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Somebody's List of Top 10 Coaches in Each Conference

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Thought you might be interested where they place former and current Oregon coaches.  Don't know who BigGameBoomer is but what the heck.

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I want to take issue with this, but in reality I'm having some trouble doing so.

Riley is 55-10 as a HC and made bowls 3 out of 4 seasons.

We all know what Chip accomplished in the past with us.

Shaw was good, we'll see if he can bring it back.

Wittingham might be the best coach in the PAC in that he seems to get the most out of his players.  

Jonathon Smith seems to be turning around the swamp rats north of us, so I can't at all knock him.

Lanning is a 0-0 as a head coach, although I know we all have very high hopes for him!


In truth, I'd personally rank the top 5:

Wittingham, Riley, Chip, Shaw, Smith 

(it's a good thing this is subjective, lol)


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My top 5:







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I'm not sure how you rank new guys like Lanning and DeBoer against experienced coaches like Shaw, Smith, and Wilcox.  Or how you rank the new guys.  I mean, DeBoer over Lanning?  Based on what?  And based on what are both ranked over Wilcox?


These rankings are just silly, for the most part (which, of course, is why I'm taking my time to read and comment on them).  🙄

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I'd have somebody else 10th in the Pac-12 and have Herm at the bottom. I guess Riley deserves the top spot. Chip was 46-7 at Oregon, but is 18-25, 64-32 overall. If this is just ranking by winning % it's kind of useless. 


Smith will probably always be the doing more with less at Oregon State, Wilcox seems content to do the same at Cal. Can't really see a justification for grading him as a head coach yet but would still have him above Herb. 

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Interesting to see that Mike Leach is #10 in the SEC when he would be top 3 in the P12.


On 5/10/2022 at 9:07 AM, Kurt Rambis said:

I mean, DeBoer over Lanning?  Based on what?

Has to be based on HCing experience, which to me make sense. I actually think Lanning should be below Wilcox as well. Not because of potential, but based on historical HC performance, of which Lanning has none. I look forward to watching Lanning move up this list in future iterations.


DeBoer's track record as HC is quite good:




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My top 4


Riley (that really hurts)





Riley was a winner at Oklahoma.  If he doesn’t win the conf this year, then he drops on my list, but give him credit for his last job!  Appreciate the respect Whittingham gets here.  I do think he gets the most out of his players and is great at development, but you also have to be a great recruiter - which he is except for QB and WR historically and those seem to be important.  Easy to forget that Utah had the MC offense for many years and he churned through OC’s like Charles Barkley goes through golf balls.  

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My top 5-


Riley (only one with playoff appearances and conference championships).

Whittingham (Steady Eddie, always competitive, utilizes talent well).

Smith (does more with less than anyone in the league).

Chip (living on past successes, but those still count I guess).

Shaw (yeah I suppose running out of options)


Up and coming-

Jake Dickert 

Jed Fisch


Train wreck-

Herm Edwards

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1. Lanning 

2. Lanning 

3. Lanning

4. Lanning

5. Lanning

6 through 12... let them fight it out. I should disclose that I am a fan of OBD. My one man poll might be a little skewed. 

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