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  1. With losing 4 OL starters should we be looking for portal guys to keep our line play at this high a level for next year.
  2. Refereeing is a hard job. The advent of the television replay has made it that much worse on the refs. That being said I believe 3 things about refereeing: #1 home field advantage (except for the the Ducks) #2 higher ranked teams or bluebloods getting the benefit of the doubt ( you had to knock Ali out to win) #3 leagues determined to helping their top team's (not overt but at a critical times) Am I wrong on these?
  3. Get Fanno, or the 5* tackle out of back East, and use portal. Don't know if we have to flip anyone. If we do, the more the merrier.
  4. Like your analysis. Don't know if the number will play out as you've predicted. Sure hope so tho.
  5. To me Utes. I want everyone else getting 1 lose in league play so when/if we win out we will definitely be in the championship game. So then we have a shot at the league title. After that it's all gravy. I also don't want the Spoiled Children anywhere near the CFP. Especially not now, especially not ever! I don't care about the PAC 12 reputation. I don't think it matters. When/if we win out, it won't matter if sc has a loss or not the same as if it was Utah. Utah show them who's boss, just like you did to the Beavs. Then we continue our march, 1 game at a time.
  6. Great job David. Very precise, logical, and analytical observations. I agree with the home/away thoughts. It's so true you have to have the ability to have been tested in the least favorable situations and then pass that test to be considered the best team in the conference. Go Ducks Fly High beat dem Bruins. One game at a time til you are the champion.
  7. How can it not be. He is very competitive. We stand in his way for his and his team's goals. I was sad to see him leave. I'm sure he has had mixed emotions until getting to UCLA. With his philosophy of life im sure he is now thinking about how to win the game. Nothing more nothing less.
  8. I emotionally would like this idea. But what logically would it do? In real life a boycott has unintended circumstances. One I can see it takes away some of the best competition for the players in our league. Now if u say we won't play the LA schools ever again, I can get with that
  9. Bassa gives 100 percent. Side to side speed is special, good at coverage, hits hard, what more can we want.
  10. If a person does his job well it will be rewarded. Go Mr Richardson! Go Ducks! Fly High, Reach for the Sky! Never say Die! And Win the Natty, on the Nigh!
  11. IMHO We lost last year due to critical and devastating injuries especially on defense. We had to play multiple walk-ons and freshman. Our LB, WR, RB, TE, S lost some of their best players for the season. Our OL never started the same line up the whole season. The stress of seeing this occur took away a promising season for the players and coaches starting from the Stanford game on. When the fans booed in the Cal game it was basically over. After watching TT this year do you feel the same about the coaching staff not putting him in the game. I do not. You can't and won't beat the best teams in situations like that no matter who the coaches are.
  12. Especially like the company we are with in CFB passing and rushing leaders. Keep it up.
  13. It shouldn't be. They have to many positives to be so mediocre. Beautiful location, large city, and in the PAC 12.
  14. It's tough being an official. But when you put your calls as being more important than the game it's a no go for me. I see mistakes made in other leagues games, but what I don't see is the refs constantly taking the game over. They seem to allow the flow of the game to continue without making all the tricky tacky calls that PAC 12 refs seem to do. Also when a team is playing at home the calls seem to work out in their favor. If a team is considered better than the other team the calls seem to go in their favor. If you're a blue blood the calls seem to go in your favor. But not the Ducks. And I can't figure out why that is unless it that I'm a fan and can't see the forest through the trees. But I see other people making the same observations, some with a lot more FB knowledge then myself, seeing the same thing. I hope it's not a conspiracy by the league's refs, but it sure seems to be. What I don't understand is why? I know it seems to happen across the PAC also, but not with the frequency of it occuring to our OBD. I know we don't pay our officials enough but in my eyes that can't explain it away. I just wish they'd let the players decide the outcome. It'd make the game so much better.
  15. Baker is 2024 and his brother played for the Ducks. Laloulu's brother is a current Duck. Be nice to keep it in the family.
  16. Pay back is a b****. Let's show them this ain't no rivalry no more. No mercy. Take no prisoners. Scorched earth. Etc Go Ducks Fly High
  17. It seems like DTR has been playing for 7 yrs now.
  18. 7 pts would have buried fuskies 4th and 1with Charbonet they should have been able to get that 1yrd.
  19. Fuskies have yet to play an away game. Think that's gonna bite them in the butt in the ucla game. To me they haven't beat anyone yet. Neither has ucla but again their at home and it's the fuskies first away game of the season.
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