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  1. That's a mystery to me as well. I think there's another possibility here. Most of us, including me, think that Oregon's new coaches are uniformly good at improving players at all positions. What if the coaches responsible for improving quarterback play are not so good? Nix had a lot of experience coming in, was matched to an offensive coordinator that he meshed well with earlier in his career, and was presumably coached up and then definitely given free reign to change play calls based on his defensive reads. You could argue that it didn't take a lot of coaching to take Nix to that next level. It would take a lot of good coaching to take a relatively raw recruit like Ty Thompson to the next level. If this tentative theory is correct, I don't think it would necessarily be the coaches fault.. From my outside perspective, the quarterback position is the most complicated position in football. They are responsible for so many things, so it follows that there are so many skills that coaches have to shape. I'm just spitballing here. Not trying to criticize anyone. I love this team, and I especially love this year's team, with all the unexpected achievement, fun, and enjoyment they've given us. Just trying to understand what's going on with Ty Thompson, and hoping that young man goes on to have a great career.
  2. I can't imagine a good coach would direct a player to purposely play below his skill level in an actual game. Practicing subpar play on gameday doesn't help one become a better gameday player.
  3. As so many have said in this thread, I really like this guy and what he, Lanning, and other coaches are doing at Oregon. They strike me as a modern-day sports version of the Beatles during the beginning of the British Invasion (except for the fact that their fans on this forum tend strongly to be middle aged+ men and women rather than screaming teenage girls ).
  4. I just want both of them to have great games. Beyond that,I don't care who wins.
  5. I'm thinking that you and i, and probably a good number of Ducks fans, are returning to the Chip Kelly era mindset of expecting dominant blowout games week by week. I had the same lackluster feeling that you did, at times with the offense, and the last half of the fourth quarter with the defense ( though I thought they looked greatly improved for the rest of the game). I think, at the end of the day, when your favorite team has a somewhat lackluster performance on the road and still wins by 18, your favorite team is very, very good.
  6. Anyone else repeatedly annoyed by the primary announcer for this game?
  7. Part of me hopes that Oregon will face USC in the Pac-12 championship so we can give them the Beatdown they so soundly deserve. The other part of me hopes they don't make it there because because they're overrated. Either way, I hope we get a chance to beat them before they scurry off to that other conference.
  8. That story really hit home for me. I grew up in Canby, and Dan Lanning insisted on paying the gas bill for those Canby kids who had driven to Autzen for the game. I know I would have been just as wide-eyed as those kids must have been when that happened. Hell, I'd probably be just as wide-eyed at my current age of 52. He's a humble guy who treats people like people, and he's a hell of a coach. I sure do hope he does make Oregon his forever home.
  9. Going for it on multiple fourth downs, especially that fourth and eight were Bucky scored a touchdown, definitely looked like plays ripped out of Chip Kelly's playbook. OBD outchipped Chip tonight!
  10. A good rule of thumb, IMHO, is to never believe Rick Neuheisel.
  11. This analysis underscores how much I have learned by frequenting the Fishduck forum, and reading very thoughtful and well informed articles and comments. The two guys in this video just don't know enough about Lanning and Cristobal, and what they are accomplishing and not accomplishing after six games with new teams, to make informed comments. I think the worst grade I could give Lannng at this point is an A-. I would argue heavily for an A, though, because even though the Ducks got blown out by georgia, most of the in this forum understand the context behind that and how much Lanning and staff have been doing week to week to improve their players and their schemes-- which is exactly what good coaches are supposed to do.. Mario? He gets a D. No explanation needed.
  12. I'll be rooting for Utah largely because I have respect for Utah, and no respect for USC after they secretly decided to ditch the Pac-12. I know it's not USC's players' fault that they're leaving the pac-12, but hey, I'm petty that way sometimes.
  13. If the petition is accepted, we may need to start calling him GrandPopo
  14. I'm relatively old, too. And, I live in the Eastern Time Zone. These nine, 10, and 11:00 p.m EST starts have been killing me. I need my Beauty sleep, cuz I'm certainly not getting prettier with time. A 3:30 start time will give me ample time to take my vitamins before hitting the rack!
  15. Not certain if this will be helpful, but what about (1) drawing the line at clear ad hominem insults (as you already do), and (2) in cases where it's ambiguous as to whether it's ad hominem or not (like the "horrible" or Uzi comments you cited), removing the post, telling the poster their wording could be reasonably seen as insulting the player/coach rather than critiquing their performance, and inviting them to re-post with language that is clearly not ad hominem. If they don't get it right the second time, they likely aren't going to learn and the second post should be deleted without notification.
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