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  1. Wtg boys. Clean it up next game and get ready for league play.
  2. I tend to have a blast through all 4 quarters when in Autzen. (And pre/post game too!) We each have our own experiences. Having said that, I wouldn't be opposed to some added new traditions. Anything that builds upon, imo, one of the best GameDay experiences I've had the pleasure to attend, is good in my book. Mostly, though, what I want to experience, is winning! Obviously the games are a whole lot better when your team is piling on the points. (Imo) Opinions vary, though.
  3. Definitely the first thing I fell in love with about FD was how easy it's made to learn about OBD. Thanks again (10+ years! ) for the excellent analysis. (FYI, I was certainly one of the cry babies who benefited from this article) Go Ducks!
  4. My bad, I meant no pressure to score. I meant he could just go out there and have fun. I see your point tho, but we should agree that both points are speculative. Nobody but TT knows what he was feeling. However, he did look sharp, and to your point, I also think Will Stein has done a great job. Let's hope we can hold on to him for a bit.
  5. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer here, but as well as TT played in that quarter, I can't help but wonder if he would preform as well if his team wasn't up by 60 points, where there's absolutely no pressure on him. Not saying he hasn't made strides, and that he isn't talented, only saying that perhaps he doesn't do well under pressure? Well, as it is, we'll find out. But I wish him all the luck & success he deserves. Good kid, who stuck around because he loves being a Duck!
  6. LSU got rolled! I watched quite a bit of that game (when I wasn't making/eating dinner). Looked to me like they were gassed too early, plus horribly out-schemed. But I have to feel a little sorry for LSU, as they also had ZERO SACKS! Some of you on here remember a certain LSU fan from this other site (6) who I'd love to chat with right about now. LSU will rebound, but prolly not enough to be a contender. BK is a good coach. He'll get his team to a good bowl.
  7. Precisely! Bigger fish await, and if Oregon doesn't have a pass rush against a lowly FCS team, then we're in BIG trouble this year, in this league. I know I'm being skeptical, but I'm also going to be patient. If next Saturday shows more of the same, then I'll develop a worry. For now, I think I'm sick of the topic. How about that Offense!!
  8. 106 teams recorded a sack this weekend. Oregon wasn't one of them.
  9. I see your point. But I still look at it as 0 sacks out of 20 chances. I agree though that it's too soon to judge. I just expected more from a defensive line that was hyped up a bit during camp. Lesson learned.
  10. I'm confused by this statement. If "Oregon and USC come into that conference and simply outscores everyone", then one would have to assume it's their opponents line play, or defensive toughness that should be questioned. Is this what you meant?
  11. Was this the mindset of the Pac-12? Seems like sweet justice if all 12 teams win all/almost all their OOC games. Especially for the little brothers of the league. Those responsible will have to bare the shame for their part in destroying one of the oldest conferences, and it's traditions, in all of college football. And rightly so. It's a pity. But nothing to do but move forward.
  12. Good point, considering no B1G team scored over 38 points this week. That's with 5 ranked teams (3 in the top 10!) The future looks bright!
  13. Yep. And for a coach who only cares about playing to the "standard", one has to wonder what his approach is here. Because it seems very strange to me that the standard wouldn't include sacks and tfl's. For a defense that wants to be "feared"? Teams (especially opposing QB's) will fear a potent pass rush, as well as defenders they know can make good tackles behind the line. Add in lockdown DB's and you have a recipe for a feared defense. I trust Lanning, for now. He has done nothing to show me otherwise. But I feel like Tosh, and perhaps Tony T may need to reevaluate their approach. Maybe this was a designed vanilla showing on defense. Who really knows? But it seems like giving the opposition more to prepare for could serve us well. I mean, it sure did in the past whan Chip was here. I'm sure there's an article/video somewhere around here exploring that. Anywho... I don't think our defense played badly, but just that it lacked that deadly and "feared" element, in my opinion. I mean, not one sack? C'mon.
  14. Wyoming has a ton of heart. Good win. Hurts our SOS a bit, but worth it to watch such a great win.
  15. Tech may be heading home to face OBD with a loss. But even if they eek out a win, and given the jump from game 1 to 2, plus home field advantage, I still agree with you. Oregon comes home 2-0.
  16. I'll add to that by mentioning the outstanding QB & RB play. Well said.
  17. JT Daniels? ... Thought he'd be retired, collecting social security by now.
  18. Oregon hangs 50 on PSU in the first half. That will be many headlines. Hope the Defense makes huge leaps between this game and the next. We'll certainly need it. Second half should be fun to see the depth.
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