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  1. I'm confused by this statement. If "Oregon and USC come into that conference and simply outscores everyone", then one would have to assume it's their opponents line play, or defensive toughness that should be questioned. Is this what you meant?
  2. Was this the mindset of the Pac-12? Seems like sweet justice if all 12 teams win all/almost all their OOC games. Especially for the little brothers of the league. Those responsible will have to bare the shame for their part in destroying one of the oldest conferences, and it's traditions, in all of college football. And rightly so. It's a pity. But nothing to do but move forward.
  3. Good point, considering no B1G team scored over 38 points this week. That's with 5 ranked teams (3 in the top 10!) The future looks bright!
  4. Yep. And for a coach who only cares about playing to the "standard", one has to wonder what his approach is here. Because it seems very strange to me that the standard wouldn't include sacks and tfl's. For a defense that wants to be "feared"? Teams (especially opposing QB's) will fear a potent pass rush, as well as defenders they know can make good tackles behind the line. Add in lockdown DB's and you have a recipe for a feared defense. I trust Lanning, for now. He has done nothing to show me otherwise. But I feel like Tosh, and perhaps Tony T may need to reevaluate their approach. Maybe this was a designed vanilla showing on defense. Who really knows? But it seems like giving the opposition more to prepare for could serve us well. I mean, it sure did in the past whan Chip was here. I'm sure there's an article/video somewhere around here exploring that. Anywho... I don't think our defense played badly, but just that it lacked that deadly and "feared" element, in my opinion. I mean, not one sack? C'mon.
  5. Wyoming has a ton of heart. Good win. Hurts our SOS a bit, but worth it to watch such a great win.
  6. Tech may be heading home to face OBD with a loss. But even if they eek out a win, and given the jump from game 1 to 2, plus home field advantage, I still agree with you. Oregon comes home 2-0.
  7. I'll add to that by mentioning the outstanding QB & RB play. Well said.
  8. JT Daniels? ... Thought he'd be retired, collecting social security by now.
  9. Oregon hangs 50 on PSU in the first half. That will be many headlines. Hope the Defense makes huge leaps between this game and the next. We'll certainly need it. Second half should be fun to see the depth.
  10. No catch. Great effort, but I don't think he has it.
  11. Prolly the latter. No need to push it in this game, if he is indeed injured.
  12. Maybe it's more accurate to say you don't like his coaching/results. No real reason to dislike him personally. (but I feel ya! )
  13. Congratulations to Colorado for a great game winning that Offensive shootout. TCU - good luck this year.
  14. Ok... Oregon got lucky on that last play. Had that throw been on target, it would definitely had been a PSU TD. Lanning/Tosh need to settle these men down. To many players on defense looking like they have no idea. Hardly getting any penetration. It's Portland State! What's gonna happen next week??... Or the rest of the season with such great Offenses in the PAC? Oh lawdy!
  15. I wanna believe that the D just has some jitters, and that they will settle in for the rest of the game. I wanna believe that...
  16. TCU has got to find an answer on Defense. Colorado need only outscore for the win - which I see happening. TCU reminds me of Oregon in 2015 after our loss in the NCG. I feel for TCU, but they have some work to do if they want to achieve/exceed last years performance. Colorado however, may be rolling on Offense, and have had some great plays on Defense, need to play better on that side of the ball, especially this year in the PAC. Gonna be interesting to see how the CU players respond next week - win or lose. Anyways, switching over to the Ducks game now.
  17. TCU is not looking good. Giving Colorado their due, but TCU is NOT playing like they should.
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