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  1. The link above is the live feed which is no longer active. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/s88DP7qKLx0
  2. Exact perfect balance between pass/run. Amazing The only stat I hate to see is 5/30 in penalties
  3. Let's hope that growth mindset prevails in the second half.
  4. Not that anyone will watch, but if you wanna hear MC after the Duke loss: https://youtu.be/zDgVRhK7-kA
  5. Bucky & Hutson may be comparable, although, not near as good. However, the defense compares more favorably this season, I believe.
  6. I don't think Utah is Dissatisying. But I don't know what "Dissatisying" is. (I love typos )
  7. Today was one hell of a day for college football!
  8. The refs have half-assed stated that there was a timeout signal that was missed at around the 13 second mark. Or at least that's what I got from it.
  9. Yeah, wacky game. Not the best year for both
  10. I totally respect that opinion, and I 100% agree. Just sayin' the "bad" Bo exists, and is a possibility. I have been impressed with his development, and decision making as of late, but people are susceptible to their flaws, and it seems always at the worst time. Of course I will be rooting for Bo to do his best.
  11. I completely respect your opinion, however, at this point in the season, I myself won't be agreeing with you.
  12. That's a fair discussion point. But so is that fact that Utah is the first ranked opponent for USC, and let's face it, Utah isn't firing on all cylinders. The battle for LA should be telling.
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