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  1. I love how Oregon still lists Spencer Webb as a member of the team.
  2. Jonathan Flowe listed as a DB? When did that happen?
  3. Twitter is blowing up. Multiple reports of his passing. Nothing confirmed.
  4. I hope this isn't true but... https://www.kezi.com/news/22-year-old-dead-after-falling-hitting-head-at-rock-slides-near-triangle-lake/article_9603b4d8-031e-11ed-ade8-6beaaa2d4bff.html
  5. Hard to believe that Justin and Sabrina were in Eugene at the same time, and now they are both lighting up their respective sports.
  6. This makes you wonder if this comes to fruition, if it will result in a few universities dropping their football programs all together. It's a pity but it seems to be the trend in the world these days... The big get bigger while the small get weeded out.
  7. Whatever gets the clicks. Pretty sure Uncle Phil has a little more savvy than that. It's amazing the garbage some people will speculate in order to get page views. It's my belief that Oregon will be fine wherever they end up because it's a strong brand, a strong program, with a strong upward direction at the moment.
  8. My fat thumb hit "independent" when I meant "stay in the pac". Perhaps that can be fixed? I'm sentimental about the Ducks staying in the pac and making it work. That may not be the best direction for the program, but that's why I'm not in charge of those decisions. I lead with my heart. I'm confident that the best decision will be made by the powers that be. So long as we win when we play against Washington, Oregon State, USC, .... I'll be content.
  9. Great conversation, fellas! I know Oregon will beat the purple puppies come next February (and November 12th!). I just honestly hate those leg lifters sooo much that it pains me to see them higher than the Ducks on any (good) list, even if the view is skewed. Awesome comments from an awesome community of posters. I love it ... almost as much as I love our Ducks!
  10. Lanning didn't exactly knock one out of the park in the 2022 recruiting class where the D line is concerned. A couple of 3*'s, a 4*, and a trio of 3* transfers. Add that to the mix of what we already have, and we are looking at decent depth building. This year, we've got a 3* on the list, but it's early yet. I'm hoping for some 4/5* studs to join the flock and change the direction of defense for our program. Time will tell.
  11. I just published a post a few minutes ago expressing my concerns on the recruiting ranking matter. Then I read this post, and the comments. I feel put at ease now.
  12. ... I can't stand to see Washington above Oregon on this list. Oregon isn't jumping the gun on recruits. Taking their time, evaluating, vetting. Getting the best fit for the program. This is what I'm telling myself. I really think that the best is yet to come, and Oregon will be fine next time we get LOI's signed. But I still have this nagging worry that we won't get great results from this "amazing recruiting staff". Paranoid perhaps? Probably. But still, I can't stand to see Washington above Oregon on this list.
  13. You can lead a horse to water... Too bad this kid doesn't see himself on game day in the best stadium in the land. He will never get to dance out there between the 3rd & 4th quarters like so many lucky kids do. Ultimately, he had a choice to make. That choice, he will have to live with for his entire collegiate career, up until his second year, when he's eligible for transfer... This kid will probably not regret his decision. However, as fans of the best team in all of sports, we will lament the one(s) that got away. Good luck Randy! ... Or whatever your name is.
  14. Mariø. Same on Android. Me thinks this will come in handy for at least 2 more years.
  15. I do not agree with this list. College football’s best helmets, ranked 247SPORTS.COM Our countdown list reveals which iconic school has the most iconic dome!
  16. For 10+ years, Fishduck (forum too) has been a place of civility, respect, and best of all, a great source of Duck learnin'. With great articles, and great comments. It's a simple recipe. Great leadership, and great players. Go Ducks!
  17. It looks pretty good. And even though there's no "traditional" duck colors, I still think that any color found on a Duck should/could be used. *Edit* .... Except for the gawd awful orange feet
  18. Found this video. Sorry to open old wounds. 2010: The season that should've been.
  19. Committed. https://247sports.com/college/oregon/Article/Ashton-Cozart-commits-Oregon-decommits-Oklahoma-Dan-Lanning-recruiting-Ducks-187863272/
  20. The heat is gonna be turned up in July! Hopefully Oregon shows the world why Eugene is Track Town USA!
  21. After doing some digging, it turns out that it's a Photoshop job. Saban never actually said that. Still, it'd be awesome to get Saban worried about Oregon Football again.
  22. There are varying degrees of success, but to put it simply, winning the Pac-12 (an improvement from last year) without serious injuries, or serious "drama" on/off the field, would be successful. Also, success on the recruiting trail. Although, a dream season where we win it all is also acceptable. Go !
  23. I like something a little more contemporary. Limited-run Aston Martin V12 Vantage - with 690bhp
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