiving – Very plausible. He's going to be the recipient of underneath crossing routes and quick screens, of which he'll pop a couple, to help pad the stats. Noah Sewell to 10 pick – Nope. And that’s no slight to his performance, it’s just understanding how the NFL values the position. The last 5 years’ worth of top ten picks have netted 6 LB’s, and only one in the last three draft classes. You know at least 2 of the top 10 picks in 2023 will be QB’s. Top 25 D – Silently the best prediction to ponder. I’m skeptical of this taking place but don’t think it’s out of the question either. Oregon reaches 8-1 – No. Oregon exits September with a 2-2 record. Revenge on the 19th – Presently doubting this one, but just like everyone else, my opinion could waffle a few times prior to that meeting.
  10. As someone who was required to take years of four-hour Color Theory classes, I couldn’t concur more. During my time in the arts, black was considered by my instructors to be an unimaginative “cop-out”, and at times when used extensively on graded works, considered not worthy of a grade. From the technical aspect, there’s always the debate if black is even a color since color is the reflection of portions of the light spectrum that are analyzed by the optic nerve and translated by our gray matter as a color. Black is the reflection of nothing. I digress, as this inconsequential debate can be argued from an artistic or scientific perspective. Besides, the only fond memories I have from my artsy days are those of drinking way too much cheap beer, and the Robinson twins. I may be jaded by my past experiences, and from spending too much time in a small apartment being engulfed by the pleasing smell of a cool gray #5 marker, but I side with my old headmasters and view black as counter to how I view OBD. I consider Oregon to be the bastion of creativity regarding sports attire, and to me, a black uniform reeks of a PTO week for an entire fashion department. But…I think the players like it, and that trumps any argument made by the rest of us. Charles, you & I just may ride solo on this one.
  11. I found the ‘Some Shade from Pittsburgh’ portion of that piece to be the most interesting. I don’t think anything written unearthed information that we didn’t already sense, but I find that Pat’s verbiage when voicing his displeasure with the portal to be creeping into the childish, and program damaging realm. Comments such as, “He’s a guy who actually went into the portal the real way, the right way. He had a lot of opportunities with name, image, and likeness, but I think he was looking for the right fit. He was looking for the right personnel. We had a lot returning on offense.” are going to be perceived as a bigger shot at Addison than as a compliment to Slovis. It’s all about timing, he’s got to use discretion when choosing language to discuss players. This is a turn-off, man. Besides, Addison’s done nothing but utilize a program that has been permitted to be set in place. I joke about USC being the potential landing spot for Addison, but I don’t suspect them of any improprieties in their attempts to obtain a top-notch receiver. I really don't. What are the rules and what are the consequences of NOT following them? Bueller…Bueller…Anyone? Narduzzi needs to save the ranting and raving for the NCAA, not student athletes. As a Duck supporter, what would your opinion of Dan Lanning be if he was acting in the same manner as Pat Narduzzi?
  12. I was going to post a comment regarding the long-term negative side-effects of running into the posterior of another man, but then this gem came to mind. Former Jets quarterback Erik Ainge: Mark Sanchez is ‘dumb while being dumb’ Former New York Jets quarterback Erik Ainge isn't a big fan of Mark Sanchez, telling a New York newspaper that he saved Sanchez from an embarrassing episode when he smashed the cell phone of a female partygoer who took pictures of Sanchez streaking several years ago. Ainge, who played with the Jets from 2008 to 2010, said Sanchez paid for the damages to the phone. (Shaking my head) Always have to consider the source when contemplating what people say. What say ye, Duck fans? Shall we ignore the musings of this butt-fumbling, streaker?
  13. Given that Oregon made the jump from #12 to #4 last season after taking down the Buckeyes, and only slipped 5 spots after a very questionable loss to a not-so-sharp Stanford team three weeks later, I may have to roll the dice with a week 11 loss to the Utes. It that were to be the case, I’m banking on our friends from the Beehive state taking care of business, apart from the conference championship game. Of course by this time we're hoping the Ducks are operating on all cylinders, and that the Lanning Express is full steam ahead. This is almost daring us NOT to pick the GA game as the winner. Aren’t you just curious to hear the national buzz that would be generated by taking down an SEC Goliath?
  14. Can Miami really do anything but ‘Jump Ahead’? Didn’t the “The U’ become part of the ACC in 2004? Since that time, I think they have the same number of conference championship titles as I have PGA Tour wins – zero. That puts them in the elite company of perennial football powerhouses Boston College, Syracuse, and Louisville. Since joining the ACC, they’ve taken the field to amass a whopping 66% winning percentage. Shall we continue. How ‘bout a paltry 5 bowl victories (2 while in the Big East, I believe) in the last 20 years. The mental image of a flexing, angry-eyed, intimidating, Sebastian the white Ibis has long been replaced by the impression of an anorexic, disturbingly homeless looking, white ghost of a bird. This train could continue, but I’ll derail it myself out of pity. Let’s just agree that recent results tell us the “U” stands for nothing more that Unimpressive. Enter Mario Cristobal. A great hire by the University of Miami. Mario’s recruiting chops, general charisma, and eloquent behind-the-podium delivery will once again grant Miami access to talented athletes that have proven elusive in recent recruiting cycles. I feel as though MC has entered the club of coaches that make a program a viable nine win plus player year in and year out. Given the salary that Miami tossed at the guy, in addition to plucking Dan Radakovich (Clemson Director of Athletics), it’s obvious those now running the show have a renewed interest in winning football games. Plus, when you speak of facilities, MC had the ultimate insider’s pass to the best in the nation, so of course he worked in UofM facilities upgrades as a MUST as part of his lucrative contract. Here's the reality. Since the golden age of Hurricane football (GHW Bush was President), the gap between UofM facilities and the training grounds of others has become a chasm. I don’t see Miami drastically outpacing gains that competing universities will also be making. Keep in mind, we’re all not sitting around going, “Well, hold on, let’s wait for Miami to catch up”. It's understood now that if you can preset the Taj Mahal of athletic facilities you just may tip the recruiting scales in your favor. And here’s the one ALL UO supporters will be curiously watching. Can MC keep his hands off the offense? Broyles, Schmoyles, I don’t care what you label the award, if MC doesn’t permit Gattis to do his thing, having an award-winning coordinator on staff isn’t worth more than bird crap on a pump handle. We (Duck backers) are 100% justified in calling MC out on this as he made plenty of comments regarding maintaining the style of football synonymous with UO, yet in actual football application, he slapped a governor on our offensive that rivals the crawling speed of a beat-up golf cart I used during last week’s 18-hole muni track debacle. Maybe someday Joe Moorehead can write a tell-all book detailing the therapy he’s undergone to alleviate his recurrent 3rd and 12 checkdown nightmares. All things considered, it’s reasonable to conclude Miami will be a much-improved football team in a couple years, but I’m just not sold yet on the return to glory. MC, much of your team’s success is going to be predicated by your willingness to travel the road you have not yet traveled.
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