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  1. I want ewwdub to lose. I will never root for them. Ever. But I understand the opinion that it's better if they win. How many mutts were pulling for OBD in our 2 title game appearances, I wonder?
  2. Washington is good this year. Got it. Anyone else sick of talking about Washington? (Sorry, I'm a wounded Duck).
  3. No player at Oregon has achieved what Mariota has, before, or since. That should speak volumes. I agree that teams are different each year, but records and achievements stand alone throughout the years. Nobody has achieved as much as Marcus Mariota in Oregon football history, and that alone makes him the greatest player to ever don an Oregon uniform. Period.
  4. Kind of sounds like he's trying to claim credit for the success on the field this season. 'We were focused on rebuilding football. Took two-and-a-half years. I wish it would have happened quicker.'
  5. That's a pretty low blow, comparing KD to MC. I mean, yeah, it was a bad decision, possibly costly, but give KD the benefit of the doubt. MC has made these kind of mistakes throughout his HC career. Has KD? Although, it was a pretty terrible call from such an experienced coach, and coach of the year, no less. Let's hope Johnson has a chance to see the field on Monday. He's part of the reason why they're heading there. I'd hate to see that kid miss the game he's worked so hard towards. Also, I hate the Huskies. ... Just sayin'.
  6. Had Mariota stayed in school as long as Nix, we'd be having a different conversation. Mariota is the GOAT. There's no denying what Nix has done, but I'll not discount someone who won every major award possible. Would I place Nix at #2? Most likely. Also, I was saddened to not see LMJ on your list. He was better than DAT. (Pun intended)
  7. I hate Ewwdub... but you can't deny the talent of Penix and Odunz.
  8. PAC12 refs? ..... Clearly a penalty for running into the kicker should have been thrown.
  9. Bo Nix gave everything he had to Oregon. He deserves to stand tall among the program greats. Best of luck at the next level, Bo. Once a Duck, always a Duck!
  10. I would imagine the bench will see the field now.
  11. For sure. I was saying that tongue in cheek. Like 'he's terrible, pull him!'
  12. Lol. I mean do we really need the trick plays? I get there having fun out there but...
  13. Well I'm glad the team has shaken off the cobwebs.
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