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  1. Lubbock can be fun for a day or two but it's not a great destination for an extended stay. But the game day atmosphere is excellent and a lot of fun. As far as driving goes I'd say it depends on where in Arizona you're coming from and what route you're taking. Santa Fe is a really fun place that has good hiking, cool art scene, and is close to the mountains. Most of southern and eastern NM are desert ranch lands and there isn't much to see there, the exception being Ruidoso which has good hiking in the mountains and I hear a good golf course.
  2. I'm really looking forward to this matchup and the wife and I plan on traveling to the 2024 game in Eugene and spending a week or so in the area. Any advise on where we need to go and what we need to do while there? We're up for anything but we love hiking and going to the local restaurants, coffee shops, and attractions.
  3. I think the most likely scenario is Oregon ends up in the Big12. Obviously this isn't as good as the SEC or BIG but it's honestly a better position than the PAC has been for the last decade. At the football will be fun and competative.
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