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  1. Watching his junior season highlights (high school), it looks like he doesn't carry the ball "high 'n tight" like he should, yet he didn't have any fumbles in 2021. As to a need at RB, I'm in the camp which believes DL is just fostering as much competition at each position as possible. This kid was a 4*, so he's bound to elevate the room. Great move imo.
  2. Snickers is a sponsor of the 2022 draft. Promo/gimmick thing.
  3. January 2nd 2016. 31 - 0 All Ducks at halftime. The rest is ugly history. This is the biggest letdown game in my memory. The 2011(2010 season) NCG would come in at a distant 2nd... I mean, we were in that game until the end, at least. Furd in 2012, Zona in 2013, Zona in 2014!, tOSU in 2014 (first ever playoff NCG... C'mon!) There are others, for sure. But these games stand out above all, to me.
  4. To me, this is a sign that Dan Lanning isn't just feeding us meaningless fodder when he says he wants to connect with Oregon's past.
  5. 2004 A. rodgers 21-32, 275 yds, 3 tds Oregon 27 - Cal 28
  6. Darren, you're still a Duck fan, right? Kidding aside, great article. I agree . The USC program has too much pride to let other "lowly" teams (like Oregon, Utah) be the head of the Pac. It was only a matter of time, like you said. Good! Good for the Pac, and good for Oregon. I want USC to be at their best when we beat them. It's the catalyst we need to unsure we get the credit, and recognition needed to be considered a serious playoff contender, year in and year out. USC will beat Oregon some years, and Oregon will beat USC other years. But if both programs are at their best, along with 2-3 other strong Pac-12 teams, then perhaps the Pac-12 will repair it's once proud status as one of the best conferences in CFB. So much lies ahead. I cannot wait to see it all unfold. Go Ducks!
  7. This made me smile. Also, I would like to see something similar to this based off of the transfer players. I wonder where each team would sit. USC prolly wouldn't change spots.
  8. Oregon is proud. I seriously hope I'm wrong about this dude. Class act.
  9. He will make an excellent practice squad member. I just don't think he has next level talent. I wish him all the best in proving me wrong.
  10. Oregon's approach is to make Oregon a desirable destination by offering the best facilities, not just in sports, for student athletes. This is the most honorable way to attract the best. No bribes, no pay-for-play, just a great environment. I share the sentiment of wanting that to stay the same.
  11. Phil & Penny have gifted over a billion dollars to the U of O. This was posted in March of 2021, before their second gift of $500 million was announced later in the year. https://www.oregonlive.com/news/2021/03/knights-university-of-oregon-donations-push-1-billion-mark-with-new-hayward-field-project.html And then.... https://www.oregonlive.com/education/2021/07/penny-and-phil-knight-donate-500-million-to-university-of-oregon-research-campus.html
  12. Who knows what's going on in the RB room. I'll just wait till September to see who's there.
  13. The dropped passes didn't help out JH either.
  14. Funny how, according to their list, Oregon's game with Georgia next season is called a "home" game on Georgia's schedule, yet called "neutral" on Oregon's. Neutral .... sure.
  15. So many question marks. Hopefully DL keeps his staff in line, across the board. I also hope he has a special eye for talent, as there are some unknowns with these guys. It could be something special, ... or it could be a train wreck. I'm looking forward to the off season articles that will undoubtedly uncover the mysteries of this new staff, or instill confidence in the knowns. Here's to another fresh start for OBD. GO DUCKS!
  16. I'm a man of few words, mostly. But I try to make 'em count! Merry Christmas all! And Go Ducks!
  17. Someone made a comment the other day about how Cristobal and Taggart have more in common than first perceived. I understand that it is just a business and just a job, but does Cristobal not have any respect, let alone loyalty, to the program he supposedly loved? Yes again it's just a job, but it seems like poor tactics to try to go after the players you recruited so hard to come to Oregon and then change their minds and say oh I meant Miami... I know it's not that simple but it seems like it is. I guess what I mean is it seems disingenuous to say to a recruit Oregon is the school that you should be at, and then turn around and try to pull them to a different school just because it's where you are. This tells me that Cristobal was recruiting players to him, not Oregon.
  18. Yes, I am counting my blessings. It could be too soon though to say that we dodged a bullet, yet again maybe it isn't - you never know. What we do know is the same BYU team that just obliterated the pac-12 south this year, lost to a team who has many people scratching their heads asking "who is UAB"? I understand that it's just an exhibition game, but BYU should have used it to be a statement game, especially after a fairly strong season. Now, Oregon fans, knowing that we play BYU next year, are left with wondering what team is going to show up, when we do eventually play them. We won't have any kind of an idea of what this team Oregon is going to be until we see the spring game, and read the spring practice reports, but we will know that we are going to be presented with a BYU team that is going to put up a fight. Losing this bowl game is only going to serve as motivation for the BYU players for next fall. Seems like besides Georgia, Oregon fans have another fall OOC game to look forward to. And given the trajectory of the BYU program, bowl game aside, it could possibly have playoff implications. All of this is assuming that Oregon pulls together and manages to pull off a very good season next year. It's possible, but is it probable? That is the question.
  19. Does this BYU loss in their bowl game exemplify how the pac-12 is way way behind or is it simply BYU had a bad game?
  20. I wasn't able to listen, but had the subtitles on (but the seemed terrible), but I thought I read that he said he left early because he got a sprained ankle, and then chose to quit due to the fact that he wanted to be at full health when he entered the portal. Can anyone confirm? Otherwise, I will have to replay the video later, which isn't a terrible bother.
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