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  1. I'm going to go with a TE Ferguson. Matchup nightmare.
  2. Moves us up to 16th. Now get us some more especially some OL and TEs.
  3. It's time for a win and get the big guy. We also need OL and 1 or 2 TE. When that happens I'm happy with this recruiting class.
  4. I'm telling you all, it's not just him. The way last year went after the tOSU game, not one player could look in the mirror and be content with how the rest of the season went. If you ask for better motivation, you will not find it. Along with more inspiring coaching staff that brings fun back in the game, instead of a grind it out mentality, and this team will be released on it's opponents to dominate. That's what I see happening. What say you?
  5. Yeah or a 9 a.m EST. game will be the absolute worst. Let alone 12 pm or 1 pm.
  6. Absolutely! Loring had one of the best in the country at Penn State. We will have one of the best in the country this year.
  7. They must have been adding in BaB as I see Duke in the ACC as having over 2 million fans can't be just FB.
  8. I just thought of a twist on NIL. It will weed out the kids who pick a college because of the money, then become satisfied and underperform from the hungry players with more motivation to learn and get better. For the most part just like in the pros. How many times have you seen a player get his big payoff after years of hard work only to disappear.
  9. Patience is a virtue. Now just wish I could master it.
  10. Of any of the college's that aren't in money bags SEC and B1G, with the innovation that we have shown over the years, we will figure it out come hell or high water.
  11. Sorry thought I was posting to the USC sabotage thread.
  12. The uncivilized spoiled children have to come to Autzen in 23. Are they selling tickets for that far advanced date? Would love to be there for that game. Bucket list kind of thing.
  13. I couldn't put my finger on it but I also agree his mental state is as close to Chip as I could have hoped for. It wasn't just Chip's scheme and speed that made Chip great, although it was huge, it was his mental process of getting ready for competition, the discipline it takes to be successful, how to process the ups and downs that come in FB and life, and how to have fun at the same time. I see the same things in DL and I believe the players will embrace his leadership and win the day just like in 2009-14. The good old days are here again. I can feel it in my bones. Go Ducks Fly High
  14. When all is said and done it will be nice seeing the "O' standing on that platform again.
  15. Sounds about right to me. See y'all in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Eugene. Ha ha!
  16. Yes, and we got the best of them all whether the sites agree or not. They don't quantify maturity which Moore has been exhibiting. Go Ducks Fly High
  17. He has been healthy most of the time. It was a freak accident in a non-contact drill in a walk through Friday practice last year that detail ed his great start to an all-american season.
  18. I believe it'll be USC media day. Won't watch, I don't want to hear anymore about the annointed one's.
  19. Now let's go into Atlanta with us being an underdog and show the Bulldogs how West Coast players ball out.
  20. He's been a Duck crystal ball for awhile now. Get him DL and Tosh.
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