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  1. Sabrina didn’t have her kind of game - 5-7-5 - but the Liberty won in a nail biter to make the playoffs. Next game Wednesday.
  2. Thanks. Wouldn’t miss that game for the world!
  3. Especially remarkable that this is just her first completely healthy year due to the severe ankle injury her rookie season. Just now finding her way back. Hopefully, multiple rings and MVPs in store for the GOAT’s future.
  4. Through no fault of her own, Paopao simply does not have what it takes to be a team leader. It will require one of the four incoming freshman to fill that role for the Ducks to become once more an elite program.
  5. She’s a good get. Probably be the smartest girl on the team.
  6. I didn’t see that. Was it kind of like Graves’ dust up with the Arizona coach? Competitiveness will jump up and bite you now and again. With one inning to go vs Oklahoma State it looks like Texas is advancing to the WCWS championship series if they can beat the Okies once more tonight.
  7. At Oregon, track & field is not a sport - it’s an institution.
  8. Long ago, Oregon’s official colors were lime green & lemon yellow, about when we were Webfoots, not Ducks. Those strictly adhered to colors made striking uniforms, not like the pedestrian green & yellow combos we see today. Is it so difficult to come up with those exact colors today? I recently called Prince Pucklers and asked why they no longer served lemon custard ice cream and the lady said they lost the starter - whatever that is. Maybe we lost the starter for lime green & lemon yellow uniforms.
  9. At seven, I remember sitting on the living room floor in front of a huge radio listening to Walker’s Mustangs beat Van Brocklin and the Ducks in the Cotton Bowl. I think it was close, something like 13-7, but could be off on that. SMU had another great player on that team - Kyle Rote. Sorry this is kind of OT.
  10. Is Nyara really leaving? With only 12 teams, not certain to be drafted. Europe maybe?
  11. My grade school was just across the street from Hayward Field. After class, a few of us would go over to their practices and they’d let us help move dummies around, do errands etc. Every day, Norm Van Brocklin would come over and make us tell what we learned in school that day, or we’d have to leave. How could someone NOT be a fan after all that! Class of 1953, Condon Elementary, Eugene
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